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AXIL Is A Leader In Modern Hearing Protection

By Dave Workman

Millions of older shooters with constant ringing in their ears are living proof hearing protection is a must whenever anyone heads for the range. If I had it to do all over again, I would have had some kind of ear muffs or foam plugs even while hunting small game with a .22-caliber pistol.

AXIL, which proudly calls itself “a family business heritage” based in Draper, Utah, has more than 50 years of “design, manufacturing and retailing experience.” In my case, 50 years ago would have been just about right.

With a full line of hearing protection devices—from passive ear protection to electronic ear muffs all the way up to custom high-end electronic ear plug devices—these folks know what they’re doing. The company has taken full advantage of modern technology to produce some of the best hearing protection accessories on the landscape.

AXIL produces the popular SportEAR products, and according to CEO Weston Harris, the Model 90 and 360 SportEAR models will continue under the brand as the line moves under the AXIL umbrella.

In a telephone chat with Harris, he said this year’s plan is to work harder to get the story about hearing protection and enhancement out to the public.

“There’s so much more (to the story) about what the ear can do,” he observed. “There is better technology all the way through. The goal is to ‘cover the ear from A to Z,’” he said.

Being a fan of traditional ear muff devices, I looked at the XT2 and XT4 electronic ear muffs. The XT2 model features volume and frequency control, and protects against noises over 85 dB by blocking them out, with a noise rating reduction (NRR) of 25dB. There are four directional microphones for full 360-degree hearing enhancement in the XT2 and it utilizes lightweight polymer to remain comfortable when in use.

The XT4, meanwhile, has all of those features and the SportEAR lightweight polymer plastic construction, with user-friendly controls for volume and frequency. They’re economically priced too.

For those on a tight budget, AXIL’s X-PRO passive ear plugs are pretty handy. They feature a Dynamic Sound Valve: A little pushbutton that opens the valve when it is pressed in. While you can hear normal conversations and other typical sounds, if there is a sudden loud noise, this patented valve protects against them. Push the button in again and the X-PRO provides complete hearing protection. They list for under $25, and where protecting your hearing is concerned, that’s a bargain.

For those in need of space age hearing protection in a tiny package, there are the Ghost Stryke electronic models.

Ghost Stryke electronic hearing protectors are 100 percent digital devices that both silence loud noises and enhance the ability to hear normal sounds. The Ghost Stryke features AudiCORE 100 percent Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and Digital Sound Compression (DSC) hearing protection. It offers manual volume control and operates on the power of a standard #10a hearing aid battery. This unit has a retail price tag of $499.

Stepping up a notch, there is Ghost Stryke II, which is also a 100 percent digital in-ear silencer and enhancer. Inserted easily into the ear, it’s got a push button volume control that can be set at four different levels. It features AudiCORE DSP and DSC sound protection, rugged construction and it also operates on the power of a standard #10a battery. They’re priced at $599.

Ghost Stryke and Ghost Stryke II units are available in different colors and they are so small they can go anywhere.

For information on the full line of AXIL products visit: www.gunsmagazine.com/company/axil

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