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Ithaca Gun Company
420 N Warpole St , Upper Sandusky OH 43351-9301
419-294-3230 fax



Scattergun Choices
Issue: GUNS Magazine June 2018
Article: Model 37

Model 37 Featherlight
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2018
Article: Shot Show 2018 Auction

Guns Insider
Issue: GUNS Magazine March 2017
Article: Ithaca M37

Guns Insider
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2017
Article: Model 37

Shotgunner: The Sweet Sixteen
Issue: GUNS Magazine December 2016
Article: Ithaca Pumps

The All-Around 20-Gauge
Issue: GUNS Magazine October 2016
Article: Ithaca 37

Women Continue ti Benefit From Shotguns Designed Just For Them
Issue: Shooting Industry September 2016
Article: Model 37 Featherlight Ladies Stock Pump-Action

Issue: GUNS Magazine Surplus 2016 Special Edition
Article: Model 37

Issue: GUNS Magazine March 2016
Article: M-49

Surplus,Classic and Tactical Firearms
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2016
Article: Model 49 Saddlegun

Ithaca Hunting Rifle
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2016
Article: 2016 New Product Showcase

Retro Cool
Issue: GUNS Magazine 2016 Special Edition
Article: Pump Shotgun

Another Fun Gun
Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2015
Article: 20 Guage Single Shot

GUNS Insider: Back In The Swing Of Things
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2015
Article: 16-gauge Model 37 Ithaca

Ithaca Gun Co. Expands To South Carolina
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2014
Article: Industry News

Issue: GUNS Magazine September 2012
Article: Left-Hand Ithaca Model 37