2017 New Product Showcase Extra

Hundreds Of New Products, All In One Place!

By Jade Moldé, Jazz Jimenez & Jenna Buckley

In a “normalized” market, new products will likely be a big driver of sales for dealers this business year. Products from over 100 companies have been included in the second half of the 2017 New Product Showcase. Combined with the 60 companies featured in the December issue, SI’s New Product Showcase featured products from over 160 companies. A big “thank you” to all participating manufacturers, distributors and importers — here’s to a prosperous 2017.


Cabot Guns

(855) 843-1911

Cabot Guns introduces an everyday carry version to their classic collector grade, the American Joe Commander. Featuring commissioned engraving by designer Joe Faris, the classic Commander sized 1911 has a 4.25-inch barrel, reverse dovetail front sight and is constructed from billet steel.








9mm FMJ Elite Performance Ammunition



(603) 610-3000

The P320RX combines SIG’s striker-fired polymer pistol with its ROMEO1 reflex sight. It’s available as a compact or full-size pistol, with the ROMEO1 dovetailed into the slide. The 320RX features taller rear and front sights to allow users to co-witness the iron sights with the mini red-dot sight.

The SIG SAUER KILO2400ABS rangefinder is the latest addition to the SIG Electro-Optics line. The KILO2400ABS features patented LightWave DSP technology for fast, accurate readings. Capable of ranges up to 2 miles, the laser rangefinder is standard with an embedded applied ballistics calculator and Bluetooth for customized synchronizing with a free applied ballistics app for both IOS and Android platforms.

SIG SAUER has expanded its hunting ammunition offerings with the addition of a subsonic 220-gr. 300 BLK V-Crown round. Additionally, SIG has added to the SIG HT hunting line with .223 Rem. and .308 Win. calibers. Lastly, SIG has added two bullet weights to its 9mm FMJ Elite Performance Ammunition line: 124-gr. and 147-gr.

In airguns, SIG SAUER debuts the 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol. In the Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line of airguns, SIG has added the P320 CO2-powered pistol.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

(800) 441-3005

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces the new Terra ED color binoculars in four sizes for a variety of uses: 8×32, 10×32, 8×42 and 10×42. Each model boasts multi-coated lenses for bright and clear viewing — even in low light conditions. Terra ED binoculars are built to handle rugged terrain and harsh conditions yet offer comfortable ergonomics and robust, lightweight and waterproof construction. These binoculars achieve a 5.25-ft. close focus and a generous wide field of view. They’re available in black and grey, or by special order in green and brown for most models.

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Breakthrough Clean

(888) 455-5499

Engineered with U.S. Optics for use in the most arduous environments, the Breakthrough Clean Optics Kit contains products essential for peak optical equipment performance. The five-piece kit includes: 0.5 fluid oz. lens cleaning solution, lens pen, cleaning cloth, storage pouch and PVC patch.


Wiley X Eyewear

(800) 776-7842

Wiley X introduces three new models to their expanding product line of sunglasses designed to provide OSHA-grade protection.
The Climate Control Series adds the WX Boss Model (# CCBOS12) featuring a sleek, wraparound style frame with glare-cutting, polarized Venice Gold lenses and is completely dressed in Kryptek Highlander camo. Climate Control technology creates a comfortable environment for the eyes. A soft removable facial cavity seal blocks out wind and airborne debris.

The WX Valor Model (#CHVAL12) adds to the popular Changeable Series with a Kryptek Typhon frame. The dark-as-night pattern compliments the polarized smoke grey lenses and features a double-injected nose bridge and temples for a comfortable, secure fit. Like all Changeable Series models, the WX Valor allows for easy removal and insertion of accessory lenses in the field.

Joining the Active Lifestyle Series is the WX Omega Model (#ACOME12). Polarized emerald mirror lenses and a frame dressed in Kryptek Neptune camo are ideal for offshore anglers. The combination of eight-layer polarization, amber tint and emerald mirror coating give fishermen the ability to visually pierce the surface and detect cruising game fish and hiding predators.


Winchester Ammunition

(618) 258-2000

Built for use on large game, Winchester introduces a range of calibers to their Expedition Big Game – Long Range ammunition line. The bullets feature a polymer tip, bonded alloy lead core and upon impact, deliver controlled expansion and deep penetration. The line includes nickel-plated shell cases to accommodate Nosler bullet technology. The following options are now available: .300 Win. Mag.; .300 WSM., .30-06 Sprg.; 7mm Rem. Mag.; .270 Win.; 6.5 Creedmoor.

The Long Beard XR in 20-gauge also joins the 2017 lineup. It’s delivered in a 3-inch shell loaded with either No. 5 or No. 6 shot and 10 rounds per box. The Long Beard shell features Shot-Lok technology. Liquid resin is injected into the hull among the lead shot during assembly hardens to keep the pellets in place until the round is fired. Once fired, the resin fractures to protect the shot from deformation. The bullets are offered in: 3 inch, 20-ga., No. 5; 3 inch, 20-ga., No. 6 and 2.75-inch, 12-ga.

Expanding the availability of MSR chamberings, .223 Rem. and 6.5 Creedmoor have been added to the Deer Season XP line. The .223 Rem. has a bullet weight of 64 grains and the 6.5 Creedmoor, 125 grains. The loads come 20 rounds to a box.
Varmint X Lead Free loads are now available in .243 Win., .223 Rem. and .22-250 Rem.


Battle Rifle Company

(866) 804-3049

Battle Rifle Company has announced the launch of a new color option for all BR Maritime Rifles: Battle Rifle Ocean Blue. These rifles are specifically designed for MARSEC (Maritime Security) operations and shipboard usage for long-lasting life in extreme conditions.


Real Avid

(800) 286-0567

Real Avid introduces the Bore Boss, a single-pass bore cleaning system that can be stored neatly and is ergonomically sound in a compact size. Its dual-action cable loosens and removes carbon, then stows away securely in the protective flex-case handle made of polycarbonate with a TPR over molding. The case keeps brush bristles from getting splayed and keeps carbon, cleaners and lubricants from making range bags a mess.


Goal Zero

888) 794-6250

Goal Zero introduces the Yeti 1400 Lithium generator featuring a host of modern adaptations. The Yeti Lithium uses a high-quality lithium cell for long-lasting power that can be charged from AC, solar panels or a 12V source and cuts down on waste typically created by gas-powered generators. A direct-to-battery connection allows for future modularity options such as rapid drone charging and recharging 12V lead acid batteries. The Yeti Lithium weighs less than 40 lbs. — ideal for easy storage and handling.


Kahr Arms

(508) 795-3919

For 2017, Kahr has added new features to four of their more popular models. The CM9093TU3, CM4543TU3, CW3833TU3 and CT3833TU3 will feature, for the first time, white three-dot sights, a Pachmayr tactical grip glove, and a Pearce finger rest magazine extension. These four models will be offered in Cerakote Tungsten.


Armaspec Inc.

(888) 250-5076

SRS-1 (Stealth Recoil Spring) is a self-contained multi-stage drop-in replacement for a standard buffer and spring. It is designed to reduce felt recoil as well as keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube. The XPDW is an aluminum five-position stock with hardened steel rods. It incorporates an ambidextrous latch for stock position adjustment from either side. The XPDW is designed to mount directly on a standard mil-spec buffer tube with no other modifications. The ST45 is a 45-degree short throw ambidextrous safety selector for the AR-10/MSR platform. The ST45 selector is set to fire at around the 45 degree point allowing the operator to flick the lever to disengage from safety.


LWRC International

(410) 901-1348

New to the Direct Impingement line of rifles, LWRCI introduces the IC-DI 300BLK. The .300 BLK caliber rifle features a 10-inch, heavy spiral fluted, cold hammer forged barrel. It hosts a modular, one-piece, free-float rail and fully ambidextrous lower controls. The rifle includes a compact stock with QD sling mounts, advanced trigger guard and angled ergonomic fore grip. It weighs in at 6 lbs. and measures between 27.33 and 29.93 inches.

The latest Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle is the REPR MK II with a 16-inch barrel and chambered in 7.62 NATO. Features include a 20-position adjustable gas block, Monoforge upper receiver with 12.5-inch modular rail system, NiCorr treated spiral fluted, cold hammer forged barrel and a Geissele SSA two-stage precision trigger. It weighs 9 lbs.


