Defense In Disguise: Stealthy Non-Lethal Personal Defense

Staring into the barrel of a .45 can be a huge deterrent for most criminals. And there’s nothing quite like the sound of a round being chambered in a pump shotgun to make an attacker think twice about committing a crime.

However, as intimidating as a big gun may be, there are many instances in a woman’s life where carrying a big gun is impractical or prohibited. Plenty of environments require discretion and disguise, as the element of surprise can be an important advantage. Fortunately, a large portion of the non-lethal personal-defense market is devoted to items designed for ladies who prefer discretion, rather than advertising that they can defend themselves.

The stun gun market offers an array of shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the best disguises for stun guns include pens, lipsticks and cell phones. Of course, the smaller the stun gun, the less voltage it contains, but even the lipstick-sized stun guns pack 350,000 volts.

Cell phone-model stun guns offer one million volts, and some, like those from A1 Security, also feature flashlights. Because these items can easily be carried in the hand, they are perfect for dark parking lots where the element of surprise can be turned on the attacker.

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