2017 New Product Showcase

Kick-Start Your New-Year Sales With These 2017 New Products!

By Jade Moldé, Jazz Jimenez & Jenna Buckley

With the introduction of hundreds of new products in a variety of categories, manufacturers have launched the New Business Year. Dealers, take a look at the must-have products in this Showcase and consider contacting your distributors, sales reps or the manufacturers directly to drive your early-2017 sales. If you’re attending SHOT Show or other industry trade shows, we encourage you to stop by the company’s booth to see these products firsthand or visit their website.


Remington Arms Co.

(800) 243-9700

Remington introduces the Model RP9, a full-size polymer-framed handgun. The RP9 features a double-stack magazine, with a capacity of 18 rounds, and a number of accuracy and control enhancements — such as an ambidextrous slide lock, optimized grip angle to reduce felt recoil, a triggerguard undercut and ergonomic polymer frame. It’s chambered in 9mm+P and has a 4.5-inch barrel. A restricted-capacity model with 10-round magazines is also available.


Streamlight Inc.

(800) 220-7488

Streamlight has introduced three models to the TLR-6 Rail Mount weapon light, which is designed to securely attach to the rail and triggerguard of GLOCK and M&P standard and compact railed handguns; Springfield Armory XD and XD(M); and XD Mod.2 railed handguns. Features include C4 LED to maximize visibility and integrated red aiming laser for tactical and home defense uses. Each model offers 100 lumens, 2,000 candela and a beam distance of 89 meters. The three lighting modes include LED Only, LED/Laser and Laser Only.

In addition, the TLR-6 weapon light for non-rail 1911 firearms securely attaches to the triggerguard of many non-rail 1911 handguns including Kimber, Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson. Tactical and home defense users alike will appreciate the benefit of the bright white light and its red aiming laser. The light delivers 100 lumens, 2,000 candela and a beam distance of 89 meters. It’s equipped with three lighting modes: LED Only, LED/Laser and Laser Only.

Dual Switch (DS) models have been added to the Strion family of rechargeable lights: the Strion DS, Strion DS HL (High Lumen) and Strion DS HPL (High Performance, High Lumen). Each offers two independent, easy-to-locate switches that offer flexibility of use — from conducting tactical operations to lighting up outdoor sites in low light conditions. Featuring three variable intensity modes, the Strion DS HL and DS HPL deliver 700 lumens on high, while the Strion DS provides 375 lumens. The lights also feature a TEN-TAP programmable switch that offers a choice of high/medium/low with strobe; high only without strobe; or high/medium/low without strobe.


Springfield Armory

(800) 680-6866

Springfield Armory introduces the SAINT, an optics-ready personal-defense rifle. The SAINT features a 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel. The 5.56mm NATO chamber feeds a 1:8-inch twist rate barrel capable of stabilizing a broad range of ammunition types and projectile lengths. Chamber, bore, and barrel exterior are treated with Melonite for longevity and corrosion resistance. Type III hard anodized aircraft-grade 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers are joined using Springfield Armory’s Accu-Tite system. Out of the box, the SAINT includes an upgraded stock, grip and handguard components from Bravo Company. It weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz. unloaded and measures 35.5 inches long with its six-position stock fully extended.


Böker USA Inc.

(303) 462-0662

Böker introduces the Blacklist (bottom photo). Designed by Hungary-based Kornel Kiss, the Blacklist is a heavy-duty field and outdoor knife with a stocky, versatile 4.88-inch blade. It sports G10 handles, an overall length of 10 inches and weighs 10.3 oz. The Blacklist includes a Kydex sheath and belt adapter.

The Chicken Hawk (top photo) represents D.J. Urbanovsky’s first tomahawk, which is characterized by its compact size of just over 9 inches. The included Kydex sheath with strap can be carried on the belt, gear or under the arm. An ergonomically-shaped handle not only supports classic hacking, but also permits a securely chocked grip for detailed work — like whittling, scraping or cutting. It weighs 20.3 oz.

As a larger version of the popular Credit Card Knife, the Stowaway (middle photo) is designed with the same lightweight and slim form, but features a significantly longer configuration (blade length is 2.75 inches, overall length is 6.25 inches.) A carbon fiber scale element conceals the blade and blade point toward the front when retracted. The retracted knife has a thickness of just over 3mm (without clip).