Lucid Optics

(307) 840-2160

Lucid introduces the C3 Weapons Light. Designed to withstand the rigors of harsh use and environments, it’s waterproof and shockproof up to .458 SOCOM. Its compact size — 2.75 inches. — is practical for carbine attachment. A simple on/off pressure switch function promotes hands free operation. The C3 projects 300 lumens and is powered by three AAA batteries with a run time of over three hours of continual use.


Berne Apparel

(800) 843-7657

Slated for Fall 2017, Berne Apparel announces the upcoming release of several products. The Echo Zero Six softshell vest is wind- and-water resistant and features the Dual Compact Adder System: ambidextrous design, versatility, concealment and inside pocket storage. Available in black, the vest has two zippered chest pockets, snap side vents and an extended back.


Blok Safety

(704) 935-4433

Adding to its line of safety and training products, Blok Safety introduces the RifleBlok. The RifleBlok blocks a rifle’s chamber and provides a visual indicator that the firearm is safe. Along with MagBlok universal magazine inserts, which fit into the magazine to prevent the bolt carrier from locking back when operating the charging handle, the RifleBlok allows realistic and safe training functions. It fits rifles chambered in .223/5.56 with barrels up to 21 inches and comes with three MagBlok inserts.



(877) 509-9160

Caldwell introduces the Stinger Shooting Rest. The new spring loaded elevation system allows for fast, one handed, no wobble adjustment. The rear fine elevation up to 1 inch allows for precise target acquisition. Over molded front and rear supports protect the gun’s finish and provide firmness. The heavy-duty dual metal frame and quick cam locks allow the Stinger’s front rest to easily slide forward or backwards then lock in place when the desired length has been achieved (up to three inches adjustment). The dual metal frame provides an open central channel with plenty of clearance for detachable magazines (MSR-style guns) as well as lever-action guns.


Century International Arms Inc.

(800) 527-1252

Canik USA introduces its newest 9mm semi-auto, the TP9 SF Elite. Features include dovetail sight cuts, Warren tactical sights with red and green fiber optic front sight, loaded chamber indicator and striker status indicator. It has an overall length of 7.25 inches and weighs 1.68 lbs. unloaded. The TP9 SF Elite is finished in Tungsten grey Cerakote and includes two 15-round magazines, a poly holster, paddle/belt attachment and interchangeable backstraps.


Laser Ammo USA Inc.

(516) 858-1262

Laser Ammo announces the arrival of the Recoil Enable Airsoft Laser (REAL) conversion barrel for the KWA M9 — a replica of the military issued Beretta M92A. The REAL kit enables the user to convert the KWA M9 Airsoft to shoot red or IR lasers to activate simulators, tactical vests, electronic targets and more.

The mokeless Range Pro provides high-level firearms simulation training with a variety of features. Highlights include a user database, results printouts, per state AAR and the ability to expand drills to multiple screens.


Eagle Imports

(732) 493-0333

Eagle Imports announces the release of the Avidity Arms PD10, a striker-fired 9mm. The I.C.E. Claw rear sight features a concave leading edge for one hand reloads and malfunction response. The loaded chamber indicator provides a visual and tactile reference of the condition of the chamber. On the trigger, an integrated Safety Index Point provides consistent positioning of the trigger finger when not shooting. Included magazines are equipped with I.C.E. Claw baseplates for emergency manipulation. The Avidity Arms PD10 has a 4-inch barrel, black nitride finish and weighs 18.8 oz.


Henry Repeating Arms Co.

(800) 223-8799

Henry Repeating Arms is taking its lever actions into a new direction with two .410 shotguns: the H018-410 ( top photo ) and H018-410R ( bottom photo ). Both model variants are based on Henry’s blue steel-framed .45-70 Lever Action, with five-shot tube-loading magazines (2.5-inch shells), dark straight-grained American walnut, pistolgrip wrists, checkering fore and aft, sling swivel studs and a thick non-slip ventilated black rubber recoil pad at the rear. The H018-410 is the long version, with a 24-inch round barrel, while the H018-410R is more compact — featuring a 20-inch barrel with Cylinder Bore choke.



(913) 362-9455

Hodgdon announces the release of CFE BLK, a spherical powder specifically formulated for the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. The powder provides full function of MSR-type rifles throughout the range of bullet weights. It also performs in smaller-capacity cartridges, particularly varmint rounds such as the .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .218 Bee, .221 Fireball and more. It’s available in 1- and 8-lb. containers.


Redneck Blinds

(877) 523-9986

Redneck Blinds announces the release of the 6×6 Buck Palace Platinum 360 Blind and the Predator 5×6 Platinum 360 Blind. Both blinds feature the Redneck Blind Gear Console, a storage system with carpeted shelves, cup holders and built in hangers. High-density foam floor covering adds insulation and sound control. Glass corner windows now include a black camo silk screening. The Platinum Series blinds are 100 percent fiberglass construction.


Mission First Tactical

(267) 803-1517

Mission First Tactical announces its debut line of holsters in 2017. The Mission First Tactical Holster Line features the use of Boltaron for uniform wall thickness, impact and scratch resistance and chemical and stretch/wear resistance. The holsters are fire retardant and resistant to cracking and deforming from harsh element exposure.


American Built Arms Co.

(443) 807-3022

The A*B Arms MOD*X M500 Tactical Shotgun System is a bolt-on replacement stock specifically designed for the Mossberg 500 Shotgun. The “Fixed-Adjustable” buttstock, which includes the A*B Arms Enhanced Buffer Tube and spring-loaded butt pad, allows for up to 28 different locking positions. The adapter bolts to rear of the rifle receiver without any rifle alterations.

The MOD*X 7600 Tactical System is a bolt-on replacement stock specifically designed for the Remington 7600 Pump-Action Rifle. The Fixed-Adjustable buttstock, which includes the A*B Arms Enhanced Buffer Tube and spring-loaded butt pad allows for up to 28 different locking positions. The adapter easily bolts to rear of the rifle receiver without any rifle alterations. The A*B Arms MOD*X 7600 Tactical System is a lightweight, ergonomic buttstock that provides a quality, flexible upgrade to the existing factory stock.


Keystone Sporting Arms

(800) 742-0455

Designed for petite and novice shooters, the Crickett Compact 722 from KSA, is a lightweight .22 LR rifle with a 16.5-inch barrel length. It comes with Williams open sights and is drilled and tapped for Picatinny-style scope mounts. The Cricket Compact 722 ships with a seven-round magazine and weighs 4 lbs. Stock options include a standard stock or a deluxe version, which includes a cheek piece and intricate checkering.


Winchester Repeating Arms

(801) 876-3440

Winchester Repeating Arms announces the Model 1866 lever-action is now available in a Grade I Short Rifle ( top photo ), making the “Yellow Boy” experience readily affordable for consumers. The receiver, crescent buttplate and forearm cap are brass with a full bright polish finish. Stock and forearm are Grade I American black walnut with a satin oil finish. Barrel length is 20 inches and average weight is 7.25 lbs. It’s available in .44-40 Win. and .38 Special.

The XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range bolt-action features a polymer stock in Mossy Oak Mountain Country Range camo. Other features found on the XPR include a M.O.A. trigger system, Perma-Cote matte blued metal surfaces to minimize glare, detachable box magazine, steel recoil lug, two-position thumb safety and Inflex Technology Recoil Pad. Available in all popular calibers from .243 Win. to .338 Win. Mag.

In shotguns, Winchester Repeating Arms introduces the Super X4 12-ga. autoloading shotgun ( bottom photo ). Based on the Active Valve gas system, the new Super X4 has enhanced ergonomics, easier-to-access operating controls, lighter weight, a more fluid swing and faster cycling speed. It’s available in four models: SX4 Composite, SX4 Waterfowl, SX4 Field and SX4 Field Compact.

The SXP Turkey pump shotgun is offered in 12- and 20-ga. models and features a composite stock and forearm in a matte black finish. The black alloy receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases. TRUGLO fiber-optic adjustable sights are also featured. The 12-ga. version is offered in a 3.5-inch chambering and the 20-ga. is offered in a 3-inch chambering — both are available in 24-inch barrel lengths.


