ICYMI: Industry News
From Sept. 11–15, 2023


SIG SAUER Raises Over $120,000 For HAVA

SIG SAUER Inc. announced the seventh annual SIG SAUER Charity Golf Tournament raised over $120,000 for Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). The tournament was held in August at Pease Golf Course in Newington, N.H., and is hosted annually by SIG SAUER in support of the HAVA organization.

“This signature HAVA event is made possible through the overwhelming generosity of individuals, organizations, supporters and industry partners, said Tom Taylor, CMO and EVP of SIG SAUER Inc. “Since the event’s founding, the SIG organizing committee has raised close to $500,000 and countless volunteer hours. One hundred percent of this funding goes directly toward expanding the HAVA programming through shooting events and hunting, and in support of the HAVA mission to re-integrate disabled veterans and injured military back into normal life.”

SIG SAUER is a longstanding supporter and sustaining sponsor of HAVA. Annually, SIG SAUER participates in HAVA-sponsored shooting and hunting events across the country benefiting hundreds of veterans, including the upcoming flagship San Antonio Police Department HAVA Family Day at the SAPD Training Facility on Nov. 4, 2023.

For more info: www.honoredveterans.org

HAVA Hosts 2nd Annual Event At Tacoma Sportsman’s Club

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) recently held its second annual event at the Tacoma Sportsman’s Club. The 84 attendees enjoyed participating in a variety of shooting events including crossbow, trap shooting, lever-action rifles, 9mm semi-automatic pistols and single-action revolvers. These activities were safely managed by a cadre of HAVA volunteers from all over the U.S.

Attendees were treated to food and prizes that included firearms, optics and other high-end raffle items donated by supportive manufacturers. Each person also received stuffed backpacks with a variety of products.

“This annual event is a collaborative effort from the outdoor industry to support disabled veterans and honor their families for their sacrifice,” said Tom Taylor, HAVA executive director. “The event offers a welcoming environment for all participants and the opportunity to connect with other veterans from multiple branches of the U.S. armed forces. We are honored to support these great Americans on behalf of the entire industry.”

One of the women veteran attendees said, “I have a severe back injury and can’t shoot firearms without assistance. This event was great because I miss shooting and the HAVA staff really helped me shoot and learn something new. I particularly liked the single-action revolver as I had never fired one of these before.”

HAVA is a 501(c)(3) organization formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry with the purpose of raising awareness and further assisting disabled veterans with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities.

For more info: www.honoredveterans.org

Henry Launches Youth Shooting Sports & Hunting Safety Video Guide

Henry Repeating Arms announced a new video guide promoting safe participation in youth shooting sports and hunting. Hosted by trick shooter and brand ambassador Dave Nash, better known as 22Plinkster, the video extolls the benefits of being involved in these sports when introduced properly, lists many of the nation’s most impactful safety and educational programs and reviews the line of youth model rifles and shotguns offered by Henry Repeating Arms.

“America has a long history of instilling life skills in youth through shooting sports and hunting, and part of our mission is to provide a gateway for passing down this heritage safely and responsibly,” said Anthony Imperato, founder and CEO of Henry Repeating Arms. “We are committed to championing organizations that allow more youth to get involved and get outdoors. The future strength of our country depends on it.”

As part of the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations, Henry Repeating Arms donated over $1,000,000 to a variety of organizations, several of which are mentioned in the video, including the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance and the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

The video is available on HenryUSA.com, YouTube and Rumble.

For more info: www.henryusa.com

Brownells Honors Gunsmithing Scholarship Recipients

Brownells announced the exceptional recipients of the Brownells Gunsmithing Scholarship awarded at Montgomery Community College.

Three outstanding recipients, Joseph Hampton, Dalton Miller and Alex Rosales, are being recognized for their outstanding dedication to the gunsmithing trade. This scholarship highlights their exceptional skills and commitment to the gunsmithing craft.

All three of these students are beginning their second year in gunsmithing at Montgomery Community College and will be entering the working world of gunsmithing in the summer of 2024.

“Brownells is dedicated to improving gunsmithing skills and the success of gunsmiths. Congratulations to Joseph, Dalton and Alex for their commitment and dedication to one of America’s most crucial trades,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells.

