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Para USA Inc.
10620 Southern Loop Blvd , Pineville NC 28134
704-930-7601 fax



Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2017
Article: 1911

Home Defense Hammer
Issue: GUNS Magazine September 2017
Article: LDA 1911

What Do WE Carry
Issue: American Handgunner Survive 2016 Special Edition
Article: P12-45

Kahrs CM9
Issue: American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2016 Special Edition
Article: P12-45

Wiley Clapp's Classy Colt
Issue: GUNS Magazine March 2016
Article: Elite Commander

Perfect 10 Hunting Machines
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2014
Article: Elite LS Hunter

New Products
Issue: GUNS Magazine June 2012
Article: 1911 Black Ops Limited

Issue: Shooting Industry May 2012
Article: 2012 New Product Showcase: Law Enforcement & Tactical

1911 Black Ops Limited
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2012
Article: Spotlight

Beer Budget 1911s
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2012
Article: Lots Of Fun For $500!

Freedom Group Acquires Para USA
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2012
Article: Industry News

Para-Ordnance PXT SA Limited Long Slide
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2012
Article: Winning Edge

2012 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2012
Article: New Product Offerings Kick Off The New Business Year

Para Exits Rifle Market
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2011
Article: Industry News

More Than A Little Different. The Para TTR
Issue: American COP November/December 2011
Article: Para TTR

Making Educated Handgun Sales
Issue: Shooting Industry May 2011
Article: Turn Your Store Into A Classroom For Increased And Repeat Sales

2011 New Products Gallery
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2011
Article: What Are Dealers And Distributors Excited About?

Gun of the Month
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2011
Article: PXT Hi-Cap Single Action Limited S14

2011 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2010
Article: Feature Article

Para's Pals Super Hawg/PDA Buddy System
Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2010
Article: Super Hawg/PDA Buddy System

Para USA Relocates Customer Service
Issue: Shooting Industry July 2010
Article: Industry News

GI Expert
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2010
Article: 2010 New Products Gallery

What do we Carry?
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2016
Article: P12-45