Exclusive: Archon Type B Pistol

By Tank Hoover

Patron Saint?

In 1859, the Italian village of Isola was under attack by two-dozen soldiers. Torching, raping and terrorizing ensued until a young Catholic seminary student stopped the chaos. Pulling out two knockoff Colt Navy Model .36-caliber revolvers, he stopped the siege with just one shot!

Dressed in a traditional habit, he displayed his deadly aim by blasting a lizard to smithereens at 20 paces. The cowardly invaders fled, thus was born the Patron Saint of Handgunners, Gabriel Possenti!

Italian Heritage

In addition to being home to the Patron Saint of Handgunners, Italy is also the birthplace of Archon Firearms products. They’re manufactured in the European Union, and designed specifically to fulfill the traits and characteristics demanded by U.S. shooters.

The Type B is a compact, polymer grip, striker-fired handgun featuring the lowest bore axis on the market and unique recoil-reducing mechanical design. A number of custom features are integrated during manufacturing, saving you the expense of later customization. Let’s take a look …


The Type B is chambered in 9mm and has a double-stacked 15+1 capacity. Modern touches include a frame in black polymer with stylishly molded grip mapping technology, flared mag well and full-length steel rails. An oversized triggerguard and flat-faced trigger with quick reset promote a fast and free trigger pull. An extended beavertail provides leverage against muzzle flip and protects against slide-bite.

The slide has both front and rear serrations for a non-slip grip during manipulation and press-check. GLOCK standard-size sight dovetails. A triple spring progressive recoil system is used in conjunction with AS Speedlock technology to assure smoothness and reduced recoil during cycling.

The AS Speedlock System makes the barrel a tilt-free, rotation-free, straight rearward recoil system that allows for the extremely low bore axis. It employs a U-shaped locking ring that shifts up into locking recesses in the slide to allow for this. The barrel is 4.29″ long and the gun weighs 29.6 oz., empty. Overall length is 7.59″ and height is 5.12″. Width is 1.38″.

Safety features include a trigger block safety, firing-pin safety block and trigger bar disconnect. The Archon Type B ships with four 15-round magazines.


There’s no need to be a saint to get this gun. You don’t even have to shoot a lizard … Just contact your local dealer and tell him you want the Archon Type B 9mm pistol.

The MSRP is $849.95. For further information, go to: www.americanhandgunner.com/company/archon-firearms

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