1791 Gunleather

(800) 407-1791

1791 Gunleather announces the latest holster to its line, the 3 Way Holster. The 3 Way Holster is designed for ambidextrous use and accommodates belt slide, cross draw and middle of the back carry positions. It is available in a wide variety of sizes including: 1911s, G42/G43/LC9, G17/G19/SIG226/SIG229/Beretta92/Walther P99. Color choices include stealth black, signature brown and classic brown.


iHunt Calls

(800) 891-3660

iHunt by Extreme Dimension offers a Bluetooth Predator Decoy and Caller to bring predators in close. This combination game call and decoy features over 150 predator calling sounds, a lifelike moving tail and a Dual Blast speaker system that achieves 110 dB. The decoy has a wide platform for stability on uneven terrain and has a range of 50 yards.

The iHunt Handheld Game Call turns a phone into a powerful handheld game call by pairing this amplified speaker with the iHunt App — which has over 700 calls from more than 50 different animal species. iHunt possesses a proprietary playlist feature, can attach to any size smartphone and works on Android and iOS platforms.


Navy Arms Co.

(304) 274-0004

Navy Arms has expanded its offerings of upgraded Winchester-made lever-action rifles to include a 1892 model. Like Navy Arms’ 1873 rifles, the 1892s feature upgraded, Grade 1 American Walnut, bone charcoal color case hardened or high polished fire-blue finished receivers, both with blued hammers, triggers and levers. Navy Arms offers a straight grip model in the classic .45 Long Colt, as well as a pistol grip version in .44 Rem. Mag. Both have 20-inch full octagonal barrels with U.S.-made Marbles sights.


Rinehart Targets

(608) 757-8153

Rinehart introduces the Pyramid Target, a lightweight and portable target ideal for archery practice at home or in the field. It features four shooting sides and a minute of angle grid for easy and effective sight or scope adjustment. Constructed of solid signature series foam, the target weighs 7 lbs. and has an easy-carry handle for transportation.



(800) 828-8809

SureFire introduces the 2211 wristlight. When strapped to the support-side wrist, the 2211 aligns with a handgun held in a standard two-handed grip to project light as needed. LED output is generated in three levels: 300, 60 and 15 lumens. The output sequence is programmable to go from high to low or from low to high. Additional features include an adjustable nylon band, fuel gauge indicating remaining batter power and rechargeable lithium-ion battery (with included micro-USB cable).


Crimson Trace Corporation

(800) 442-2406

Crimson Trace’s LiNQ LNQ-103G is designed to securely attach to AK-style rifles that meet necessary mounting requirements. The remotely operated module houses a green laser and 300-lumen white LED light and feature a variety of mode settings including: light only, laser only, laser and light and laser and strobe light.


Sun Optics USA

(817) 783-6001

The Hunter Plus II HP Predator Scope has been added to the Sun Optics USA line. The unique full and half millimeter glass etched IR (red, green, blue, black) reticle design features 1/10 mil locking target turrets for precise windage and elevation adjustment. A heavy-duty 30mm scope tube has a parallax side wheel and 45-degree IR rheostat. The Predator scope is available in 2-15x50mm, 6-25x50mm and 10-40x50mm.



(877) 264-7637

The BOG-POD RSR (Rapid Shooting Rest) is a compact, collapsible, and portable shooting platform. Easy-to-deploy tripod legs, non-marring rubber traction feet and die cast aluminum features are ideal for field use. When deployed, the platform extends a minimum of 7 inches and a maximum of 11 inches. It collapses to 12.8 inches and weighs 21.6 oz.



(877) 509-9160

Tipton announces the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise. It features a modular chassis design supported by a rigid steel frame. Different modules can be moved, rearranged or removed anywhere along the rail. Ball and socket articulating clamp pads adapt to any surface and slide close together for short-framed rifle or handgun work. The vise also works with break-action firearms. An AR Vise block module is included for MSR-style rifles. Two rearrangable/removable accessory trays are provided.



(866) 223-9388

The RCBS Rotary Case Cleaner thoroughly cleans cartridge cases with constant rotating action. The quiet, belt-driven motor rotates the drum at 60 RPM. The tumbling action scrubs all surfaces of the cartridge case, inside and out, and the timer can be set for up to three hours of consecutive cleaning. The quiet, rubber-lined drum features and ergonomic handle for easy loading and unloading and the quick-locking lid keeps contents secure.


Lyman Products Corp.

(800) 225-9626

Lyman Products Corp. announces a variety of new products for 2017. QwikDraw (above photo ) barrel cleaning rope is a fast, all-in-one cleaning tool designed to reduce cleaning time versus a traditional cleaning rod. A weighted end on the pull cord draws the bronze brush through the bore for a quick efficient cleaning.

The Universal Cleaning Kit is a compact, portable all-in-one cleaning kit for handgun or rifle shooters. The kit includes 12 bronze brushes, 12 brass jags, three slotted tips, five brass cleaning rods, two cleaning cables, one cleaning rod/cable handle, four cleaning picks/scrappers, one utility brush, one pack of patches and gun oil. It can be used on calibers ranging between .17 and .45.
The Digital Lead Thermometer provides an accurate temperature read of casting alloy. The long 6-inch probe works with large casting furnaces to keep hands away from molten lead. A hold button locks a reading on the display – which can be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

45- and 68-Piece Tool Kits provide all the bits needed by gunsmiths and those who work on firearms. These sets come with bits for slotted screws, hex screws, Torx screws, Phillips screws and an assortment of specialty bits. Specialty bits include a Weaver scope ring bit, GLOCK front sight bit, 1911 grip bushing bit, as well as 0.062-inch, 0.093-inch and 0.118-inch pin punches.

Pachmayr Revolver Grips are now available in highly polished wood laminate and new G10 designs. Wood laminate panels are offered either checkered or smooth and in two colors, rosewood and charcoal silvertone. G10 ensures toughness and durability against moisture, weather or chemicals.


DeSantis Holster Company

(800) 424-1236

DeSantis introduces four new holsters to its growing product line. The Reliant (above photo), a magazine carrier, is ambidextrous and keeps the magazine both high and tight. It is built from premium grade American Steer hide and is available in black or tan for most common handgun calibers.

The Outback is an ambidextrous OWB/IWB holster. Two sizes fit most concealable handguns. It is built from center cut steer hide and finished with durable black polyurethane and sewn with contrasting nylon cord. The Tuck-able 360 clip allows unlimited positioning as an IWB and can be quickly removed for OWB carry. The twin-slotted, pancake-style OWB carry will keep your gun close and tight to your side.

A self-locking OWB/IWB Kydex thermos-formed holster, the SL Raptor is formed with a curved back with most of the detailed molding on the outer portion — adding to both comfort and concealability. The SL Raptor comes with belt loops for 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch and IWB soft polymer straps. It also features a Chek-Lok (triggerguard lock) and a rear sweat guard.


Crosman Corporation

(800) 724-7486

The latest addition to the Benjamin Marauder Field & Target line is the Marauder Field & Target,(above photo) an out-of-the-box, competition-ready PCP air rifle. It features an Adjustable Field & Target Regulator to allow users a choice between the Target setting for maximum shot count and consistency or the Field setting for maximum downrange energy. The Marauder is available in .177 and .22 caliber, has a reversible bolt handle for left-handed shooters, a shrouded barrel with integrated sound suppressor and a hardwood stock with adjustable, raised comb cheek piece.


Alliant Powder

(800) 276-9337

Alliant Powder introduces a reloading powder designed for competition shooters, Sport Pistol. It delivers reliable cycling and temperature stability in a clean-burning formula optimized for polymer-coated bullets. Sport Pistol is available in 1-, 4- and 8-lb. bottles.


Beretta USA Corp.

(800) 636-3430

The Beretta A400 Lite Max-5 Camo (top photo) is now available in 20-ga. It has a number of special features, such as a cross-tube piston gives the user a 4+1 shot capacity, a new checkering pattern provides a better grip, advanced recoil reduction, Optima HP choke system and the smartphone-compatible GunPod 2. It weighs 6.2 lbs. and comes in 26- and 28-inch barrel lengths.

