Exclusive: Nighthawk Custom Agent2 9mm/.45 ACP

By Tank Hoover

As a cop, we were always told to train with the same intensity as we would respond with on the street. “You wanna live, dontcha?” we were asked over and over. Doing so, you go all out — hell’s bells — so you can go home to your family at the end of your shift.

If you knew you were going to face a life-threatening situation, what gun would you carry? Would you carry the best gun you can afford or would your budget mindedness surpass your will to survive? You tell me … If you’re a survivor, let me tell you about one such gun.

Nighthawk Custom Agent2

Nighthawk Custom has been producing quality pistols for years and are known for their accuracy and uncanny ability to function. Agent Arms is veteran- and law enforcement officer-owned specializing in aftermarket weapons modification with experienced professionals.

Together, these two industry icons have joined forces to manufacture a pistol exhibiting the ultimate in gunsmith craftsmanship and cutting edge, space age technological machining. Called the Agent2, this 1911 platform was designed to push the limits in style, functionality and accuracy.

The one gunsmith, one gun philosophy is still followed by Nighthawk Custom: Uncommon workmanship and pride is on display in the finished product.


The Agent2 has a forged Government Frame with lightened rail and faceted slide with weight-shaving side windows. The skilled machining and intricate attention to detail are obvious just looking at this pistol. Stylish front and rear cocking serrations assure positive grip during slide manipulation. A match grade, semi-crowned flush-cut 9mm/.45 ACP bushing barrel and one-piece mainspring housing ensures top-notch accuracy.

A Heinie Ledge rear sight and fiber optic front sight provide unsurpassed sight picture during low-light conditions and fast target acquisition. G10 stocks manufactured by RailScales provide a commanding grip while promoting ruggedly good looks.

Sporting a new ultra high cut front strap, Nighthawk Custom/Agency Arms custom trigger and Nighthawk’s Smoke Cerakote finish round out the Agent2 features. The trendy lines, serrations and hours of mill work make the Agent2 a bargain — a custom gunsmith would charge double for the same features.


The Agent2 is a Government sized frame 9mm/.45 ACP with traditional thumb and grip-style safeties. The height is 5.81″, overall length is 8.59″, it’s 1.29″ wide and the slide width 0.92″. Weight is 40.1 oz. empty, with a 6.51″ sight radius. Barrel length is 5″ with a 10-shot 9mm/7-shot .45 magazine capacity.

Think About It

One gunsmith, one gun … How much are you willing to pay for your safety? How about your family’s safety?

The Nighthawk Custom Agent2 has an MSRP of $4,495. For more information, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/nighthawk-custom/

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