For more info: www.brownells.com

Aimpoint Secures Red Dot Contract

Aimpoint has been chosen to deliver mini red dot sights to the Alternative Individual Weapon System (AIW), designated L403A1 to UK MOD, via its exclusive UK distributor, Edgar Brothers.

The AIW will consist of three elements including the rifle system L403A1, the optic system L900A1 and the training system. As part of the optic system, Aimpoint will supply the ACRO P-2 red dot sight.

Built to exceed the requirements of the users, the ACRO series sights have been tested and proven to withstand the extreme shock, vibration, temperatures and material stresses generated by firing over 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition. Primarily designed for use on handguns, the ACRO next generation can also be mounted on carbines, shotguns and hunting rifles or utilized as a backup sight on magnified scopes and thermal imagers. These versatile optics are night vision compatible and are the ultimate solution for extremely rugged, low-profile, compact sighting needs.

“We at Aimpoint are extremely proud to be part of this Hunter project that pushes the limits of innovation for the modern personal weapon system. We trust our distributor Edgar Brothers to bring the system into service alongside DE&S in a very professional way, and that our product will contribute to the success of the AIW by enhancing soldiers’ capabilities to effectively perform their mission,” said Erik Jeppsson, Aimpoint sales and marketing director.

For more info: www.aimpoint.com

SSSF Relaunchs Missouri Shooting Sports Venue

In 2023, Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports was donated by owners Ralph and Mary Ann Gates to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) in support of the next generation of youth shooting sports athletes. Taking formal ownership of the facility on September 1, 2023, the venue was relaunched as Prairie Grove Shooting Sports Complex. The SSSF is focused on honoring and maintaining the club’s 30-year history while expanding the pleasant experience offered as a premier shooting sports venue in central Missouri with major planned upgrades.

Building a reputation as one of the premier shooting sports venues in Missouri, Prairie Grove has hosted large tournaments such as National Sporting Clays Association and International 5-Stand. The SSSF will build on this, starting with the future of shooting sports, the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).

Recognized as the largest American Skeet tournament in the world and the largest action-shooting event in the world, the SCTP and SASP National Championships are set host to over 3,000 competitors, all junior athletes. Along with other major monetary and estate donations, this facility benefits tens of thousands of SSSF athletes nationally.

Located in Columbia, Mo., Prairie Grove Shooting Sports Complex offers shooters a wide variety of experiences on over 140 acres including pistol and rifle berms, American skeet, American trap, trap doubles, modified international trap, bunker trap, two 5-stand facilities, flurry shoot and three sporting clays courses.

To celebrate the incredible gift to the future youth shooting sports, Prairie Grove Shooting Sports Complex will host a re-launch event in October. Details are forthcoming.

For more info: www.sssfonline.org

VisionLab Added For Validations At Ammo Production Line Firm

VisionLab announced the recent shipment of one of its single-piece inspection units to one of the world’s largest ammo production line firms. The firm has integrated the VisionLab 3D measuring system, manufactured by General Inspection LLC, to streamline validations and inspection. The ammunition production firm’s goal was to streamline first-piece inspections. VisionLab’s 3D measuring system completes first-piece inspections in a fraction of the time, allowing employees to concentrate on production tasks instead of manually measuring parts.

A full range of small-caliber ammunition and ammunition components coming from their production lines are measured with 2-micron precision. This drastically reduces inspection time and simplifies machine run-offs by eliminating measurement differences inherent in manual gauges.

In seconds, all dimensions including lengths, diameters, radii, angles, plus GD&T features are measured, displayed and available in Excel or CSV files to share digitally. Part-feature tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number and stored in memory for quick recall.

VisionLab’s 3D gauging system advantages include complete inspection in less than five seconds, up to 360 profile measurements, GD&T feature measurements, simplified 3D GUI, built-in self-calibration and no software licensing fee.

Validation of new production equipment costs both the producer and the end user a lot of time and money. VisionLab streamlines measurement validations by eliminating disputes caused by human errors that exist when using manual gauges. With all the data of every feature available in seconds, VisionLab cuts production machine validations from days to seconds.

For more info: www.geninsp.com