Considering Gift Guns

I recently shot a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) match. Part of the fun at such events is chatting with old friends and new, while waiting your turn to shoot.

Over on the falling plates range, I was in line with Roland Robbins and Cindy Bishop, frequent lady champion. It came up in conversation that the Glock 34 Roland was shooting was a gift from Cindy.

“That’s sweet,” I commented, and asked what the occasion for the gift had been. Birthday? Christmas?

“Neither,” answered Cindy. “Roland got me into GSSF, and it has become a sport I love. I couldn’t think of a better way to thank him for introducing me to this.”

Thought Behind The Gift

A few days before the match, I was at my doctor’s office. The physician’s assistant, who knows what I do for a living, brought the conversation around to guns.

“Some of my friends think this is awfully ‘redneck,’ but I think you’ll appreciate it,” she began. “My husband bought me a gun to carry, and the CCW class.”

She told me she was taken a little aback by the present at first, but came to realize where the sentiment behind the gift came from: Namely, that he loved her, and wanted her to be safe in that darkened, after-work parking lot — and for that matter, everywhere else.

“He gave me the gift of safety,” she said.

And she didn’t know how much it pleased me to hear that, because I’ve written pretty close to those exact words in the past.
Story By Massad Ayoob

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