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Compact carry pistols represent a major trend in the firearms industry today, making ideal personal-defense guns for women. Ladies are always looking for the perfect little gun they can carry in a pocket or purse wherever they go. Manufacturers continue to recognize the growing number of female shooters by creating compact guns with features women want, and offering multiple carry options.

Beretta recently introduced the Pico, and this compact gun is sure to be in high demand by women. Beretta is billing the Pico as the thinnest .380 semiauto made, with the slide and frame hitting just 18mm at its widest point.

The serial number for the Pico is found on the stainless steel subchassis, allowing customers to easily change the polymer grip frame from standard black to one of three different colors: flat dark earth, white or purple — and all have one serial number. Women are sure to love this feature, as they can easily give their gun a personalized look.

The Pico can also swap calibers, switching from a .380 to a .32 with a simple barrel change kit, and the modular chassis will accommodate LaserMax grips. The modular design also makes it painless to disassemble and clean the Pico. Left-handed shooters will be happy to note the magazine release is ambidextrous. This gun’s sleek, low-profile design and customizable features are sure to make waves in the women’s CCW market.

Beretta is expanding their line of women’s accessories, and they have plenty of branded options to complete your sale. Their line of products geared toward women ranges from hunting clothes to T-shirts, so you can hit any price point for your add-on sale. Practical hunting and shooting items like range bags and multitools are available, as well as Beretta-branded scarves, umbrellas and boots.

Beretta even offers several different purse holsters, ranging from basic black to more unique hand-tooled leather styles. Women who love their guns also love logo accessories, and Beretta is making it easier than ever to sell your customers a complete package.

The Colt Mustang XSP features a six-round magazine and weighs under 12 ounces.

Sell Enhanced Options

Colt’s Manufacturing capitalized on their popular Mustang series with the Mustang XSP. Chambered in .380 with a six-round capacity magazine, the XSP is basically the same size as the Pocketlite, as it has the same magazine and slide. The XSP, however, features several enhancements that were partially influenced by customer feedback. Women will appreciate the molded thumb perch under the safeties, which lets the gun sit comfortably in hands of all sizes. An enhanced cut behind the triggerguard also allows the gun to sit lower in the hand, making it feel more secure.

Other improvements on this polymer gun include a dovetailed sight, enhanced slide serrations, ambidextrous safeties, an integral 0.375-inch accessory rail below the dust cover and a squared off triggerguard that will allow for easy mounting of lasers and flashlights.

Weighing in at less than 12 ounces, the XSP’s slide and barrel are machined from stainless steel bar stock and the slide has a black finish.

Colt’s line of shooting accessories has grown, with logo pistol cases and range bags, as well as caps and T-shirts for women. Small items, like key chains, coffee mugs and the Rampant Colt pin, make excellent “bundles” or giveaways to use in a promotion.

Another great CCW option for women is the Ruger LC380 Lightweight Compact Pistol. Inspired by the Ruger LC9, the LC380 is Ruger’s lightest-recoiling concealed carry pistol. Women will appreciate the light-recoil spring, which allows the slide to work easily.

The Ruger LC380 weighs in at 17.2 ounces, is 0.9 inches wide and has an overall length of 6 inches, making it very easy to conceal. The barrel and slide are made of alloy steel, while the grip frame is composed of black, high-performance, glass-filled nylon. Other features include a dovetailed, high visibility, three-dot sight system and checkered grip frame. LC380 owners get a bonus from Ruger, a free add-on finger grip extension floorplate that can be affixed to the magazine for extra comfort. Safety features include an internal lock, manual safety, magazine safety and loaded chamber indicator.

Ruger has expanded their line of accessory offerings to include everything from expected items (range and pistol bags) to unexpected items (playing cards and iPhone cases). There truly is something with a Ruger logo for everyone — whether it’s a pink baseball cap or a women’s western shirt. Women will especially like tactical clothing from BLACKHAWK!, including both shirts and pants, with Ruger branding. Ruger’s offerings are plentiful, so dealers can create a Ruger-branded add-on sale for any new Ruger owner.

The Ruger LC380 is an excellent CCW option and is just one of many .380 semiautos on the market today.

Maximize Your Sales

Lady shooters looking for well-designed, compact carry weapons have never had so many choices. These guns are meant for carrying, making their lightweight frames and small size their biggest selling points. Manufacturers have made a conscious effort to tame recoil on these pistols in order to make .380s even more attractive to women.

Dealers can maximize sales by offering all types of logo items to accompany a shooter’s preferred firearm. Almost all gun manufacturers offer some type of branded gun case or range bag that can be added to a sale. Small items can be grouped together with a firearm to create a logo-filled bundle that adds perceived value to the purchase, at little additional cost to dealers. For example, when selling the Ruger LC380, putting together a bundle with a Ruger pink cap, lapel pin and pistol case creates a complete and attractive package for women.

Even displaying a firearm near a pink cap or a more-feminine T-shirt will encourage women to look closely at the firearm and consider it for purchase. It also sends the message you are eager to support women in the shooting sports. By pairing a feminine item with a firearm that has female-friendly features, women will know you’ve considered their needs and will respond accordingly.
By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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