Exclusive: Safariland Rogers Rail Lite Review

Tactical lights for handguns are usually an either/or proposition: Either you carry and operate a light with one hand while you hold your gun with the other, or you somehow attach a light to your gun, allowing you to get a two-handed grip on it. With the Safariland Rogers Rail Lite, however, the either/or situation turns into a both/and. And whether you carry it by hand or mount it on the tactical rail of your gun, this light retails for only $48 and offers functionality beyond lighting up a potential target.DSC_6870

I attached the Safariland Rogers Rail Lite to a Glock 17 Gen 4, a typical house gun or duty gun. The light slid on to the Glock’s tactical rail from the front and stayed firmly in place while I practiced pushing the pulse switch in the tailcap on and off with my weak hand thumb. Easy. To remove it, I simply grabbed the light and twisted it down and away, allowing it to release its grip and break free.

Not only does the Safariland light attach and remove easily, it also turns on and off easily as well. The pulse switch in the tailcap wasn’t vague for pulse operations but required a firm push to activate. For a steady, constant-on beam of light, the light required a very firm press on the switch, resulting in a positive click and a bright beam from the Streamlight LED.

DSC_6867The housing of the light is made from machined aluminum and the light carrier/rail attachment is heavy-duty polymer. Both feel equally robust and durable, able to withstand not only the constant attaching and removing from a handgun and the steady pounding from firing rounds, but also the daily abuse of being tossed around in a gear bag, used in harsh non-gun environments, and even dropped occassionally. A tough, metal clip increases the light’s usefulness, allowing it to be attached to pocket or a hat visor.

At a retail price of $48, the Safariland Rogers Rail Lite provides terrific value. Moreover, it runs on a single AAA battery — far less expensive and easier to find than a Lithium-ion battery.DSC_6866a

For more information, visit Safariland on the Guns Magazine Product Index.

— Mark Kakkuri

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