Camouflage Greatly Influences Hunter Purchases

Camouflage rules when it comes to product styling, with 94 percent of sportsmen purchasing at least one camo item in 2011, according to and Loyalty to a popular camo even supersedes consumers’ brand loyalty, a purchasing factor that came in second in the survey with 57 percent.

In breaking down the larger numbers, 18 percent of sportsmen said between 71 to 80 percent of the items they bought were in camouflage, 11 percent said between 81 and 90 percent were camo and 15 percent said at least half of their purchases were camo. Just over 7 percent reported everything they purchased for hunting had some camouflage on it.

“This shows how sporting consumers identify with the look and perceived benefits of camouflage products,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “Camouflage can be found on virtually every product a hunter wishes to own. Wearing or displaying camo is a lifestyle choice, announcing to others they are a proud hunter or closely associate with the hunting lifestyle.”

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By J.K. Autry

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