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October 6, 2014

Why The Masters Matters

2014 Shooting Industry Masters participants explain why it matters to be part of the action.

Main Events Of The 2014 Shooting Industry Masters

Highlights of the Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and Team Tactics events from the 2014 Treasure Coast edition of the Masters.

Masters Side Match Adventure

Side Matches at the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters helped raise $70,000 for First Shots.

September 30, 2014

Swashbuckling Photos From 2014 Shooting Industry Masters

Image highlights of the 2014 industry event that captured $100,000 for the shooting sports.

September 2, 2014

Adventure At The 2014 Shooting Industry Masters

Video highlights of the 2014 Masters.

July 25, 2014

2014 Shooting Industry Masters Returns From Treasure Coast Capturing $100,000 for Shooting Sports

Sweltering heat and swarming predators were no match for the resolve of industry captains and mates in pursuit of shooting adventure along Florida’s Treasure Coast during the 12th annual Shooting Industry Masters, July 18-19. The nearly 400 participants and industry partners raised a record $100,000 for shooting programs.

Industry teams and participants invaded the Treasure Coast for the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters collecting $100,000 for the shooting sports.

Industry teams and participants invaded the Treasure Coast for the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters collecting $100,000 for the shooting sports.

“The people who are the shooting industry and support this event are without question, the most generous, adventurous and spirited group of individuals anywhere,” commented Randy Molde Masters chairman and FMG Publications VP of business development. A record-matching, all-time high of $70,000 was raised for the NSSF First Shots program, which includes funds earned through special custom gun auctions on GunBroker.com. Additionally, $30,000 was raised for the USA Shooting team, nearly tripling the 2013 total.XS1

“Masters participants raise the bar higher every year with their unconditional support and collective efforts to grow and preserve the shooting sports. We tip our caps humbly to their willingness to embrace adventure and camaraderie regardless of climate or company affiliation,” Molde said.

“We at NSSF are very thankful for all the support given to our First Shots program and thanks go to FMG Publications and all the sponsors and participants in this year’s Masters event,” said NSSF President Steve Sanetti. “Getting prospective recreational shooters with diverse backgrounds to take that all-important ‘first shot’ is so important to our entire industry in this time when so many anti-gun forces are trying to demonize firearms, gun owners and our industry. With partners like FMG Publications, and the support of the record number of competitors that came out to the Shooting Industry Masters to have fun and contribute to the ongoing success of First Shots, the future of the shooting sports will remain bright.”

FNH1“Doing our part to facilitate support of both First Shots and the USA Shooting Team is an honor we don’t take lightly,” continued Molde.

In support of their quest for international gold, six USA Shooting Team athletes offered their superior skills to the highest bidding teams through the Masters “rent-a-ringer” program.

“This support is just the jump start we need in helping prepare our team for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,” said USA Shooting’s Director of Resource Development Corrie West. “We are unbelievably grateful to FMG Publications for the lengths they go to include our athletes in this event and raise our stature within the industry. A special thanks to GunBroker.com for the special auctions they facilitate on our behalf during this time, for those that bid on all the auction items that support us, and to the participating teams who draft our athletes and allow them to participate in the fun.”

Produced and managed by FMG Publications, the Shooting Industry Masters consists of handgun, rifle, shotgun and team tactics events with additional shooting excitement in side matches. This year’s event included 15 side matches that gave participants a chance to experience everything from saving Captain Philips with a 15-round burst from a full-auto FNH USA M249 SAW to testing defensive reaction skills from a “throne” position using a pair of suppressed Kimber pistols and a rifle.NSSF1_14bomb

A record 65 sponsors signed on to help produce the 2014 Masters. Industry manufacturers and supporters also contributed the largest collection of prizes in the 12-year history of the match, with more than 60 companies donating product for 80 raffle prize packages and 19 auction items.