In addition, the 690 Field I is now available in 20-ga. The over/under’s receiver features a double-fenced top and floral engraving — it’s been scaled to fit the 20-ga. cartridge. It’s available in a 28-inch barrel length only.

The A400 Xcel Sporting Black (bottom photo) is now available in a black receiver with a carbon fiber rib. The improved gas piston makes assembly and disassembly a matter of seconds. The A400 Xcel’s trademark bright blue receiver has been replaced with a black finish; the carbon fiber rib enhances the shotgun’s ability to point. It has a cold-hammer forged 30-inch barrel, which is made of Beretta’s “Steelium” alloy. The bore is chrome-plated to facilitate cleaning and minimize wear.


G96 Products Inc.

(877) 332-0035

G96 Products Inc. has introduced grease for rapid-fire firearms: the RFG Grease (Rapid Fire Gun). It uses nano-synthetics to increase lubricity, even in extreme temperatures. RFG Grease, available in 0.42-fluid oz. syringes, will maintain its integrity from -80–500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s 85 percent biodegradable.

In addition, G96 announces it has received U.S. Army certification for its Bio-CLP Synthetic Gun Oil. This gun oil was lab-tested to 51 percent bio-based content — exceeding the Army’s requirements to receive Military Specification MIL-PRF 63560E(4). It also contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).



(800) 280-6660

Starline Brass announces the addition of rifle brass to their product offerings. Starline is now producing .308 Win. and .358 Win. cases and will soon offer other cartridges from the .308 family. Additionally, straight wall .444 Marlin and .357 Maximum cartridge cases have been introduced.


Colt Competition Pistol


Colt Combat Unit carbine

Colt’s Mfg.

(800) 962-2658

Colt introduces the Colt Combat Unit carbine, which features Colt’s first production mid-length gas system. The Colt Combat Unit has a Magpul SL buttstock and pistol grip, as well as a MOE triggerguard. It has a low-profile gas block, which allows for the use of its M-LOK capable Centurion CMR free-floated forend. Chambered in 5.56x45mm, the carbine comes with a 30-round magazine.

Building on the success of the Colt Competition Pistol, Colt has expanded the line to include a stainless steel finish. The stainless steel Colt Competition Pistol features Colt’s Dual Spring Recoil System, which reduces felt recoil and helps keep sights on target when firing. Other features include Novak’s patent-pending adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight; competition ergonomics including an undercut triggerguard and upswept safety; and a National Match barrel. It’s available in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super.

Additionally, Colt has added the .38 Super cartridge to its entire line of Colt Competition Pistols.


European American Armory Corp.

(321) 639-4842

EAA introduces the L.E. ABDO, which features a holster and body camera. Using its featured “smart” technology, an officer with concern can signal the station and provide them with a location pin. Additionally, the L.E. ABDO has the ability to stream events in real time and on its hard drive. The holster can trigger the body camera without wires; the camera is triggered in two ways — if the officer flags a concern or if the firearm is drawn. The L.E. ABDO can also act as a portable safe when the officer is not wearing his or her firearm, it will alert the officer if the gun is touched or moved. It can transmit voice and video and act as a two-way communication device by way of 4G or 3G.


M&P Bodyguard 380


PC 642


M&P15 Tactical with M-LOK

Smith & Wesson

(413) 781-8300

The newest addition to the M&P modern sporting rifle line, Smith & Wesson introduces the M&P15 Tactical with M-LOK. The latest M&P slim lightweight free-float handguard allows for M-LOK accessory or rail mounting, a mid-length gas system, patented S&W flash suppressor, folding Magpul MBUS front and rear sights and a durable corrosion-resistant Armornite barrel finish.

The S&W Performance Center debuts the PC 642, chambered in .38 S&W Special +P. It boasts a Performance Center-tuned action, high bright polished cylinder flutes, a polished thumb piece and side plate screws. Additionally, it has a custom, synthetic grip with wood inserts and a chrome-plated, polished trigger.

S&W has added a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish to the M&P Bodyguard 380. It’s available in a standard version, as well as model with an integrated Crimson Trace laser.


MMR Tactical OR

O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.

(800) 363-3555

Mossberg introduces a number of new products for a variety of applications. The MMR Tactical OR (Optics Ready) has a 30-round magazine, 1:8-inch twist, six-position collapsible stock, A2 flash suppressor and 13-inch M-Lok handguard with free-floated barrel.

The Patriot Predator has a 22-inch barrel length in a matte blue finish. The LBA adjustable trigger is user-adjustable from 2 to 7 lbs. An oversized bolt handle provides a sure grip, even with gloved hands. It has a five-round capacity and is available in .223 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., and 6.5 Creedmoor. Its metal is finished in matte blue and the stock in flat dark earth.

Featuring an 18.5-inch fixed-modified choked barrel and dual bead sights, the 510 Mini Muddy Girl 410 has a four-round capacity and vent rib. The metal, forend and stock are finished in the Muddy Girl design.

The SA-28 Walnut stocked shotgun gas operated system vents excess gasses for comfortable hunting and clay target shooting. It features a floating safety, five nickel plated chokes and chrome plating for durability and protection from corrosion. It has a 26-inch barrel and accommodates five rounds.

Featuring an adjustable stock, forward assist and dust cover and a JM Pro drop-in 4-lb. trigger with adjustable overtravel, the MMR Pro is a fresh addition to the company’s rifle line. It comes with a 30-round magazine and is chambered in 5.56mm NATO. The 18-inch stainless steel barrel has a SilencerCo ASR muzzle brake.

In addition, Mossberg has added the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge to the MVP and Patriot lines.


Savage Arms

(866) 233-4776

Savage has added the B Series of bolt-action rimfire rifles. Models include the B17, B22 and B22 Magnum. The models’ ergonomically-designed stock, higher comb, top tang safety and target-style, vertical pistol grip allow shooters to hold the rifle in a more natural position. The B Series includes a dozen new models in configurations including Sporter Barrel, Heavy Barrel, Heavy Threaded (suppressor ready) and Heavy Stainless. Additionally, all B Series rifles feature a 10-round rotary magazine and the adjustable AccuTrigger.

Savage has teamed with Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) to expand its line of long-range chassis rifles with the Model 10 APO rifle (top photo). It features a factory-blueprinted model 10 barreled action mated to the new APO SABER MRCS-AR folding chassis. Two caliber options are available: .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor.

In the Stevens line, the 555 (bottom photo) over/under shotgun features a light aluminum receiver, an Imperial walnut stock and forend, auto shell ejector and laser-engraved filigree ornament receiver. Standard features include a manual safety and a single, selective mechanical trigger. Five interchangeable choke tubes allow the 555 to meet a variety of shooting needs. It’s available in 12-, 20-, 28- and .410-ga.


S&W/M&P Accessories

(877) 509-9160

Battenfeld Technologies announces the S&W/M&P Accessories brand has added two weapon-mounted lights to its product line. The 5.31- inch Delta Force RM-20 and 4-inch Delta Force RM-10 are water and impact resistant. Both models feature a CREE XPL LED light, pic rail mount and remote on/off button with cord. A remote button is included with hook and loop mounting straps. Constructed from anodized aerospace aluminum, each light has a crenulated head for self-defense. Lighting functions include high, low, strobe and momentary ON. The Delta Force RM-20 operates on two CR123 batteries and the RM-10 requires one CR123 battery (batteries included).


Nosler Inc.

(800) 285-3701

The first of several new products slated for release in 2017, Nosler introduces its new line of Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) bullets. The hollow point match bullets feature high BCs resulting in flat trajectory and minimal wind drift. An optimized compound ogive is insensitive to seating depth, allowing handloaders to seat bullets with ease. A long, drag-reducing boattail makes the bullets optimal for long range efficiency and reduced meplat size eliminates the need to point and trim tips. The RDF line is available in several calibers and weights.

Nosler announces the 33 Nosler to its line of cartridges. The cartridge fires .338-caliber bullets. It is capable of propelling a 225-grain AccuBond at 3,025 fps and 265-grain AccuBond Long Range at 2,775 fps.


