Caron Forensics Looks To Partner With Dealers

Caron Forensics is offering special dealer opportunities and pricing on its Rapid Access Defense product line, which provides firearm storage solutions for personal defense-minded customers. Authorized Caron dealers can expect margins of 30 to 35 percent, while preferred dealers can see margins of 35 to 40 percent by selling the RAD product line.

“We are eager to speak to new dealers,” said Steve Keiser, Caron Forensics chairman. “Our program offers low stocking requirements, reasonable initial order requirements, credit terms and select territory opportunities.”

Caron introduced the RAD line in response to growing demand from the personal-defense market, as every homeowner needs a safe, but easily accessible way, to store firearms. Ideally, every customer interested in personal defense should walk out of the store with a storage solution for his new firearm.
“These products are the ideal supplement to any firearms purchase,” Keiser said. “Gun owners are both responsible and better prepared when they store their firearms in strategic locations, yet away from children and other unauthorized users. There are exciting profit possibilities for dealers with our unique RAD product offerings.”

The RAD2, a 2-foot cabinet, and RAD4, a 4-foot cabinet, are designed to mount in a concealed location, such as horizontally above or vertically next to a door opening. Gas springs open the cabinet’s door quickly for fast access during an unexpected home attack. These storage cabinets mount on any flat surface, causing minimal intrusion.

“Our RADs are affordable and take up no floor space. RAD products secure a wide variety of weapons and home-defense items. They are designed to mount in inconspicuous areas, such as a closet wall,” Keiser said.
To expand its product offerings for dealers, Caron Forensics is also introducing the RAD GunWall and RAD GunWorks. The RAD GunWall is ideal for tactical vests, body armor, a bugout bag, rifles, shotguns and handguns. The RAD GunWorks is a gun cleaning and maintenance workstation with a foldout oak bench.

Dealers, Caron Forensics is eager to work with you. Now is the time to take advantage of these dealership opportunities and special dealer pricing, which can help drive sales during a time of increased interest in personal defense.

“We will provide our dealers with point-of-purchase materials, including catalogs, high-res logos, DVDs and more,” Keiser said.

To become an authorized or preferred Caron Forensics dealer, or for more information, contact Caron customer service at 1-800-648-3042. Also, visit

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