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New Products July 2017 Issue

Lyman Products Corp. (800) 225-9626 Lyman announces the release of a new and improved Digital Trigger Pull Gauge. State-of-the-art

Hoppe’s Gun Care

Hoppe’s introduces the Hoppe’s Black High Performance Gun Care line. Comprised of gun cleaner, precision oil, copper cleaner, grease syringe

3M Peltor Sports

Designed to provide cutting-edge hearing protection that suppresses gunshot noise, the Sport Tactical 300/Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protectors from 3M

Blok Safety

Adding to its line of safety and training products, Blok Safety introduces the RifleBlok. The RifleBlok blocks a rifle’s chamber

Berne Apparel

Slated for Fall 2017, Berne Apparel announces the upcoming release of several products. The Echo Zero Six softshell vest is

LWRC International

New to the Direct Impingement line of rifles, LWRCI introduces the IC-DI 300BLK. The .300 BLK caliber rifle features a

Lucid Optics

Lucid introduces the C3 Weapons Light. Designed to withstand the rigors of harsh use and environments, it’s waterproof and shockproof

Armaspec Inc.

SRS-1 (Stealth Recoil Spring) is a self-contained multi-stage drop-in replacement for a standard buffer and spring. It is designed to

Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle Company has announced the launch of a new color option for all BR Maritime Rifles: Battle Rifle Ocean

Kahr Arms Handgun

For 2017, Kahr has added new features to four of their more popular models. The CM9093TU3, CM4543TU3, CW3833TU3 and CT3833TU3

SIG Sauer Rangefinder

The SIG SAUER KILO2400ABS rangefinder is the latest addition to the SIG Electro-Optics line. The KILO2400ABS features patented LightWave DSP