AcuSport Holds Management Training For Dealers

AcuSport’s The Edge On-Demand customer-service training program has been expanded. The distributor now offers training for gun store management, in addition to retail sales employees. AcuSport officials say the company hopes the program’s training will help dealers create a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

An introductory Edge Management Training session was held in May at the H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City, Okla., thanks to Miles Hall, the complex’s founder and president.

“We worked with AcuSport to develop the program. If you think about it clearly, it does make sense to train the leaders before training the troops. The exciting thing about the teamwork is it will build a better industry. The goal of H&H is to see the shooting sports industry grow — and it will, with good dealers at the forefront,” Hall said.

The management program training is presented in conjunction with Sandler Training, using a two-day boot camp format. The training includes additional instruction for business owners through an on-demand online reinforcement and learning center provided by AcuSport.

AcuSport believes the program’s goal — to professionally train management teams on how to hire better employees, increase time management and improve delegation principles — will empower every operation to grow and develop its business.

“I am excited we have been able to enhance The Edge training solution for the betterment of independent firearm operations nationwide,” said John Whitehall, AcuSport sales director.

For information on future Edge Management Training courses, call 1-800-543-3150. Visit
By J.K. Autry

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