MEC Shooting Sports

(800) 797-4632

MEC Shooting Sports introduces the MEC Marksman, a single stage reloader, to the metallic reloading enthusiast. The MEC Marksman is made from ductile cast iron and features a patent-pending self-centering shell holder. It’s compatible with all 7/8-14 thread dies to change calibers quickly. Users can reload .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby with this machine. In addition to the MEC Marksman, the Metallic line will include reloading accessories and essentials.


Mathews Inc.

(608) 269-2728

For 2017, Mathews introduces the HALON X Comp (left photo) and TRX (right photo). According to Mathews, the HALON X Comp is the company’s most versatile target bow to date with a 37-inch axle-to-axle design and draw lengths ranging from 26 to 32 inches. It features a new generation of the perimeter-weighted Mini-Crosscentric Cam and efficient AVS technology to produce speeds up to 330 fps. A true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, while a 7-inch brace height provides excess forgiveness.

The TRX is built with indoor shooters in mind. At 40 inches axle-to-axle and brace-height variations of 7 and 8 inches, it offers stability and forgiveness on the line. The newly designed Mini-Crosscentric Cam, paired with AVS technology, yields speeds up to 332 fps. Featuring a true center nocking point to ensure straight and level nock travel, the TRX provides consistent accuracy, while industry-leading damping technology reduces post-shot vibration.


Gerber Gear

(800) 950-6161

Gerber Gear announces the introduction of the Center-Drive (top photo). A multi-tool, the Center-Drive (bottom photo) features Center Axis Tech, which aligns the full-size driver in the center of the tool to yield maximum torque and rotation. According to Gerber, it features a 30 percent larger outboard blade than other models and one-thumb opening sliding jaws deliver instant command of the spring-loaded pliers. Tools included on the Center-Drive include both needlenose and regular pliers, a magnetic 0.25-inch bit driver, a serrated and fine edge blade, rotatable carbide wire cutters, file and more.


Trijicon Inc.

(800) 338-0563

Trijicon Inc. has launched the Machine Gun Reflex Sight (MGRS) for machine gunners. The MGRS was created to withstand the constant, violent battering caused by the rapid recoil of fixed and turret-mounted machine guns. Forged out of 7075-T6 aluminum, the MGRS features a large objective lens with a 3×2-inch viewing area and a 35-MOA segmented circle reticle — a 3-MOA dot is centered within the reticle for precise aiming. It has seven brightness settings, with two facilitating the use of night-vision optics and five providing amplification for current conditions, including a super-brilliant setting for bright daylight. A single CR123A battery provides more than 1,000 hours of continuous operation.


G2 Research


G2 Research debuts the .45 ACP+P Civic Duty round. It’s designed to penetrate 6 to 8 inches in ballistic gel, while the round’s design prevents it from passing through the target. It will expand 1.5 inches, with copper petals opening up to create a large wound channel. The 164-grain bullet achieves a velocity of 1,020 from a 5-inch 1911.



(800) 972-2737

Americase announces the development of the AT-Transport Case. This case has been designed to carry breakdown plastic and soft-sided gun cases that cannot stand up to the demands of air travel. It fits a majority of breakdown cases currently available on the market.


Howard Leight by Honeywell

(866) 786-2353

The Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff from Howard Leight by Honeywell features the same Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 dB and slim profile of the popular Impact Sport, with updated features. The Impact Sport Bolt offers improved circuitry and an attack time of 250 times faster than the current model. Additional features include improved amplification, a premium leatherette headband, AUX cable with in-line microphone and accessories such as extra ear cushions and a belt clip. Product availability expected in spring 2017.


Emerson Knives Inc.

(310) 539-5633

The X-HD Karambit has a variety of features new to the Karambit design. The knife features two thick slabs of titanium covered in slip-proof G10 handles, while the lock features a replacement steel insert for long wear and can be replaced over the lifespan of the knife. Overall length is 7.3 inches; blade length is 2.7 inches. “X-HD” stands for “Extra Heavy Duty.”

