A Convenient Lie

More guns equal more deaths.” This “truth” is foundational to the anti-gun movement, and a vital element of “the cause” that drives those who seek to disarm America. In addition to being “true,” it just makes sense: “Of course more guns mean more deaths, everyone knows that!”

Except, it’s not true. That is, if you believe the report: “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?”

The report begins, “International evidence and comparisons have long been offered as proof of the mantra that more guns mean more deaths and that fewer guns, therefore, mean fewer deaths. Unfortunately, such discussions have all too often been afflicted by misconceptions and factual error and focus on comparisons that are unrepresentative.”

Now, who would dare attack this sacred pillar of the anti-gun movement? How dare the NRA! Or, perhaps it was the NSSF! Or one of those other wacko pro-gun groups who “cling to guns or religion.”

Actually, the report was published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Vol. 30. Originally published in 2007, it resurfaced a few months ago and gained positive coverage in some media, and, not surprisingly, a bashing on anti-gun blogs.

The study was conducted by Don B. Kates (LL.B., Yale, 1966), an American criminologist and constitutional lawyer; and Gary Mauser (Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, 1970), a Canadian criminologist and university professor.

The researchers did something the anti-gun movement detests; they dealt with facts, not convenient lies.

“There is a compound assertion that (a) guns are uniquely available in the United States compared with other modern developed nations, which is why (b) the United States has by far the highest murder rate. Though these assertions have been endlessly repeated, statement (b) is, in fact, false, and statement (a) is substantially so,” they write in the study’s introduction.
Ouch! That left a mark.

In the 46-page report, Kates and Mauser examine the gun ownership rates of various countries, along with their murder rates, and compare them to the United States. For example, they cite data from Russia, collected after the nation outlawed guns.

“So successful was that regime that few Russian civilians now have firearms and very few murders involve them. Yet, manifest success in keeping its people disarmed did not prevent the Soviet Union from having far and away the highest murder rate in the developed world,” they report.

In contrast, Kates and Mauser point out that, “Norway has far and away Western Europe’s highest household gun ownership rate (32%), but also its lowest murder rate.”

There’s more, of course, lots more. Now, don’t expect this data to be welcomed by your anti-gun friends, associates, in-laws, outlaws, etc. They likely prefer to believe convenient lies.

To read the study, visit www.law.harvard.edu, search “banning firearms.”

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By Russ Thurman

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