Skull Hooker

(541) 887-8622

Skull Hooker announces its newest skull mounting system, the Trophy Tree. Versatile and adaptable, the system maximizes corner space and allows multiple sizes and species to be displayed vertically. The Trophy Tree comes with five arms and prongs and five 14-inch poles for larger species and skull capped trophies. Constructed of steel, the system is powder coated and features inlaid designs in the weighted base. Additional poles and arms are sold separately for maximum customization.


Champion Traps & Targets

(800) 831-0850

Champion’s Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets are constructed of premium rolled and hardened AR500 steel. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the targets are built to withstand multiple calibers at appropriate distances and last for years on the range. They are offered in a centerfire rifle-rate thickness of 0.375 inches and centerfire pistol-rate thickness of 0.25 inches.


Weatherby Inc.

(800) 227-2016

Designed for long-range shooting, the Vanguard Adaptive Composite rifle features a specially designed stock that allows the user to adjust pull length, comb height and buttstock angle for a customized fit. The rifle has 20-inch #3 contour threaded barrel, chambered in .223 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Win. The barrel is cold hammer forged with a flush thread cap for fast, easy suppressor enhancement (suppressor not included). The blue steel is matte bead blasted to eliminate glare.




The Fenix FD41 is fitted with an optical lens with total reflective coating. A revolving focus ring moves the head and optical lens forward and backward from the LED, which regulates the focus between spotlight and floodlight. It delivers a max output of 900 lumens and an effective beam distance of 340 meters. Additional details include a tactical tail switch and stainless steel side switch.


Vortex Optics

(800) 426-0048

Vortex Optics introduces the Razor AMG UH-1 to its line of sight products. The Razor AMG UH-1 uses Vortex Optics’ proprietary technology to produce the first holographic sight to marry the durability, reliability, and energy efficiency of a red dot, with the clear sight picture, zero-distortion and comprehensive reticle pattern of a holographic sight. Additionally, the Razor AMG UH-1 significantly reduces the common problem of thermal drift. Composed of hard-anodized aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, durability in the harshest environment is assured. It runs on a Micro USB rechargeable LFP 123A battery or CR123A battery. ArmorTek coating protects exterior lenses. It’s waterproof and Argon purged for reliability in wet, high-humidity conditions.


Watson Airlock

(855) 469-2786

Watson Airlock introduces the Black Bag (left photo), a water and odor resistant storage system exclusively available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Field & Stream stores. Specifically designed to store scent free clothing during travel and time away from the woods, the Black Bag features Back2Back fabric coatings, a seam-sealed lining and roll top closure. The bag has front and rear slash pockets, printed webbings and a comfort grip handle. Its dimensions are 25.5L x 8.5H x 21.5D inches.

The Camo Carrier EX (right photo) and the Came Carrier EX Mini are soft-sided gear bags constructed for optimum durability, resistance and scent protection in and out of the field. Both bags feature multi-pocket storage pouches, slash compartments, oversized changing mats, padded top and side grab handles. The Camo Carrier EX has an isolated boot storage section.


American Tactical Imports

(800) 290-0065

ATI introduces the Firepower Xtreme Hybrid 9mm which features a 5-inch match grade barrel, magazine capacity of 10 rounds and GLOCK pattern iron sights. It’s factory cut for micro red-dot optics and has a stainless steel slide nitride coating.

Also joining the ATI line is the KOFs Road Agent (photo above), a 12-ga., 18.5-inch barrel shotgun with a 3-inch chamber. The shotgun features auto-cocking external hammers, double triggers and a fire/safe/decocking lever. Added touches include a Turkish Walnut stock and engraved receiver.

The Omni Hybrid .410 shotgun has an 18.5-inch barrel and five- round detachable magazine — a 15-round magazine is also available. The MSR-style design supports a 13-inch free float handguard with Keymod slots, full-length Picatinny top rail and six-position M4 stock.


Celerant Technology Corp.

(718) 605-7733

Celerant Technology, provider of retail management solutions, has launched its new email marketing automation platform as an addition to its digital marketing services. The platform pulls real-time sales data and CRM to segment customers and send personalized emails based on automated workflows. This allows retailers to target and personalize email campaigns for the individual shopper, which increases the chances they will click and convert into a sale. Platform scenarios invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases, send suggested upsell items, remind shoppers with products in cart, offer targeted coupons and reengage lost customers — customized messages are also available.


Carbon Express

(800) 241-4833

Carbon Express introduces the Maxima RED SD (photo above) arrow to its line of archery products. The Maxima RED features a 0.203-inch inside diameter shaft, which reduces wind-drift and improved penetration. The arrows are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch and include BullDog nock collars to protect the shaft against nock end impacts. Six- and 12-arrow pack sets are available in two spine sizes — 250 and 350.

The introductory line of Mayhem DS Series Dual Spine arrows is available in three models: Mayhem DS, Mayhem DS Hunter and Mayhem DS Hot Pursuit. Dual Spine Weight Forward technology fuses different carbon materials to create two spines in one arrow. Mayhem DS arrows feature BuffTuff front shaft construction for a tough and quiet carbon finish, LAUNCHPAD precision nocks and are available in two spine sizes — 250 and 350. The Mayhem DS Hunter comes in a Mossy Oak Obsession pattern and the Mayhem DS Hot Pursuit is patterned in Carbon Express. Sets are sold in 6- and 12-arrow packs.


Heckler & Koch

(706) 568-1906

Heckler & Koch announces a color addition to the popular VP9 line of 9mms, the VP9 Grey. Features of the VP9 pistol include a unique striker firing system with an enhanced HK “precise pull” trigger, ergonomic handgun grip design and charging supports to provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide rearward. It is available with two 15-round magazines, two 10-round magazines, three 15-round magazines and night sights and three 10-round magazines and night sights.


Leupold & Stevens Inc.

(800) 538-7653

Leupold & Stevens Inc. introduces the LTO-Tracker (bottom photo), its newest thermal detection and viewing tool. Fast 30hz frame rates and heat source detection out to 600 yards provide hunters exceptional viewing capability. The unit features a 20-degree field of view, 6X digital zoom, six thermal filters and 10 hours of continuous use from a single CR123 lithium battery. Its fast startup time and powerful sensor, effective from -4ºF to 140ºF, is also waterproof to IP67 standards.

Also joining the Leupold product line is the VX-3i LRP (top photo) riflescope. The Long Range Precision (LRP) scope is ideal for target shooting or hunting. Featuring the Twilight Max Light Management System for optimal performance, choice of front focal plane or rear focal plane allows for shooter preference. Reticles and adjustments are matched in either MOA/MOA or mil/mil. Several reticle options are available, including the new Leupold CCH (Combat Competition Hunter) reticle. A removable throw lever allows for fast magnification adjustments — even when wearing gloves. Models are available in 4.5-14x50mm, 6.5-20x50mm and 8.5-25x50mm.


Sentry Products Group

(877) 726-7328

The Armadillo by Sentry Products Group is a lightweight water-resistant cover capable of stretching to fit any firearm configuration and offer protection from the elements. Three sizes are available to fit hunting rifles, modern sporting rifles and shotguns. For convenient storage, the cover collapses to the size of a cell phone when not in use.


Birchwood Casey

(800) 328-6156

The new Nest Rest shooting rest from Birchwood Casey is lightweight and easy to transport. The Nest Rest consists of both a small rear rest and larger front rest. The large rest is 6.6H x 6W x 5D inches and the small rest is 4.7H x 5.5W x 4.5D inches. The two rests nest and lock together to save space. The small rest also stacks on the larger one for added elevation when shooting. It is constructed of a soft durable rubber material to provide grip on shooting benches and won’t mar the finish of firearms.

Adding to the World of Targets line, the durable easy-to-transport Popper Steel Target (photo above) is constructed of 3/8-inch AR500 steel and absorbs hits from centerfire pistols and rifles. The target stands 22-inches tall with an 8-inch paddle. The unique spring-less design allows the target to repeatedly reset regardless of the caliber used to knock it down. The stand assembles and disassembles without tools.


Hogue Inc.

(800) 438-4747

The new HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve has been specifically designed by Hogue to fit particular firearms. The molded-in beavertail allows higher placement of the hand on the grip without fear of the slide biting the skin between the thumb and trigger finger. The two models available accommodate S&W M&P Shield, Ruger LC9 and GLOCK 26/27 and GLOCK 42/43 respectively. Color choices include black, OD green, flat dark earth, pink and purple.