Part of the Emerson Signature Series, the Scalawag has an overall length of 8.3 inches and a blade length of 3.6 inches. The blade is constructed with 154CM RC 57-59 steel, while the lock is of 6AL-4V titanium. The handle is black G10 composite.


Viking Solutions

(256) 686-3268

Viking Solutions introduces the Super Hide Puller, designed to make post-hunt game care easier for hunters. The Super Hide Puller’s feature-rich design uses the finger-puzzle principle of “the harder you pull, the tighter it grips” to make pulling the hide off most animals simpler and faster. It features “trigger” mechanism, which allows for one-handed operation.



(203) 259-7843

Ruger announces the addition of the Ruger American Pistol Compact(right photo) model. This model is chambered in 9mm and is available in both Manual Safety and Pro model configurations. With a 3.55-inch barrel, overall dimensions of 6.65 inches long, 4.48 inches high and a weight of 28.75 oz. with an empty magazine, the Ruger American Pistol Compact model shares all of the features of the duty-size Ruger American Pistol in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package. It ships in a hard case with small, medium and large replaceable grip modules and two nickel-Teflon plated steel magazines (one 17-round extended magazine and one 12-round compact magazine).

The Ruger LCP II (left photo) in .380 features a short, crisp, single-action trigger with inner trigger safety, improved sights and a larger grip surface than the Ruger LCP. Measuring 5.17 inches long and 3.71 inches tall, the LCP II comes with a pocket holster and weighs 10.6 oz. It ships with one, six-round magazine.

Ruger introduces a heavily redesigned Mark IV (middle photo). Chambered in .22 LR, it features a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping. A recessed button in the back of the frame allows the upper receiver to tilt up and off of the grip frame without the use of tools. It ships with two, 10-round magazines.


Spyderco Inc.

(303) 279-8383

Spyderco debuts the Para Military 3 (bottom photo), a compact, scaled-down version of the Para Military 2. The Para Military 3 features a 3-inch, CPM S30V stainless steel blade, textured G10 scales and a lightweight and easy-to-clean open-backed construction. It also features a four-position clip to provide left- or right-side tip-up or tip-down carry and a lined lanyard hole. Spyderco’s Q Ball (top photo) is named for the ceramic ball bearing at the heart of its lock mechanism. It’s a full flat-ground VG-10 Wharncliffe-style blade with a finger choil to encourage a forward grip. It has a solid stainless steel back spacer and textured G10 scales. The Para Military 3 has an overall length of 7.27 inches and weighs 3.0 oz., while the Q Ball measures 6.58 inches and weighs 3.5 oz.


JM4 Tactical

(325) 704-5015

JM4 Tactical introduces the Quick Click and Carry (QCC) holsters. The QCC holster creates a magnetic pull that creates retention on the gun and holds it in place. It’s available in small, medium, large and extra large and in three different colors.



(909) 923-7300

The Safariland VIEVU LE4 Body Worn Camera features the VIEVU Camera Auto-activation System, which automatically turns on once a firearm is drawn from the Safariland 7TS duty retention holster. Upon activation, the camera’s pre-record function captures and records the 30 seconds prior to the drawing of the firearm and remains actively in record mode until it’s manually turned off. The first 7TS models to feature the Auto-activation technology are the 7360/7365 ALS Level III Retention and 7280 SLS Level II Retention duty holsters. The LE4 Body Worn Camera can record for 12 continuous hours without having the battery recharged; the smartphone app enables livestream videos and the addition of metadata for analytical practices.


Warne Scope Mounts

(503) 657-5590

With the Warne Mountain Tech, Warne Scope Mounts provides a lightweight precision mounting solution for long-range shooters. Mountain Tech rings are a horizontally split design CNC-machined from 7075 T6 aluminum billet. They’re available in a 0-MOA for hunters and recreational shooters and a 20-MOA version for long-range applications. Available in 1-inch, 30mm and 34mm tube sizes and four height options.


Guncrafter Industries

(479) 665-2466

Guncrafter Industries announces an improvement to the 1911 platform with the HOSS (Heavy Operating Shooting System). Several updates enhance this popular platform: a 33 percent wider extractor at 0.200 inches, a 0.250-inch slide stop cross-pin, an improved plunger tube, an increased chamber and barrel wall thickness, a larger bushing and more. The HOSS is chambered in .45 ACP.


