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Carry Options
Issue: American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2016 Special Edition
Article: Gunbelt

Gun Of The Month Giveaway
Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2014
Article: Amerihide Belt

New Products
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2014
Article: Belts

Issue: American COP July 2014
Article: Spotlight

Amerihide Belt
Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2014
Article: Gun Giveaway

Amerhide Belts
Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2014
Article: New Products

Amerihide Belts
Issue: Shooting Industry June 2014
Article: Giveaway Package

Disse Gear Amerihide Gun Belt Review
Issue: Online Articles 2014
Article: Web Exclusive

Tote 'Em and Stow 'Em
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2014
Article: Carry Options

Simple Elegance
Issue: American COP August 2013
Article: Carry Options

Amerihide, Receptrix and Celo 2ed
Issue: American Handgunner May/June 2013
Article: Spotlight

Amerihide, Receptrix and Celo 2ED
Issue: GUNS Magazine April 2013
Article: New Products

Amerihide Belts
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2013
Article: Spotlight

Amerihide Belts
Issue: American COP December 2012
Article: Spotlight

Safety Gear & Bug-Out Bags
Issue: GUNS Magazine September 2012
Article: Quarter Master

2011 New Products, Law Enforcement/Tactical Gallery
Issue: Shooting Industry May 2011
Article: HereÕs A Sampling Of L.E. Products That Grabbed BuyersÕ Attention

Issue: American COP March/April 2011
Article: Celo 1ED & 2ED Bags

Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2011
Article: Celo 1ED & 2ED Carry Bags

Disse Outdoor Gear Adds Dealers
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2011
Article: Outdoor Marketplace

Disse Gear Seeks Rep Groups
Issue: Shooting Industry February 2011
Article: Industry News

2011 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2010
Article: Feature Article