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Take a look at the catalogs from most shooting accessory manufacturers and you’ll notice everything from eye- and ear-protection to range bags and firearms have at least one colorful option.

About 40 percent of the people who attend basic handgun carry classes at 2A Shooting Center are women, and it’s important to provide them with excellent customer service. Dealers with small operations without a lot of space to devote to some of the more exotic colors and patterns may want to try entering into a referral agreement with companies who manufacture these items. Often, companies give a small commission on referrals. Even if they don’t, you’re building great customer relations by helping women find items to express their personal style — which they’ll remember when it comes time to purchase a new firearm.

If your customers are dedicated “do-it-yourselfers,” consider stocking DuraCoat in women-friendly colors. Their Shake ’N Spray DuraCoat finishing kit has everything customers need to create a gun that is uniquely theirs. DuraCoat’s makers have eliminated the need for an airgun, yet still produce a durable quality finish. The kit contains a degreaser and scrubbing pad, the DuraCoat finish and an aerosol sprayer.

There are over 200 colors to choose from that can also be blended and mixed, so the possibilities for creating a unique finish are limitless.



Concealed carry purses like these from The Well Armed Woman come in many
designs and colors, ensuring dealers will have a comprehensive selection
that appeals to women customers.

Offer Custom Women’s Products With Personality

Personal protection might be the driving force behind an initial firearm purchase, but personal expression is also an important component for women firearm enthusiasts. Whether it’s a car, cell phone case, purse or pistol, women want their favorite items to reflect their personalities and make a statement. They want products that set them apart from the crowd, but are still functional.

Pink may have started as the go-to color for women’s firearms and accessories, but today most manufacturers realize there are profits to be made by offering their products in a wide variety of colors and finishes. This has provided dealers with the opportunity to greatly increase their sales by providing an array of products for women that suit their personalities.

At 2A Shooting Center in Tulsa, Okla., lead firearm instructor Robert Jerome noted SIG SAUER pistols with different choices of colors and patterns have been popular with women clientele. “Guns in pastel colors are a product women tend to buy,” Jerome said. “The pink guns from Kel-Tec and Walther also sell well. Some women hate pink and some women love it, but they definitely tend to buy firearms that are a little bit prettier.”

2A Shooting Center has a gunsmith on-site and Jerome has noticed a growing number of women will request custom touches on their guns. “They’ll ask the gunsmith to coat the guns in different colors and give them different finishes,” he said. “It’s a small part of the gunsmithing business, but women do request it.”

The pro shop at 2A Shooting Center isn’t large, but employees there try to help women find the items they’re looking for. A chapter of The Well Armed Woman meets at the range and they often bring some of the more exotic and feminine accessories to meetings. “If we don’t have the product women want, we try to refer them to distributors that have quality products to meet their needs,” Jerome said. “Women like to be fashionable and we do the best we can to refer them to people who can help. The Well Armed Woman is a great resource.”

A Breed Apart

Ladies will appreciate the CrossBreed IWB SuperTuck Deluxe. Adjustable for depth and cant, the SuperTuck features CrossBreed’s corrosion- and chip-proof SteelClip, three-quarter-length sight channel for clearance with all front sights and premium-grade leather for backing. Available in black and tan, this holster also has moisture-wicking qualities.
Another option from CrossBreed is the Purse Defender, designed for large or small handbags. A Velcro-lined Kydex panel fits securely in any purse or bag, and keeps the gun and purse stabilized, eliminating the possibility of spillover or tipping.

The Purse Defender system comes complete with an L-shaped panel and a CrossBreed Handcrafted Modular Holster. It’s available in left- or right-hand for a wide variety of small- to medium-sized handguns. CrossBreed offers a two-week free trial period and a lifetime warranty on its products.


Archery 101

Getting an archery program started in your area has never been easier with USA Archery’s launch of Explore Archery, an education program designed to introduce archery to beginners of all ages and abilities. The program, developed jointly by USA Archery and the Archery Trade Association, is a low-cost, high-quality programming option, offering materials to facilitate events including “Try Archery” Events, one-day camps, one-week camps, six-week classes and birthday parties. The focus of Explore Archery is on fundamental skills, a competitive edge and a bit of creativity, versus natural athleticism or the ability to shoot a perfect score.

The program was developed in response to the huge growth in archery in recent years and created with retailers in mind. It includes easy steps to help your customers through the beginning stages of learning archery and includes elements to help them progress to competition or bowhunting. This program is a great way to increase your archery clientele and reach out to your community.

By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

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