Exclusive: Lipsey’s Lightweight .327 Seven-Shooter

By Tank Hoover

Lipsey’s released the all-stainless steel single-seven in 2014, chambered for the powerful .327 Federal, the mightiest of the .32-caliber world. The seven-holed cylinder is actually stronger than its six-shot sibling, as the bolt cuts are placed in a thicker part of the cylinder. I bought a 7.5″ barreled model as a long-range varminter to take advantage of the long sight radius and barrel and squeak out every bit of velocity for my cast bullet handloads.

Tweakers …

Tweakers are just that; guys or gals who just can’t leave factory firearms alone. One of the most treacherous tweakers I know is Jason Cloessner, Lipsey’s VP of product development. He gets paid to tweak and he’s a master at it — especially when it comes to my beloved Rugers!

At the last SHOT Show Jason bumped into Richard Mann, and, as gun guys do, they started talking guns and the subject of the single-seven came up. Richard had some suggestions, as well as Jason, and they came up with this little beauty.

Lightweight Wonder?

As Richard and Jason were discussing the perfect packing gun for woods bumming or backup, a few things were mentioned to make the “perfect single-seven” more convenient and user friendly.

Starting with a shorter 4-5/8″ barrel, along with an aluminum grip frame, these weight-shaving tweaks will help prevent PPS (pants pull-down syndrome). Something happens to us men as we, uh … mature. Our hips narrow as our bellies blossom, making our belts want to slide down with the whole shebang, even when lugging a single-six/seven gun around.

“Experienced” eyes make our front sight appear fuzzy, as we lose the ability to bring it into sharp focus. The ability to line up three different focal planes gets pretty darn tough too, as our eyes lock-on either the rear sight or target, instead of the front sight.

XS Sights

This issue is addressed with a friendlier front sight made by XS Sights. Coupled with their V-notch express sight with white line, all you have to do is perch the big white ball on top of the white line of the rear sight, lollipop style and you have a perfect sight picture. This arrangement makes for a fast sight picture and puts you on-target, quick!

Stylish Stocks

This Lipsey’s Exclusive comes with stylish, all-black Micarta stocks, giving the gun a subdued, all-black look. I gotta admit, it looks pretty darn good!


This gun runs about 3 ounces lighter than its all-stainless steel brother of the same length, but it feels much lighter, making for a handier packing piece to be enjoyed by outdoorsman who carry their guns a lot. The short barrel won’t dig into your truck seat and it’s easier to conceal. Total weight empty is 31 oz.

In addition to .327 Federal, the gun is capable of shooting .32 H&R, .32 S&W Long, .32 S&W short.

The MSRP is $629. Have your dealer contact Lipsey’s to order you one.

For more info: Lipsey’s
Ph: (225) 755-1333

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