Alien Gear Holsters Double Cloak Mag Carrier

Alien Gear Holsters is on version 3.0 of their very well-designed IWB Cloak Tuck concealment holster. But they’ve also released a new magazine carrier, also with the “Cloak” designation. These are available in single or double, inside or outside the waistband, and paddle or belt slide. And if you have the full Double Cloak Mag Carrier kit ($49.88), you can easily change amongst all these configurations and even change their sizing if you want to carry magazines for an entirely different gun.


Good idea: Allen wrench stores in the mag bucket behind a spring-loaded catch.


Adjust the mag bucket to whatever magazines you’re carrying.

To be clear, you can adjust the width of the magazine buckets to accommodate just about any size of magazine. These are Glock 26 mags, shown. Adjusting the bucket width means sliding a spring-loaded catch on the magazine bucket to the side and removing the small Allen wrench stored therein. Use the Allen wrench to adjust the magazine bucket width to the size of the magazine and your preferred tension. When done, put the Allen wrench back in its special carrier.


There’s a lot going on here, yes, but this is a comfortable IWB magazine carrying solution.


But if IWB won’t work, you can switch to OWB with little fuss.

In the single, inside the waistband configuration, you carry one magazine inside the waistband. A backer puts a comfortable layer between you and the magazine bucket and a belt clip attaches the whole unit to your belt. Easy, comfortable.


A switch turned perpendicular keeps the spring-loaded catch locked in place.

Already got too much stuffed inside your waistband? Unclip the magazine bucket from the backer and attach the outside the waistband belt clip, which is slightly wider than the inside the waistband clip. Detaching and reattaching these clips is as simple as turning a small switch, sliding a spring-loaded catch to the side, and swapping out the clips. Now the magazine clips on to your belt, outside the waistband.

Want to carry two magazines IWB? Then put two magazine carriers with the backers inside your waistband. Done.


OWB double with paddle…


…carries two mags side by side…

How about two magazines OWB? Two options here: Use the paddle attachment and install two magazine buckets to it using the spring-loaded catches. Insert paddle inside belt and done. Or, affix the belt slide attachment to the double mag carrier and install two magazine buckets. Slide on belt and done.


…or you can opt for a belt slide. Everything you need is included.

What do you think your preferred configuration would be?

— Mark Kakkuri

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