Exclusive: Radetec’s Radical Round Recorders

By Tank Hoover

There’s no question about it, we are an electronically obsessed society who love being entertained by battery operated gizmos and gadgets. Batteries bring life to our inanimate objects and their pulsating currents.

For electronically inclined shooters who want the latest in shooting accessories, or simply have problems keeping track of how many rounds sent down range, I’m going to introduce some products here.

Radetec Digital Counter

Admittedly, this product may not excite everyone, but it serves a purpose for those who enjoy the latest in electronic digital display technology.

During the stress of a shooting situation tunnel vision is a well-known malady. While focused on the threat your world slows down and all other senses go out the window — including keeping track of how many shots you’ve fired.

A quick glance to the right of your gun and the counter’s bold digital display will tell you how many rounds are left (it does not include any rounds you may have in the chamber). Pretty nifty. It would be great for competition or various training drills, too!

The Radetec Digital Counter also keeps track of cumulative rounds fired through the gun. As long as the Radetec Digital Counter grip is on your gun it records total shots fired, a necessity for proper maintenance and swap out of certain parts at regular factory-advised intervals.

Radetec has a patented system involving a magnetized follower in the gun’s magazine which is electronically tracked from the counter housed in the wrap around grips. Currently, the Radetec Counter is available for Model 1911s and Beretta 92FS pistols with more to come soon.

The grips screw on, just like any other replacement grips. If you can operate a screwdriver, you can install Radetac Digital Counters. It operates on one, easy to find CR2016 battery. Price for the 1911 Digital Counter is $199.99.

LED Advisor

A less expensive option to the Radetec Digital Counter is the LED Advisor, an electronic warning system. It flashes three times when three rounds remain. It works with the same patented process as the Digital Counter. It’s available for Gen 4 GLOCK 17 sized pistols, Beretta 92FS, S&W M+P and Model 1911s.

Price for the LED Advisor is $189.99 for the 1911 and $189.99 for S&W M+P.


The RISC is Radetec’s Inertial Shot Counter. It can be used in two different modes, shot countdown or shots recorded. It also keeps a cumulative shot count. It mounts on most GLOCK models and displays recorded shots on a conveniently located screen below the rear sight. It operates on one CR1632 battery and battery life is good for 20,000 rounds. The RISC goes for $139.99 and is only for GLOCK pistols.

Let The Countdown Begin

Radetec is an R&D company specializing in electronic products for firearms. If you feel the need for digitally displayed round count on your pistol, Radetec is the place to turn.

For more info:
Ph: (786) 360 5846.

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