Compact Gun Safes Are Must-Haves for Lady Shooters

Responsible gun ownership is the key to promoting and protecting our shooting and hunting heritage. Recent events have put even more pressure on gun owners to take extra precautions when securing their firearms. Mothers, and women who interact with children, are held to the highest standards of safety, and gun dealers are in a prime position to assist women in securing their firearms.

At A&S Indoor Pistol Range in Youngwood, Pa., securing a firearm begins with education, and owner Todd Edmiston always includes a section on securing a firearm in beginning handgun courses.

“We show them the different designs and how both the locks and safes work. Then, after they’ve decided on a firearm, we help them choose a safe to fit their needs,” Edminston said. He noted while his store carries trigger locks, most manufacturers now include them with a firearm so those types of sales are minimal.

Edmiston said women tend to invest in the quick-access gun safes that hold one or two firearms. The biometric safes are popular as well because of the electronic locks. Stack-On safes are in demand at A&S because, “They work well for the price and they are reasonably affordable.”

Stack-On safes run the gamut from large fireproof safes to small, quick-access safes. Your customer can choose the technology she is most comfortable with — a standard electronic lock or a biometric lock that reads fingerprints. Either version is priced in the $100 to $150 range, making them an affordable option for many women.

GunVault safes are a popular gun-security option at Faith Armory in Temecula, Calif. According to sales associate Whitney Barr, women like the GunVault safes because they make it easy to keep guns away from kids. “GunVaults are small, safe and easy to use,” Barr said. “The GunVault MiniVault and NanoVault are best sellers,” Barr added.

The NanoVault 100 is a key-lock case made of 20-gauge steel that can be secured with an included security cable. With a MSRP of around $35, this is one of the most economical ways a woman can secure her firearm. A step up from the NanoVault is the MicroVault. This notebook style case features GunVault’s No-Eyes keypad, and is available is both standard and biometric versions.

The MiniVault features 16-gauge steel housing and comes in Standard, Deluxe and Biometric models. The Standard has GunVault’s basic touch keypad; the Deluxe sports an interior light and motion alarm, while the Biometric can recognize up to 15 unique fingerprints. Your customer can choose the technology and level of security to best fit her needs.

Featuring a locking zipper, the Coronado Leather Hobo secures handguns and other valuables.

Securing Firearms Is A Big Selling Point

Carrying a gun securely and concealed is also an important issue for women. Many women carry their firearms in a purse holster, and it is important to them the gun be protected against unauthorized access. Purse holster companies, like Coronado Leather and Galco, have integrated locking zippers on their holster compartments to help secure firearms.

These locking zippers are also a great way to thwart theft of valuables, as well as firearms. A friend of mine was carrying a large amount of cash in her purse on her way to an overseas vacation. While her purse was placed under the seat in front of her, as is required by the airlines, someone managed to steal her money. The use of a locking zipper to secure her valuables could have prevented this theft. This is an example of an additional selling point to help women justify the purchase of a quality purse holster from your store.

Keeping a firearm safe from unauthorized access is a top priority for anyone. There has been talk of legislation that will allow a tax deduction for firearm safes, and this may make a huge impact on the demand for quality gun safes. Stocking a variety of safes with multiple options and price points will make securing a firearm a natural, and a necessary add-on sale to any firearm purchased.

Team USA Shooting member Amanda Furrer is one of three First Shots Athlete Ambassadors.

NSSF Community Outreach

The NSSF recently revved up some programs to help dealers reach out to women. This summer, NSSF launched “S.A.F.E. Summer” in an effort to focus attention on the importance of safe firearm storage. They have pledged to provide 500,000 free firearm safety kits — including a gunlock — to firearms owners.

NSSF stated, “SAFE is as an acronym for: Secure your firearms when not in use, Be Aware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to guns, Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner and Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage. The effort is focused on providing education and tools to help gun owners take responsible action to keep their families and communities safer.”

The kits will be distributed throughout local law enforcement agencies, and dealers can support the program by referring their customers to The site is designed to help firearm owners choose gun storage options based on their needs and lifestyle.

Dealers who participate in the NSSF First Shots program can take advantage of NSSF’s and USA Shooting Team’s Athlete Ambassador Program. First Shots is designed to introduce new participants to the shooting sports and the Athlete Ambassadors of First Shots will actively engage in the program through social media, appearances, blog entries, photography and interviews. Two of the athletes are lady shooters, and should provide a great deal of inspiration to budding women gun enthusiasts.

Athlete Ambassadors participating in the program will include 2012 Olympian Amanda Furrer (Spokane, Wash.) and Paralympian Eric Hollen (Colorado Springs, Colo.). In addition, 2012 National Skeet champion Jaiden Grinnell (Port Angeles, Wash.) will also serve as an inaugural First Shots Athlete Ambassador.
Hosting a First Shots event is a great way to reach out to new shooters, and the participation of these acclaimed athletes is sure to make the event a success for your operation.

For more information on First Shots contact Tisma Juett via email at
By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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