Walther Arms Inc.

(479) 242-8500

Walther has introduced the Creed, a polymer semi-auto chambered in 9mm. The Creed features non-slip grip texturing, a pre-cocked double-action trigger system, bobbed hammer, ambidextrous magazine release and low-profile 3-dot sights. All metal components are treated with a corrosion- and abrasion-resistant TENIFER coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. The Creed is available in two models (10- or 16-round capacities) with 4-inch barrel with a 1:10-inch twist.


Maglula Ltd.


An all-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader, Maglula introduces the LULA loader for SIG MPX 9mm magazines. It fits the first and second version of SIG MPX’s polymer magazines. It’s simple to use in either mode, eliminates wear on the magazine’s feed lips and user’s thumb pain and lightweight. The LULA is constructed with durable reinforced polymer.


Steel Will Knives

(877) 969-0909

Launching throughout 2017, Steel Will introduces the Cutjack series, which will be available in two sizes: C22 Cutjack (3.5-inch blade length) and C22M Cutjack Mini (3-inch blade length). These everyday “urban” folders boast Italian craftsmanship, G10 handles and M390 steel. Both knives feature a satin finish and are available in black or blue G10. A competitively-priced version will be available with D2 steel and black or OD green fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) handles.


Nikon Inc.

(631) 547-4200

Nikon Sport Optics has released the MONARCH 7i VR Laser Rangefinder, the first laser rangefinder to compensate for the human body’s physical inability to be completely still. This is the first product to integrate Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) technology, which reduces the effect of external vibrations caused by unnecessary hand movements while ranging distant objects. For hunters, this means the target mark on the rangefinder remains stable, even when the body of the rangefinder is in motion. The MONARCH 7i VR can effectively range objects from 8 to 1,000 yards away, displaying measurements in 0.1-yard measurements. It’s also waterproof, with a rainproof battery chamber.


Signature Products Group

800) 553-1098

For fall 2017, Browning Footwear introduces the Buck Shadow Hunting Boot. It will be available in three insulation options: the uninsulated, 400-gram Thinsulate and 800-gram Thinsulate models. It features the OutDry technology, a breathable, waterproof membrane. The SymmPlate integrated external shank helps keep the boot steadier and more stable over rough terrain, especially when carrying heavy loads. To keep the boot better protected from the rigors of hunting, the TecTuff performance leather is wrapped around the toe bumper and heel of the boot. The Buck Shadow will be available in four camo patterns: Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Xtra, ATACS AU and ATACS FG.


Republic Forge

(806) 648-1911

Republic Forge has added hard chrome finishes to all of its 1911s. Firearms enthusiasts can navigate the company’s website and build a custom Republic Forge pistol. Hard chrome finishes are available at an additional price.


GunTec USA

(480) 518-5359

GunTec USA announces the AR-15 “Honeycomb Series” Complete Furniture Set is now available in an anodized red finish. The handguard features a T6 alumninum body, Air Lite Honeycomb Series technology and a proprietary lightweight aluminum barrel nut. Total weight, including the barrel nut, is 8.9 oz. The stock features a lightweight skeletonized design, 6061 aluminum tube and steel endplate and a short textured buttplate. Total length for the handguard and stock respectively is 15 and 10.5 inches. The pistol grip is constructed with T6 aluminum and weighs 3.1 oz.


PUMA Knives

(866) 469-3080

The PUMA Mini Game Warden is the only folder in the Miniature Knives series. Its features include a 1.2-inch blade, wood handles, brass bolsters and an overall closed length of 1.7 inches. It weighs 0.28 oz. The two fixed-blade knives in the Miniature Knives series are the PUMA Mini Skinmaster, Integral and PUMA Mini White Hunter. MINOX USA Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor for all PUMA German and PUMA IP knives in North America.


