Building The Other Shooting Sport

In our dedicated, all-out focus to build the firearms industry — and fight to preserve our national firearm heritage and the Second Amendment — we often overlook the “other shooting sport.”

Archery and bowhunting are firmly implanted in our country’s culture and our industry. Vast numbers of hunters who take game with a firearm also bow hunt. They’re a natural complement to each other. Bowhunters are passionate about the same causes as firearm hunters, and the expansion of archery and bowhunting has a positive impact on the firearms industry.

Given that, salutes to The Easton Foundations for its ongoing work to increase archery participation through grassroots programs in communities and colleges. Later this month, the first annual Easton Foundations Hunting Expo will be held at the Easton Newberry Sports Complex (ENSC) in Newberry, Fla. The complex is hosting the event with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The event will feature hunting companies, plenty of entertainment, lots of shooting on a 3-D range and raffles, which include several bows donated by Easton, Bear and Mathews. Hunters can even take the bowhunter’s education course. It’s a chance for the entire family to have fun and learn more about bowhunting.
“Our main objective for The Easton Foundations Hunting Expo is to reach the large market of hunters in the surrounding areas by introducing them to what we have to offer at ENSC,” said Brandie Lovelace, operations director of the Easton Newberry Archery Center. “The hunting seasons are highly defined in Florida, and we hope to draw in all types of hunters by inviting gun vendors, in order to have something for everyone.”

Beyond the expo, The Easton Foundations is helping develop Olympic shooters, and offers grants for the development of archery facilities. Easton is a name well established in archery and bowhunting. The Easton Foundations’ work, in building its industry, is creating opportunities important to the firearms industry.

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