Clean Sweep

From Bore Brushes To Ultra-Modern Solutions, Gun Cleaning Rates High In Sales

Whether a dealer is wrapping up the sale of a first firearm to a shooting newcomer, or working with a seasoned owner of multiple firearms, gun-cleaning kits and supplies are at or near the top of the “I need that” list. Key industry surveys confirm that gun-cleaning products are either the first- or second-most-purchased accessories for firearm owners.

The NSSF’s 2011 “Report on Handguns” found that gun-cleaning supplies are the second most frequently purchased add-on or accessory products after holsters. Southwick Associates’ “Hunting and Shooting Participation and Market Trends” report, covering January and February 2012, lists gun-cleaning supplies as tops in the “Shooting Accessory” category. Even with Internet firearm transfer sales, cleaning supplies rate a high second to ammunition in the category of add-on sales, which was reported in the February 2012 issue in a survey conducted for Shooting Industry.

Today’s marketplace includes a wide range of gun-cleaning and preventive maintenance products based on newer technologies. And for all those zombie-hunting customers, Otis has a zombie gun-cleaning kit. As Otis describes it, “It’s not just you on the line, it’s all of humanity.” The zombie trend remains “undead.”
By Greg Staunton

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