EAA SMART ABDO Concealed Carry Firearm Case

By Tank Hoover

European American Armory (EAA) has developed a way to carry your pocket-sized pistol cleverly concealed while hidden in “plain-view.” “Huh? You betcha!” In this day and age, “smartphones” are not only common, most of us would be lost without them!

What better way to disguise the fact you are carrying some personal pocket protection on your belt? No one would give it a second thought. You’re just another geek carrying your oversized “smartphone” — or are you?

The EAA SMART ABDO is the “Trojan horse” for today’s “smart person” who carries everyday without brashly brandishing the very fact that they are indeed armed and prepared for today’s threats.

The ABDO Just Got Smarter

The second generation ABDO just got smarter with the SMART ABDO. The SMART ABDO (SA) communicates with your smartphone wirelessly and allows you to lock and unlock your SA, track your SA with GPS and activate a self-aware alarm when the SA is removed from your belt, all through remote controls sent from your smartphone.

When used as a “safe storage” unit, an alarm is activated when it is moved in any way, alerting you through your smartphone.

When the SA is worn on your belt, a simple slide-release lever opens the SA for quick access to your gun. If the SA is taken off your belt, it automatically locks electronically and can’t be opened unless the proper code is activated on the unit, or you do it remotely from your phone.

The SMART ABDO is made of Poly Nylon and is large enough to carry the following guns: Diamondback DB380, Kel-Tec P-3AT, Ruger LCP, Seacamp 32, NAA Guardian, S&W Bodyguard and the Taurus 738TCP .380.

Here’s a little nugget to gnaw over in your noggin. In Latin, ABDO means to hide, conceal, keep secret. EAA does just that with their SMART ABDO concealed carry firearm case. Hide in plain sight, who’da thunk?

The EAA SMART ABDO has an MSRP of $249.00.

For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/european-american-armory-corp/

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