Bergara Barrels USA

(800) 320-8767

Bergara introduces the B14 Series Bergara Match Precision (BMP) Chassis Rifle. Available in a 20-inch barrel (.308 Win.) and 24-inch barrel (6.5 Creedmoor), the rifle is constructed of 7075 T6 aluminum and type III hard-coat anodized. The rear stock was specifically created to offer a multitude of adjustments, by hand, for different types of shooters. An MSR-style buffer tube and rear stock can easily replace the out-of-the-box rear stock. The barrel nut design allows shooters to replace or change barrels if desired. It’s AICS-style mag compatible and includes a Magpul PMAG AICS magazine.



Hornady Manufacturing Company

(800) 338-3220

Hornady introduces the Hornady Black line of ammunition, which provides versatile loads optimized for short-barreled rifles (SBRs). Using a new bullet and propellant developed specifically for SBRs, the efficiency of the propellant results in a 15 to 20 percent temperature reduction. A variety of calibers in different bullet weights are available, including .223, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 300 Blackout, .308 Win., 7.62x39mm, .450 Bushmaster and 12-ga. 00 Buck.

Hornady has added five loads to the Precision Hunter lineup for 2017: .270 Win. (145-gr.), .280 Rem. (150-gr.), 7mm-08 (150-gr.), .300 WSM (200-gr.) and .300 Weatherby Magnum (200-gr.) — each load features the ELD-X bullet with Heat Shield tip.

Showcasing the ELD Match bullet, the Match Ammunition line has eight offerings: .223 (73-gr.), 6mm Creedmoor (108-gr.), .260 Rem. (130-gr.), 6.5 Creedmoor (120-gr., 147-gr.), .308 Win. (155-gr., 168-gr.) and .300 Win. Mag. (178-gr.).

In bullets, Hornady introduces 15 offerings for the ELD Match bullet line, while the ELD-X and FTX lines have added two and three bullets respectively.

The M-1 Case Tumbler cleans and polishes large quantities of cases quickly and efficiently. Lock-N-Load Cartridge Cases allow the user to check cases and ammo to ensure a correct fit in SAAMI chambers.

Hornady has added several new security product models to the RAPiD Safe line: RAPiD Safe 2700KP and 2600KP; RAPiD Safe Shotgun Wall Lock; RAPiD Safe AR Wall Lock; and RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker (photo above).


Meopta USA

(800) 828-8928

Meopta’s 34mm MeoTac 3-12×50 RDB is designed for use on MSR-style rifles. It’s ideal for medium-range engagement and meets the needs of armed forces as well as security and tactical shooters. The scope features MeoLux, an advanced lens coating. With Schott glass and MeoLux expert design, there is 99.8 percent light transmission per lens surface. This allows users to see better and longer in difficult light situations. The MeoTac 3-12×50 RD also features Meopta’s MeoShield protective lens coatings, MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece and an erector system to withstand heavy caliber recoil. The scope has an anodized exterior for scratch resistance and is waterproof and fogproof.


Caracal USA

(208) 323-8727

New to the Caracal line is the Enhanced F striker fired semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm. The contoured polymer frame incorporates a rail interface system for mounting lights and lasers. A one-piece multi-function unit increases rigidity, durability and diminishes felt recoil by reducing torsion and flexing of the grip frame during firing. The cold hammer forged barrels can accommodate +P ammo. The Quick Sight system allows the shooter to present a clear sight picture on target extremely fast. Metal parts are nitride-coated to protect against rust and environmental conditions. The pistol is supplied with two 18- or 10-round magazines, a cleaning kit, cable lock and packed in a plastic carry case.


Badlands Packs

(800) 269-1875

Badlands debuts its first binocular/rangefinder combination case, the Bino XR. For users accustomed to carrying both devices, the Bino XR offers simultaneous protection and accessibility in the field. Features of the dual-compartment case include a movable Velcro shelf in the binocular compartment, magnetic closures, side pockets/accessory attachment areas and a four-point adjustable shoulder harness.


Siberian Coolers

(844) 782-2653

With its double-walled vacuum-insulated design, the Cryo-Sleeve by Siberian Coolers keeps 12- or 16-ounce canned or bottled beverages cold from start to finish. Included with each sleeve are black, red and white unbreakable gaskets for user identification. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the sleeve is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel.



(800) 891-3100

CRKT announces several additions to its array of knives including the Ruger Hollow-Point, designed for the Ruger knife line. Modern features such as a frame lock, molded plastic scales, two-position pocket clip and ball bearing pivot system complement the retro-styling and traditional lines. The 3.17-inch satin-finish, plain edge blade is seated in a stainless steel handle. Also available in this line is the Ruger Hollow-Point +P with a 3.6-inch blade and the Ruger Hollow-Point Compact with a blade length of 2.75 inches.

The Ken Onion-designed Bombastic (photo above) features an overall length of 7.93 inches – with a blade length of 3.311 inches and weighs 4.2 oz. The handle is constructed of stainless steel with glass reinforced nylon inserts.

Designed for CRKT’s Forged by War program, the Rakkasan carries a blade length of 4.894 inches and weighs 9.2 oz. The G10 handle supports the powder-coated SK5 carbon steel blade. Its overall length is 10.438 inches.



(800) 325-9568

The F-HORN-01 Frontiersman Bear Horn from SABRE Red has a 115-dB horn that can be heard up to 0.5 miles away. With periodic blasts, this bear spray accessory is a louder alternative to bear bells and alerts bears in the area — thus reducing the risk of bear attack. It’s compact (measuring 2.8 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches) and user-friendly with a one-button operation.

The FBAD-06-00 Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice Bear Spray provides users with an opportunity to build familiarity and confidence in operating the firing mechanism in case the need arises to deploy it in during a high-stress encounter. This dual-pack comes with a 9.2 oz. can of bear spray and 7.9 oz. can of practice bear spray. The live canister delivers 1.84 oz. per burst, emptying in 5 seconds, while the practice spray emits 1.6 oz. per burst — also emptying in 5 seconds.


Elite Survival Systems

(866) 340-2778

Elite Survival Systems introduces the CR Secure Auto-Locking Retention Holster. This injection-molded holster provides retention and immediate access to the handgun by the user. It features a patented locking system residing in between the holster body and the user, minimizing the possibility of unauthorized access. The holster’s modular construction provides more fitting applications for handguns, as well as multiple attachment options for the user. The CR Secure is made glass-filled nylon to provide long lasting, optimal strength.




Hatsan has entered into the semi-auto PCP airgun market with the introduction of the Barrage and BullMaster. Both are fitted with a 500cc volume air bottle mounted to the forearm along with a fully shrouded, precision rifle and choked barrel for optimal shot count, accuracy and sound moderation. Each air rifle utilizes a tactical ambidextrous stock with thumbhole and Picatinny rail. They include three magazines (14-shot .177 caliber and 12-shot .22 caliber) and a quick-fill nozzle. The Barrage features a removable TRUGLO fiber optic front sight and the adjustable rear sight with TRUGLO fiber optics easily mounts to the gun’s rail receiver. The BullMaster is a bullpup-style stock with an “EasyAdjust” elevation comb, which allows the shooter to adjust the elevation of the comb with the push of a button.


Armscor Precision USA

(775) 537-1444

Rock Island Armory of Armscor Precision USA married the .22 TCM cartridge with the M22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle to create the M22 TCM Tactical. Ideal for small-game hunting, the 22.75-inch barreled rifle features a polymer stock, installed bipod, top rail and threaded muzzle. It also has the ability to interchange the higher capacity Rock Island .22 TCM 1911 17-round magazine.



(888) 243-4522

Kimber has added models to the Micro 9 series. New models to the line include the CDP, CDP (LG), Raptor and Bel Air (photo above). Each Micro 9 includes a flush-fitting six-round magazine and an extended seven-round magazine is available as an accessory. Sights are steel and mounted in machined dovetails. The Micro 9 series features a barrel length of 3.15 inches and aluminum frames.