Negrini Cases

(585) 905-3161

IntelCase Company, distributor of Negrini gun cases, announces the addition of the 1619LUNGA/5517 to the popular series of lightweight luxury travel cases for rifles. The 1619 scoped bolt-action rifle case is designed to carry rifles with barrels up to 24 inches. It has double-wall construction with an ABS inner hard case fully padded and upholstered top and bottom. The lower section has a fitted compartment with tie-down straps to securely hold a scoped rifle. This case also has two smaller cavities to store the bolt, gear and accessories. Additionally, it’s secured by three recessed TSA-accepted locks and is approved for airline travel.


HSM Ammunition

(800) 856-2857

HSM Ammunition has developed the Low Recoil line of rifle hunting ammunition. It’s available in .243 Win., .270 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., 7mm Win. Mag., .308 Win., .30-06 Sprg. and .300 Win. Mag. and reduces recoil by 50 percent. The rounds feature full, standard weight-for-caliber hunting bullets. While developing this round with Sierra Bullets, the company added a distinct HSM orange polymer tip.

Also from HSM Ammunition: the Game King line. Sierra GameKing or Pro Hunter bullets are used with 47 rifle calibers, from .243 Win. to .375 RUM. Each of the calibers’ individual components have been precisely matched to each GameKing/Pro Hunter bullet.


ERGO Grips

(877) 281-3783

The ERGO Flat Top is a solution for shooters looking for a smaller ERGO Grip with a shorter length of pull. It’s also an option to rifle chassis systems that require a flat top MSR-style grip. It features an ergonomic shape and texture. The ERGO Flat Top is available in black, dark earth, OD green, graphite grey, pink, purple and robin’s egg blue.


Inland Manufacturing

(877) 425-4867

The Inland T3 Carbine is based on the T3 Sniper rifle developed by Inland in 1944. It has been modified with an integral T3 mount, utilizing Redfield-style rings. The rifle features an 18-inch barrel chambered in .30-caliber, a push button safety, round bolt, “low wood” walnut stock, 15-round magazine and a clamp on style conical flash hider. It’s also available with a vintage-style M82G2 Sniper Scope by Hi-Lux.

In the spirit of the FP-45 Liberator developed during WWII, Inland teamed up with Bond Arms to produce the Liberator 45. Chambered in .45 ACP with double 3-inch barrels, the Liberator 45 has a bead-blasted anti-glare finish with wood grips.

Additionally, the Inland Pre-70 Series of 1911 pistols introduces three models: The 1911A1 Government, 1911A1 National Match and Pre 70 Custom Carry.


GBW Cartridge

(844) 907-2932

GBW Cartridge’s Legend Pro match-grade ammunition is available in both pistol and rifle cartridges. The round consists of an all-copper hollowpoint bullet. For pistol calibers, the Legend Pro is available in .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm, .45 Auto, .45 GAP, .357 Mag., .41 Mag., .44 Mag., .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .460 S&W and .500 S&W. Rifle cartridges include: two projectile weights in .223 Rem., two weights in .300 Blackout and one in .308 Win.


White River

(616) 997-0026

Designed for heavy-duty use, White River debuts the Survival Knife Line for 2017. The 5-inch full-length slab handle is heavy canvas green Micarta with an orange liner. The handle is contoured to make heavy cutting or chopping easy. The survival knives are available in three blade lengths: 4, 5 and 7 inches. The blades use S30V steel with a stonewash finish.



(603) 864-8999

Chamber-View announces the 2017 arrival of the Universal ECI Pull Tag. Designed for functionality and high visual safety, it fits revolvers, semi-auto pistols, MSR-style rifles and most bolt-action rifles in one single unit. The ECI Pull Tag is made of 100 percent ultra-durable silicone and provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating a fully open action to those nearby. It protects against accidental closings of the action and helps preserve firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel.


Clinger Holsters


Clinger Holsters announces the addition of the Trump Tuck to its product line. The versatile holster can be reconfigured into a variety of styles including cross-draw, small-of-back, AIWB (appendix) and strong-side. The cant can be adjusted from zero degrees up to 30 degrees — even negative if preferred. The ride height is adjustable from high to low and the belt loop can be sized up or down to fit different belt widths. Additional features include adjustable retention, small footprint, full sweat shield and IWB Soft Loop with Pull the Dot snap.


