Browning’s Million Facebook “Likes” – Who Are They?

Browning celebrated a major milestone this summer when the company’s Facebook page hit one million “Likes.” Since 2008, Browning’s Facebook page has served as a rendezvous for shooting sports enthusiasts to talk “Browning” and stay up-to-date on the company’s latest products. Reaching the one-million milestone, while challenging, began with a simple strategy, says Travis Hall, Browning president and CEO.

“Our whole company got behind our page, sharing it with friends and family. This provided the initial growth in 2008. Our strategy was and remains simple: to provide good service to our fans, and give them a place to gather and share and to get answers from us,” Hall said.

According to Browning, the first “Like” may have been “from the mother of our Facebook web guy.” The rest, Browning says, represent the full scope of Browning enthusiasts: hunters, shooters, outdoorsmen and women, avid gun collectors, weekend plinkers — the spectrum covers the casual to the super avid, and a wide variety of demographics and backgrounds. Interestingly, almost 34 percent of the page’s fans are women who are “extremely avid and knowledgeable” about shooting sports, according to the company’s research. About half of Browning’s “Likes” come from fans under 25 years of age.

When Browning launched its Facebook page, the majority of fans hailed from the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas of Utah, near the company’s headquarters in Morgan. But today Houston, Texas, boasts more fans than any other U.S. city, with nearly 4,000 fans. Other cities with large clusters of Browning fans include Jacksonville, Fla., and San Antonio, Texas.

Atlanta, Ga., held honors as the location with the highest concentration of likes until 2011; now the city sits in fourth place. Browning also tracks language demographics on its Facebook page. While the vast majority of fans speak English as their first language, more than 13,000 fans speak Spanish as their primary language.

Browning has connected with this diverse fan base in a variety of ways, perhaps most successfully through various contests. The company has used its trademark Buckmark logo in many of these contests, which always elicits brand pride and loyalty amongst the Facebook fans.

“Browning has a running ‘Show Us Your Buckmark’ contest, where people submit photos of creative ways they have incorporated the logo into their lives,” Hall said. “It is really amazing. Tens of thousands of Buckmark decals show up on truck windows, and thousands of fans have actually been tattooed with the Buckmark logo to show how they feel about the brand.”
Hall believes that while running contests is beneficial, the key to a successful Facebook page is treating their fans properly.
“We respect our Facebook fans. We treat them as if they are part of the family. That’s easy, because to us, they are,” Hall said.

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By J.K. Autry


Sleek Ad Announces LaserMax’s Shield CenterFire

The latest edition of the LaserMax CenterFire Laser Series, designed for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, is now shipping, and the company has launched a sleek ad campaign to promote the product. The campaign presents the laser as “part work of art, part state of the art,” and features minimal text for a clean, modern look that is sure to prove eye-catching for customers.

“We are excited to work with Smith & Wesson on the launch of the M&P Shield,” said Eric Haase, LaserMax vice president of sales and marketing. “In keeping with the LaserMax tradition for innovation, we designed our laser to look as though it was not an afterthought, but fully integrated with the firearm. We know an important aspect of concealed carry is the user’s ability to control potentially dangerous situations. The LaserMax CenterFire for Shield gives the user that control.”

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