Beyond The Purse: Holster Fits For Women

By Lisa Parsons-Wraith

When and where to carry are some of the questions women must ask themselves when they become firearm owners. The next question is how to carry a firearm. Many women opt for a purse holster as the easiest way to carry. Others, however, prefer on-the-body carry, and today’s female shooter has plenty of options.

Crossfire Elite has a line of holsters designed for women incorporating memory-type foam laminate technology and ballistic nylon fabric. The Pulse is a fully ambidextrous, low-profile holster and it can be worn in up to nine carry positions OWB or IWB. Crossfire’s “Spring-loaded Thumb Break” System keeps the firearm secure when carried OWB and the retention system can be removed for compression fit. The Pulse allows women to express their personal style as it comes in four pattern choices (Blush, Fusion, Spark and Tango) and four color choices (Black, Iris, Silverdust and Turquoise).

Crossfire’s Rebel holster is also a low-profile holster designed for pocket carry. It’s fully ambidextrous with a grippy-rubber exterior fabric and a fleece interior. The closed-bottom design keeps lint and other items out of the barrel. The Rebel comes in the same color choices as the Pulse.

The versatile Luxe holster is super sleek and can be used as a purse, pocket or IWB holster. The Luxe uses Crossfire’s “Speed Retainer” system, a closed bottom and a grip-rubber exterior. It comes in four pattern choices, and black.

Designed for purse or OWB carry, the Edge holster sports dual belt clips to keep the firearm stable and secure — while allowing it to be attached to a belt, waistband, purse or pocket. Features include the “Speed Retainer” system and a 3D holster design, which won’t collapse when the pistol is removed from the holster. Color and pattern options are the same as the Pulse.


The Pulse (above) and Rebel (below) Holsters from Crossfire were designed
by women and can be used for many types of carry.


A Sticky Holster is another versatile option for women. Made of sticky material, which adheres to other fabrics with a bit of pressure, the Sticky Holster can be used in many ways including pocket, purse, IWB, in an ankle rig and in Sticky Holster’s Guard-Her Belt. Another bonus of the Sticky Holster is, over time, use and body heat will mold the holster to the gun, giving women a custom fit. The highly adaptable Sticky Holster is also very affordable making it a popular option for many women.

Dene Adams LLC makes a line of feminine and practical corset holsters. They come in a variety of configurations ranging from the Hourglass, which features a tank top-like design to the ultra-small Petite Sun-Kissed corset, which is their smallest model. The Hourglass can accommodate a full-sized firearm, while the Petite is designed for subcompacts. The corset holsters are made of breathable mesh with lace accent and a dry-wicking lining, which draws moisture away from the body and keeps women cool. Dene Adams also sells a custom plastic triggerguard to work with the corset holsters for additional security and ease of draw. Women will appreciate the fact they can cinch the waste a bit while being easily concealed under loose-fitting clothing.

The Lotus Concealed Carry Harness with Holster from Deep Conceal can also be a good option for women. The Lotus is designed for carry underneath a shirt. It has 1-inch webbing, an adjustable front, back and sides, and a 3-inch elastic insert in the back for a comfortable, no-show fit. The holster is sewn on with a moisture-wicking material between the fabric layers. A pocket on the opposite side of the firearm holds a spare magazine. Designed to fit small- to medium-sized firearms, the Lotus is available in black or white.


The Original Concealment Leggings (OCL) from UnderTech Undercover
offer a sporty and fashionable way to conceal a firearm.

The Original Concealment Leggings (OCL) from UnderTech Undercover is growing into one of the most popular concealment options on the market for women. Leggings are such a popular athletic and fashion item (most women own several pairs) and if they’re made to conceal a firearm, they’d be a must-have for any female shooter. The OCLs are stylish, comfortable and made of the same material as most popular brands of leggings.

They have the capability of holding two firearms, as there is a holster in the back for a traditional “kidney” position and a holster in the front for appendix carry. The gun is secured by a patent-pending retention strap, which keeps the handgun firmly in place, yet easy to draw.

The best part about the OCLs is if a woman isn’t carrying two firearms, the spare pocket can be used to secure a cellphone. This feature is especially valuable to female athletes and hikers. The OCLs are available in black only, and are suitable for athletic wear or they can be dressed up for a night out. Sizes are XS to XXXL and they come in right-or left-hand draw.

Host A New Kind Of Fashion Show

When it comes to selling some of these holsters, their attributes aren’t obvious in the package. A great way to make a fun event out of featuring new products is to host a holster fashion show. You can enlist the help of employees and loyal customers to highlight new holsters and explain how they work in a fun, social atmosphere. You can also invite your customers to model their own favorite holsters. Many women like to see just how well a firearm is concealed in a holster and enjoy the “surprise reveal” you can create at a fashion show-type event.

Getting like-minded women together in a room will generate conversations about all kinds of firearm-related products, and will give you a chance to really hear what women shooters want. It also allows dealers to order samples of new products and test the waters on how well a new item will sell. You’ll get plenty of feedback on the kinds of products women are looking for — and won’t waste valuable shelf space on holsters that look like a good idea on paper, but don’t fit your clientele’s needs. Consider auctioning off some of the holsters to benefit a local charity and the event will surely be well attended.

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