2014 Shooting Industry Masters Match Results

A Look At Who Won Top Honors.

Industry Divisions:


As team winners for the Industry Division, Daniel Defense #2 (Jason Poston, Ed Parsons, Vadim Dale and Kevin Flores) had time on their side as they plundered their way to first place — they left Florida with a bounty of wall clocks to remember their victory.


At “Next Best” in the Industry Division, Team Lipsey’s (Flint Virgets, Mark Emonet, Jason Cloessner and Brett Fry) could see first place with their spyglasses. Maybe they’ll guide them to first next year!


Team CSSI (Bill Sumner, Mark Halleron, Ron Dan and Greg Chambers) may have been “Not Last” this year, but their new compasses may help them navigate toward a higher position in 2015.


The stars were aligned for Tanya Gorin (XS Sights), as her superb performance guided her to seize the award for the top lady shooter in the Industry Division at the Masters.


With his consistent performances across the four stages of the Masters, Ed Parsons (Daniel Defense #2) rose above the ranks to commandeer the top individual shooter award in the Industry Division.


Ron Dan (CSSI), taking “Next Best” in the Industry Division, will have all the tools to chart a course for success with his newly acquired marine box.


Taking “Not Last” in the Industry Division, Brian Osbourne (Streamlight #2) may have been distracted by mermaids — but he’s now armed to help his cause for next year.

Open Winner:


Team 1st: Pillaging through the ranks to take first place in the Open Division, Team Jim Clark Custom Guns (Jim Clark, Logan Clark, James Clark and Aaron Hayes) had sharp shootin’ crewmates with lots of “time on their side”.


Team 2nd: Team FNH USA Pro (Ken Pfau, Mark Hanish, Larry Houck and Ernie Beckwith) could see first place but came up just a bit short, taking “Next Best” in the Open Division.


Team 3rd: Coming in “Not Last” in the Open Division is no easy feat and Hornady Pro (Adam Popplewell, Dave Neth, Rick Porter and Jeff Cramblit) is now outfitted with compasses to help them chart a course for a higher finish next year.


High Lady: Dianna Liedorff (Benelli) had her sea legs ready as she sailed through the match as the top lady shooter in the Open Division.


Individual 1st: The stars were aligned for Mark Hanish (FNH USA Pro), as he was the top shooter in the Open Division — he’ll now be able to use a sextant to maintain his heading for next year.


Individual 2nd: Taking “Next Best” in the Open Division, Dave Neth (Hornady Pro) will be able to take his marine box and follow a course toward first place.


Individual 3rd: Mermaids nearly got the better of Bruce Piatt (Luth-AR), who pulled through to take “Not Last” in the Open Division.

2014 Spirit Award:


Spirit Award: Team LaserMax came away from the Treasure Coast with some valuable loot — winning the 3rd Annual Spirit Award. From their dynamic “Rum Runners Revenge” Side Match and bevy of Pirate-themed team costumes, the LaserMax buccaneers were worthy winners. Accepting the award are (left to right): Laura Evans, Amber English (USA Shooting Team), Celia Crane, and Shelly Coleman.

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