Weaver Optics

(800) 379-1732

The Weaver Premium Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) Optics Mount is designed specifically for MSR rifles. It’s made of sturdy and lightweight 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and finished in anodized Type III hardcoat black matte. Its design sets optics at the ideal height, with a forward cantilever for MSR rifles and double recoil lugs that lock the mount into place. The mount is available for 1-inch, 30mm- and 34mm-optics.


Horizon Mfg. Rack’Em Racks

(877) 722-5369

Horizon Mfg. Enterprises Inc. Rack’Em Racks introduces a new locking rifle display for a variety of uses. The steel rack displays eight rifles in 2 feet of space (four rifles per foot) on a 12-inch wide shelf. It is fully adjustable to accommodate all guns and screws to the wall for safety and security. The rack is available in three versions with four mount options: to slat wall/peg board, mount anywhere (any flat wall) or grid wall.


Magnum Research Inc.

(508) 635-4273

The Magnum Research Mark XIX L5 is now available in .44 Mag. Its 5-inch barrel and slide is of black carbon steel. The new L5 features a hard-coat anodized black aluminum frame, Hogue finger groove rubber grips and Magnum Research’s integral muzzle brake. A lighter version of the Desert Eagle .44, the L5 weighs less than 3 lbs. — making it New York-state compliant. Overall length is 9.75 inches, height is 6.25 inches and slide width is 1.25 inches. The L5 comes with one 9-round magazine.


Black Label 1911-22LR Gray Full Size


X-Bolt Medallion Safari Grade


Wihongi Signature Dagger


Pistol Vault Portable


Pistol Vault 900


High Noon USB Rechargeable Spotlight


(800) 333-3288

Browning introduces several new pistol models for 2017. The Black Label 1911-380 Medallion Pro will be available in Full Size and Compact versions. It features a matte black finish on the frame, blackened stainless steel finish with silver brush polished flats on the side of the slide and grips with checkered rosewood with gold Buckmark. A Buck Mark Field Target Suppressor-Ready .22 LR model features a heavy round 5.5-inch barrel in a matte blued finish — a thread protector is included. The Buck Mark Lite Flute UFX features a 5.5-inch steel barrel with alloy sleeve and fluting in a matte blued finish.

In rifles, the X-Bolt Medallion Safari Grade bolt-action rifle features a deep polished blued and fluted heavy sporter barrel with gold accented engraving. The stock features a gloss finish, checkered Grade IV/V walnut, and Rosewood forend grip and pistol grip caps. Browning’s AB3 bolt-action rifle will now be offered in a Micro Stalker model for 2017. It features a 13-inch length of pull for smaller-stature shooters.

Browning Ammunition has new loads for hunters: the BXD (Turkey Extra Distance), BXV (Predator & Varmint) and BXS (Shotshell Deer).

In the Browning Safe line, the company has expanded the ProSteel safe lineup with the Hell’s Canyon Extra Wide. It features 11-gauge steel body and Pry-Stop End Bolts for improved break-in protection. It measures 60 inches tall by 56 inches wide by 25 inches deep.

Browning has debuted hunting and tactical knives for 2017. The Speed Load Ceramic and Speed Load Saw feature a patent-pending quick-change blade design. The Ceramic features a 3-inch folding liner-lock blade, while the Saw features a folding camp and big-game saw and has an overall length of 18.5 inches.

Browning has enhanced its flashlight offerings with USB rechargeable lights and power stations. The High Noon USB Rechargeable Spotlight features 50 to 915 lumens, is waterproof and submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes and floats. The Crossfire 1AA USB Rechargeable Flashlight has 102 to 300 lumens and can last up to 2 and 18 hours depending on the setting.

Browning has revamped the Hell’s Canyon Big Game apparel lineup, which now includes styles for women and kids.


Primos Hunting

(800) 523-2395

Trigger Stick Gen 3 represents the newest generation of trigger sticks from Primos. Improvements featured in this line include a Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock to easily switch from gun to optics and back again, Locking Leg Angles for better stability at more angles and a strengthened rotating joint for smooth panning. Gen 3 sticks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including short monopod, tall bipod and Jim Shockey tall tripod.


Jagemann Sporting Group

(920) 682-4633

Jagemann Sporting Group introduces the Jag 42 and Jag 43 polymer magazines. Features include an extended base pad, improved follower geometry and round staking, reinforced automotive-grade engineered resin, self-lubrication and tighter tolerances.

Additionally, .223 brass casings are now available from Jagemann. Company officials report other rifle variants will follow in 2017.


U.S. Optics

(714) 582-1956

U.S. Optics introduces the updated MR-10 BRAVO MIL (left photo), LR-17 BRAVO MIL (right photo) and ER-25 BRAVO MIL riflescopes. Magnifications for the three models are as follows: 1.8-10x (MR-10), 3.2-17x (LR-17) and 25x (ER-25). Features include an elevation zero stop, locking elevation and windage turrets, elevation revolution counter, smaller turret body section and integrated illumination control and parallax knob.


Outers Gun Care

(800) 379-1732

Outer’s new Barrel Badger offers users a quick, efficient system for bore cleaning. The Barrel Badger’s two brushes loosen fouling and buildup as it’s pulled through the barrel. It can be used dry or with gun cleaning products and is available in calibers ranging from .22 to 12-gauge.


VZ Grips

(850) 422-1911

VZ Grips announces a new line of AR Grips to its Weapons Solutions cache. Manufactured from a solid piece of G10 with a 17-degree angle, the grips are offered in two lengths and various textures already used in the company’s rail grips and hand stops lines to allow users a consistent look between platforms.

New interlocking grip panels for rail platforms are now available. VZ Inter-Lok KMGs and MLGs are precision machined in VZ Grips’ proprietary textures and G10 colors. The 4- and 2-inch panels interlock to create a seamless grip and allow users to build a textured heat guard. In partnership with Bravo Company USA, the KMG model utilizes the Key Mod (KMG) screw. Inverted and “nut-less,” the screw eliminates extra hardware and uses a T15 torx head – standard for all VZ Grip screws. Included with the KMG is one rail, one T15 Torx wrench and KeyMod screws. The M-Lok (MLG) version uses the standard M-Lok nut and button head screws for attachment and includes one rail and screws.



(844) 932-7889

Three new low-profile colors for three concealed carry compatible EDC bags and packs from Vertx have been released. The EDC Essential Bag will now be available in greener pastures, the EDC Gamut Bag in loden green and the Professional Rifle Garment Bag can now be found in bracken brown.


Truglo Inc.

(888) 887-8456

TRUGLO has expanded its line of red-dot optics with the 30mm TRU•TEC XTREME SIGHT. The sight utilizes motion-sensing technology to power the 2-MOA dot. Additionally, it features an aircraft-aluminum cantilever Picatinny rail mount. Wire lanyards prevent the loss of windage and elevation adjustment caps, and included flip-up lens covers protect the multi-coated objective and ocular lenses. It’s shock- and water-resistant; the design of the sealed battery tray keeps dust and moisture out of the control system.




Black High Performance Gun Care


(800) 423-3537

Hoppe’s introduces the Hoppe’s Black High Performance Gun Care line. Comprised of gun cleaner, precision oil, copper cleaner, grease syringe and lubricating cloth, the line has been designed to protect MSRs and other high-round count, high-performance firearms – but will work with any firearm. The products are formulated to withstand temperatures ranging between -65ºF to 540ºF.

Lead-B-Gone skin cleansing wipes lift and trap lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, silver, mercury, zinc, chromium, copper, antimony and other metals without smearing. Combined with aloe skin moisturizers and a gentle pH cleanser, the wipes remove up to 99.9 percent of metal contaminants with water rinse and can be used on hands, arms, face, neck and any work surface.

Available in three sizes – small, medium and large – Hoppe’s new Range Bags are constructed of 600D Denier Ripstop polyester that resists cuts and tears. Each bag is equipped with a handgun strap for safe and secure firearm transport and multiple storage pockets.


Cannae Pro Gear

(562) 349-0562

The Triplex Acies 3-Gun Bag from Cannae Pro Gear is a case adept for 3-Gun competitors or for students taking a class at a range. It’s complete with an eye protection carrier, hearing protection pouch and enough room for two longs and two pistols. The Triplex Acies comes standard with a shoulder carrying strap and a built-in concealable shoulder harness.