Sleeping Indian

(800) 971-1557

Sleeping Indian introduces the Tru-Camo series of camouflage, which has Alpine and Summit shirts, the Costilla Vest and Outfitter Jacket. The line is available in two color patterns, Fall and Winter. Each piece is made of wool and is water-resistant, yet breathable.


Flying Circle Bag Co.

(800) 344-7242

Flying Circle launches its line of Concealed Carry Backpacks with the release of the Brazos Backpack. With more than 20 pockets and secret compartments, it’s capabale of organizing gear for military use, weekend camping trips or as a bug-out bag. Additional features include MOLLE webbing on the front, sides, top, bottom, straps, belt and inside the center pocket. Multiple exterior pockets on the front and sides provide room for items of varying sizes. Inside, there are two center compartments along with a tablet pocket and padded laptop compartment. Constructed with durable water-resistant polyester fabric, the Brazos Backpack is available in black or coyote brown.



(970) 460-2000

The Hexmag AR-10/.308 Magazine is engineered using the company’s PolyHex2 Advanced Composite polymer for ultra-durability. The magazine features Hexmag’s Anti-Tilt, self-lubricating follower for reliable feeding and supports caliber variations. The Hexmag Tactical Grip fits AR-15/AR-10 platforms and delivers an over-molded rubber grip. Hexmag’s Low Profile Rail Covers are available for M-LOK, Wedgelok, KeyMod Wedgelok and Picatinny rail systems in a rubber, high-performance, non-slip design to protect equipment.


Lee Precision Inc.

(262) 673-3075

The Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure has all-metal construction and works with all types of gunpowder. The brass metering drum and laser engraved micrometer measuring chamber enables the Deluxe to have consistent measurements. It’s also equipped with a permanent scale.

The Deluxe Challenger Press kit from Lee is for the new reloader that wants more than the basics. Highlights of this kit include the Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure (see above), Auto Bench Prime with priming tool shell holder set, Deluxe Quick Trim and a copy of the 2016 revision of Modern Reloading, which has over 36,000 loads for over 170 cartridges.


CrossBreed Holsters

(888) 732-5011

The Ark Resistor Bag by CrossBreed provides electronics protection that exceeds military requirements for EMP and static discharge resistance including the MIL-PRF-81705 standards. It can also be used to line a case and serve as a Faraday Cage for sensitive and valuable electronic devices. When heat sealed, the Resistor Bag is waterproof, dustproof and corrosion- and puncture-resistant.

Also from CrossBreed, the Executive Gun Belt is a professional option for concealed carry customers. The hand-oiled leather belt features a custom buckle with a gun metal finish in either matte or gloss. The Executive Gun Belt is approximately 0.25 inches thick and each belt is beveled, burnished and joined by recessed stitching using 277 thread.


Wiebe Knives

(605) 744-0133

Wiebe Knives has added the Arctic Fox to its line of replaceable-blade hunting and skinning knives. Measuring 4.125 inches when closed, the Arctic Fox features a folding design for compact and convenient storage when not in use. The knife sports a steel blue polymer handle with ergonomic finger grooves. As with all Wiebe replaceable-blade knives, the Arctic Fox comes with 24 replacement blades.


Bayco Products Inc.

(800) 233-2155

Bayco Products announces the high-lumen Bayco model SL-1530, a 10,000-lumen LED dual fixture work light on a tripod stand. The dual light fixtures can be directed independently of each other, which allows the user to position each 50-Watt fixture exactly where it is needed. The included 8-foot tripod stand is detachable, so the SL-1530 achieves both low-angle and high-angle illumination.


Ridge Footwear

(800) 508-2668

Ridge Footwear launches the updated Dura-Max boot collection. These boots come in sizes 4–11.5 and 12–15; wide sizes are available in 6–11.5 and 12–14. In addition, a new model has been added to the line: the non-zip 8-inch Dura-Max in Coyote brown.


Victory Archery

(866) 934-6565

Victory Archery has added the VAP TKO Elite Arrow, a 100 percent carbon arrow shaft, to the line of VAP Low Torque arrows. This model incorporates modern arrow graphics and combines a carbon micro-diameter shaft with the new MaxxKe Technology. Victory’s MaxxKe Technology is derived from a unique 45-degree carbon weave, which reduces the twisting force imparted on the arrow during launch — which allows for increased accuracy. Aluminum Shok inserts and Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating further enhance penetration for big-game bowhunters.


