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A new year brings new opportunities — and hundreds of new products. For your customers, this means they’ll be on the lookout for upgrades to their EDC gear. Consider adding these must-have products to your inventory!

Alien Gear Holsters

ShapeShift Modular Holster

Life is unpredictable. With its modular design, this revolutionary holster shifts effortlessly into a variety of unique carry positions to face whatever life throws at you. Carry your sidearm inside-the-waistband one day, then open carry the next! Each configuration boasts cutting-edge features, ensuring superior comfort and performance. Welcome to the  future of concealed carry! Learn more at AlienGearHolsters.com today. 


North American Arms


Have you seen the newest edition to the North American Arms Family? The RANGER II is the reintroduction of a .22-caliber, single-action mini-revolver. This is another one-of-a-kind offering from the mini-revolver specialists at North American Arms. No trail ride, or collection, is complete without one. Head over to your local dealer or to the Gallery of Guns to order yours!



The Tiger

Just like the ferocious cat it’s named after, the Emerson Tiger is a real apex predator. It’s a purebred fighting knife featuring a razor-sharp trailing-point fighting blade wed to a serious self-defense handle style, culminating in legendary Emerson Ergonomics. The Tiger is a knife anyone — soldier or civilian — can count on in a life-threatening or emergency situation.


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