UA Arms

(615) 970-9555

The Magna T5 4.5 from UA Arms is built from T5 Magnesium, which is 35 percent lighter than aluminum and more durable. Receivers are machined from a solid billet of T5 to ensure maximum hardness and precision.


Mec-Gar USA Inc.

(203) 262-1525

Mec-Gar USA announces the reintroduction of a 10-round 9mm 1911 magazine to its product line. The follower and spring have been redesigned to improve functionality and reduce malfunctions. It’s spring-manufactured with Type D music wire and has numbered witness holes for remaining-count calculation.



(305) 624-1115

The Taurus Curve (Model 1-80031V) has been upgraded to include an integrated Viridian red laser and light. The laser/light boasts a longer battery life and is equipped with a strobe mode. It also features Viridian’s Instant-On technology — automatically deploying the light and laser once the firearm is drawn. The Curve is chambered in .380 ACP, has a magazine capacity of six rounds, weighs 13 oz. and has an overall length of 5.2 inches.



(800) 221-9035

Designed for long-range and precision shooters, the Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II-i features the new G3 illuminated reticle and the ThrowHammer Lever for quick magnification changes. The elevation turret provides 10 mils of adjustment per revolution and is also equipped with the easy-to-set RevLimiter zero stop for a positive return to zero. It’s available in 3.5-21×50.


Reactor R5


(800) 990-9390

Viridian introduces a family of three products in the FACT Weapon-Mounted Camera Series (Fast Access Camera Technology). The FACT Law Enforcement-Specific Model represents a duty-grade, weapon-mounted camera designed for law enforcement. It collects critical evidence to ascertain “what really happened” during an officer-involved shooting, is password-protected for tamper-proof evidence collection and features HD video and audio recording of all out-of-holster incidents. Additionally, it features Instant-On activation, a 200-lumen LED Taclight and has a compatible fit with Safariland light-bearing holsters. The other two entries in the FACT family include the Universal Rail Mount with Taclight (features a 140-lumen LED Taclight and Instant-On technology) and Trigger Guard Model (ideal for concealed carry, off-duty officers and has Instant-On technology).

The Reactor R5 green laser and Reactor R5-R red laser have five fitments for 2017. This series features Instant-On activation and the 5Mw laser is visible up to 100 (green) and 25 (red) yards in daylight and 2 (green) and 1 (red) miles at night. It can now fit the Ruger LCP II, S&W Shield 45, GLOCK 19/23, Remington RM380 and Remington R51.


Sierra Bullets

(800) 223-8799

Sierra Bullets announces an addition to the popular Tipped MatchKing line: the .30-caliber 195-grain TMK bullet. This bullet requires a twist rate of 1:10-inch or faster to stabilize. The MatchKing line has added a 7mm 197-grain HPBT (#1997) and 6mm 110-grain HPBT (#1575) to its offerings. A twist rate of 1:7.5 inches or faster is required for the 7mm bullet to stabilize, while the 6mm bullet requires a twist rate of 1:7-inch or faster. All three bullets will be available in boxes of 100 and 500.


TrackLock Tactical Hunter


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Specially designed for hunters and outdoorsmen, the TrackLock Tactical Hunter by FirstEdge is forged from ELMAX stainless steel to withstand corrosion and heavy use. An ultra-strong locking mechanism provides fast, safe one-hand opening and closing. It has three opening options: manual, assisted or fully automatic. Coarse-textured black G10 handles deliver a sure grip to this 5.9 oz. knife. The blade length is 3.125 inches and comes with a plain or partially serrated edge in a black oxide finish.

Originally created for U.S. Special Forces, the fixed-blade Tactical Skinner is now available to the masses. The ELMAX Swedish stainless steel full-tang blade is 4.375 inches and has a single bevel edge in a black oxide finish. The striker pommel, stainless steel lanyard hole and coarse-textured black G10 handle offer versatile function and durability. For added safety and security, it comes with a Tri-Composite System Kydex molded sheath – ideal for any weather condition – or a MOLLE system sheath.


Long Distance Illuminator


Legends MP

Umarex USA

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Umarex introduces the Long Distance Illuminator (LDI) within a new brand called Optical Dynamics. The first light offered is an Optical Dynamics 40mm or OD40. Its technology incorporates the use of a patented optic aperture and camera-quality lens configuration called CALS, which stands for Collimated Amplified Lens System. This set of lenses captures the image of light produced by a CREE LED, magnifies that image and focuses it to create a true collimated “gin-clear” light that originates from an LED. It serves a variety of applications, including for search and rescue teams, firefighters and utility linesmen.

The GAUNTLET is a Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP) airgun that operates with a constant regulated pressure of 1,100 psi. It features a consistent shot string of 70 rounds from one full fill of its 3,000-psi tank. Available in either .177 or .22, the Gauntlet is a multi-shot bolt-action that comes with two, 10-round magazines as well as a single-shot option.

In the Legends series, Umarex debuts the Legends MP — an all-metal German replica of the WWII-era full-auto MP (Maschinenpistole) machine gun originally chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. The airgun version runs on CO2 and fires steel BBs in either semi- or full-auto modes. The magazine holds two, 12-gram CO2 capsules and 60 rounds.


Rhino Revolver


Little Badger

Chiappa Firearms

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Chiappa Firearms now offers its LITTLE BADGER in .17 WSM. The compact, lightweight rifle is designed to go anywhere at any time. It opens and folds over to stow neatly in its included case. The Little Badger comes equipped with an M1 Carbine-style front and rear sights, Picatinny rails mounted top, bottom and on both sides. The rifle weighs less than 3 lbs. and has a 16.5-inch barrel.

A 9mm Luger RHINO REVOLVER is now available. Included in its unique design features, the Rhino fires from the bottom cylinder rather than the top to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. Its aluminum alloy frame and barrel shroud make the revolver lightweight. Accessory rails on the 4-, 5- and 6-inch barrel models allow mounted lights or lasers. The revolver’s completely enclosed firing mechanism can be fired either single or double action. It is available in 2-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch barrel lengths in a black finish.


Texas Armament & Technology (TXAT)

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Texas Armament & Technology announces it will be importing the Schmeisser SLP-9 9mm. It’s a striker-fired pistol with a special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) that resets the firing pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in double action. Multiple trigger pulls are possible with the SLP-9. A second striker action can be initiated by simply pulling the trigger again. The SLP-9 weighs 1.65 lbs. Its overall length is 7.36 inches; barrel length is 4.5 inches. Magazine capacity is 17 rounds.


3M Peltor Sports

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Designed to provide cutting-edge hearing protection that suppresses gunshot noise, the Sport Tactical 300/Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protectors from 3M Peltor Sports utilizes proprietary technology to optimize the shooting experience. Dynamic Suppression Time Technology measures the energy of the gun shot, and based on the firearm being used, will set the suppression time. When shooting indoors, recovery time automatically adjusts to reduce echoes and reverberations. Clear Voice Tracking Technology seeks voice within background noise and actively filters the noise to improve speech intelligibility. Additionally, the Tactical 500 syncs with Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Federal Premium Ammunition

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For 2017, Federal has improved upon the original Gold Medal design with the Gold Medal Grand. The redesigned load produces less felt recoil, more reliable ignition with the Rigid PrimerLock, improved shot hardness and the Integral base wad enhances reloadability. It’s available in 2.75-inch 12-ga. shells with several shot options and weights.

After a decade in existence, Black Cloud is now equipped with the rear-opening FLITECONTROL FLEX wad — providing tight patterns through ported and standard chokes. Its payload includes 40 percent FLITESTOPPER steel pellets and 60 percent Premium steel for dense patterns and larger wound channels.

The Hi-Bird 12-ga. load maximizes long-range lethality on pigeons, doves and upland game. Two-piece wad features SoftCell technology to decrease perceived recoil and produce consistent long-range patterns. It’s available in a 2.75-inch shell with a variety of shot options: #6, #7.5, and #8.

Federal also introduces the Hunter Match .22 Long Rifle, which features a 40-gr. HP bullet, for small game and varmint hunters.

In the Fusion line, 6.5 Creedmoor is a new entry. It features a 140-gr. bullet and joins 34 other loads from .223 Rem. to .45-70 Govt.

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