Yankee Hill Machine Co.

(877) 892-6533

The Nitro 30 from Yankee Hill Machine Co. is full-auto rated and can accommodate .300 to .17 HMR calibers, coming with two different .30-caliber muzzle caps. The flat muzzle cap is marketed for the tactical user, while the muzzle brake cap appeals to target shooters. The Nitro also comes with two different rear caps: a quick disconnect rear cap works for rapid switches between multiple platforms and the 5/8-24 direct thread-on is for a dedicated setup. It weighs 18.2 oz. and has a length of 6.93 inches.


Heizer Defense

(888) 965-0972

On the heels of its recent debut, Heizer introduces four additional colors to the PKO45 semi-auto pistol: champagne, copperhead, ghost grey and tactical black. The PKO45’s USA Aerospace stainless steel frame and barrel accommodates five-round flush fit and seven-round extended magazines. It features a fixed barrel and weighs about 25 oz. (Model shown in copperhead.



(979) 820-3267

The Versacarry Pro holster features a self-molding, dual comfort guard design, which reduces sharp edges from coming into contact with the user. The dual comfort guard is equipped with strong neodymium earth magnets sewn into the lining, to ensure closure and protection. It’s made of exotic water buffalo leather and is compatible for IWB and OWB carry. The Versacarry Pro is able to fit a variety of .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP handguns from GLOCK, SIG SAUER, S&W, Ruger, Springfield and more.


CTK Precision

(715) 754-2891

CTK Precision introduces several accessories for the Ruger Precision Rifle. The CTK Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Knob (pictured) provides a secure and repeatable grip, allowing the user to cycle the bolt with speed and comfort. It’s CNC-machined from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum and the bolt knob is finished with a Type III hard coat anodized. The CTK Ruger Precision Rifle Stock Bumber prevents the folding stock from making contact with the left side of the action while in the folding position; the CTK Ruger Precision Rifle Mag Release Extension makes it possible for users to operate the magazine release without changing their grip.


GunVault Inc.

(800) 222-1055

GunVault launches the Arvault, a compact safe for MSR-style rifles. The ARVault is made with 16-gauge steel, has dimensions of 14 x 11x 4 inches and weighs 10 lbs. It comes standard with GunVault’s No-Eyes quick-access keypad or an upgraded biometric lock. The ARVault is the only GunVault model with a Dual Lock System — one lock on opposite corners for added anti-pry protection. It can be mounted on the wall and is able to fit most MSR-style rifles.



(928) 649-3201

LaserLyte introduces the Pink Pearl V-MAG Grip Laser for all North American Arms .22 Magnum revolvers. The integrated Class-IIIA laser is activated by a natural grip. With included tools, it only takes a few minutes to install the V-MAG. Windage and elevation are fully adjustable to the point of impact, while an exterior battery compartment is accessible without removing the laser sight from the firearm.



(970) 879-9600

TALON Grips introduces Moss-colored rubber grips to the company’s line of adhesive-backed firearm grips, the first custom-colored rubber grip added to the line, which currently includes tactical favorites flat dark earth and olive drab. With the new color addition, TALON Grips’ line of offerings has expanded from over 400 to more than 600 products.


TOPS Knives

(208) 542-0113

The combat-ready Missile Strike from TOPS Knives features a strong, thick stock. The knife’s top edge can be sharpened, while serrations can be added to either edge. A point on the pommel adds another strike option and an oversized finger guard provides additional safety for users. In addition, there is a choil forward of the finger guard for everyday tasks. The Missile Strike has an overall length of 11.34 inches and a 6-inch spear-point blade. It’s available in coyote tan Cerakote with tan canvas Micarta handles.


Canyon Coolers

(866) 558-3267

Canyon Coolers’ Adventure Series features three options for multiple uses: the Prospector 103, Scout and Mule. All three models provide increased ice-retention and durability. The 103-quart Prospector is the largest cooler in the series, while the Mule and Scout have 30- and 21-quart capacities respectively. Individual model features include customizable interior, vehicle mount, shoulder strap and wheels. Adventure Series coolers have 1.5-inch thick Huntsman High Density PU foam, marine-grade aluminum hinges and rubber grip feet to stay in place.


JP Enterprises Inc.

(651) 426-9196

JP Enterprises has released the Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS), which enables mass tunability and improved buffering of MSR-style rifles. VMOS models feature a 100 percent increase in bearing surface for smoother operation, improved alignment and lower wear. It’s available for large-frame (.308) MSR-type rifles, with a small frame (.223) version coming early in 2017.


G Outdoors Inc.

(909) 590-2514

G Outdoors Inc. introduces an addition to the GPS Wild About Shooting line: the GPS Tactical Range Backpack. This backpack is designed to carry four handguns in four individual padded storage cases. The bottom compartment features a rigid internalframe to protect the handguns stored inside. Each compartment equipped to hold a firearm has lockable YKK zippers. Additional features include a patent-pending Visual ID Icon, padded shoulder straps and a waist belt.


Ontario Knife Co.

(800) 222-5233

The Cerberus Folder from Ontario Knife Co. features an overall length of 9.125 inches, while the full-grind, spear-point blade measures 3.75 inches. Blade steel is D2 with a satin finish. The Cerberus features a titanium handle with bead blast finish, frame lock, ambidextrous thumb studs and a reversible, ambidextrous pocket clip.


BTI Tools

(800) 251-0254

The Schrade SCHF63 full-tang fixed blade knife has a black AUS-8 high carbon stainless steel tanto re-curve blade with thumb rest jimping. It also features a black rippled TPE overmold handle with a lanyard hole and a black glass-filled MOLLE.-compatible sheath. The knife sports a 3.48-inch blade and has an overall length of 8.13 inches.


Legacy Sports International

(800) 553-4229

Legacy Sports International introduces the Howa Chassis Rifle. It’s available in a 22-inch standard barrel contour (in .204, .223, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 and .308), along with a 20- and 24-inch heavy barrel (in .223, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308). Features include an open forend, ERGO MSR Grip, one 10-round Accurate-Mag magazine and a Luth-AR MBA-3 buttstock.

In the Escort Line, Legacy has announced the Missione (bottom photo) shotgun, available in 12- and 20-gauge. It has a 28-inch chrome-plated barrel, HiViz Spark front sight, raised ventilated rib and a Turkish Walnut stock with rubber inlays.

The Lithgow Arms LA101 Crossover Rimfire Rifle (top photo) is available in .22 LR, .22 Mag.[1] and .17 HMR. Additional highlights include a Cerakote titanium finish, integral molded triggerguard, cold-forged steel barrel and adjustable LOP stock.


Legacy Sports International

(800) 553-4229

New from Nikko Stirling are the Diamond Long Range(top photo) and Diamond First Focal Plane (bottom photo) riflescopes. The Long Range is available in 4-16x50mm or 6-24x50mm models, while the First Focal Plane is available in 4-14x44mm. The Diamond Long Range is constructed with a 30mm aircraft aluminum one-piece main tube and has the “Hold Fast” BDC reticle. The First Focal Plan features a large field of view, compact length and a glass-etched illuminated HMD Reticle.


FN America

(703) 288-3500

An extension of the FNS series of striker-fired pistols, FN America has launched the FNS-9 COMPACT FDE. The FNS-9 Compact FDE will feature a flat dark earth (FDE) polymer frame and durable, scratch-resistant PVD slide coating that has been color matched to ensure consistency. It will also retain the line’s ergonomic grip angle and diamond texture grip pattern standard on FNS and FNX models. Two magazine options are available: pinky extender for better grip and a full-size grip sleeve for range training and backup use.


Kinetic Concealment

(731) 388-9693

The CompRail System represents Kinetic Concealment’s latest product in its defense accessory line. The CompRail System was designed for a competition shooter’s quick pistol modification, or for those users who wish to mount a weaver mount-style optic on a handgun. It’s designed to fit all 1911 pistols with a rail, the SIG 250, S&W M&P (Full and Compact) and Beretta 92, 96.


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