The $70,000 raised by the 2014 edition of the Shooting Industry Masters increased the total for First Shots to $281,000 in six years.

July 10, 2014

Treasure Coast Bound

This is it! The last blog update before we hit the ground in Sebastian, FL. On Sunday, the first wave of the Shooting Industry Masters team will arrive to start preparing the range for your arrival on Friday. And it’s a little bittersweet, but even though this is last update for the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up on the happenings for the next two weeks. I will be tweeting all week long on the set up, preparations and all the going’s on of what we’re doing there. So, if you’re not following me on Twitter, I suggest you start so you’ll be a little step ahead when you arrive. It’s easy to follow me. Just go to Twitter and search @ShariLeGate. That’s my Twitter name. Click on Follow and you’ll start receiving all my tweets. Staying up to speed on the Shooting Industry Masters is just one click away!

Masters Raffle
Last minute raffle items are pouring in and without a doubt this will be our best Masters Raffle yet. So many companies have stepped up and we are very humbled by the support of the industry and those who are a part of it. No only are we having the on-site raffle, but they’ll also be a live auction. And we have some amazing items such as an Armalite AR-10A SuperSASS Rifle and a 10-day African hunt in the East Cape of South Africa donated by Starr & Bodill African Safaris worth $9,000. The Saturday night banquet is sure to be an exciting one!ArmaLite_gun

Pirate Passes & Security
I’m still getting a lot of questions about security and Passes. So, one more time:

We have heightened security this year and the gate will be guarded by the Sheriff’s Deputies of Indian River County. They have a list of the names of folks on Masters teams and who has Pirate Passes. Those that don’t will be turned away.

Many of you have asked why. After all, it’s just a shooting match and why don’t we let you bring guests. You’re more than welcome to bring family and guests, but the Masters is unlike any shooting event. We supply everything; the guns, the ammunition, all the lunches, all the dinners with open bar, all the gifts and we want to make sure we take care of everyone. We can’t do that unless we have your help which means an accurate count of who’s coming. So, please give me a call and I’ll be happy to arrange credentials.

When you arrive at the range, Indian River County and the Sheriff’s Office have worked hard to make sure there’s ample parking for everyone. Please follow the parking attendant’s directions for a good spot to park your vehicle. Because this range is so compact, no personal cars will be allowed on the range during the Masters, but we have arranged for vans to bring you in from the parking lot. Once you pass through the gate and are on site, everything is within walking distance, and there will be a few golf trams looping through the range for those that aren’t up to walking.

If there is any last minute items you need to address before we all head to the Treasure Coast, feel free to call or email me, shari@nullshootingindustry.com or 719-237-4609. It’s important to us that when you arrive, you’re ready for some good shooting and great pirating!

Good luck t’ ye and a fair wind!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

July 2, 2014

Side Matches

All the Side Matches are confirmed and this years Hosts have come up with some pretty exciting stuff. Here’s what you can expect:

GlockGlock’s Big & Small
KimberMuskets, Pistols & Supressor’s ARRRG!
XS SightsKill a 6-pack just to watch it die!
FMG PublicationsCrazy Quail
Freedome HuntersFling & Fly
PolyOneCaptains Wheel
FNH-USAMachine Gun Alley
LaserMaxRum Runner’s Revenge
MossbergCottonmouth Killers
TaurusHand Cannon Cove
FMG PublicationsPigeon Fly
Benelli USA3-Gun Action
NSSF’s Rimfire ChallengeRound the Clock
BenchmadeSlarrsh ‘em Down
Bullseye Camera SystemBullseye Challenge!

Many of these Side Matches will be awarding prizes for either having the best score, time or just a random draw and some of these prizes are pretty exciting. NSSF’s Round the Clock sponsored by Tactical Solutions, Volquartsen Custom and Action Targets will be giving away a Tactical Solutions X-Ring Rifle with a Vantage stock mounted with a Nightforce 4-14 x 56 SHV scope valued at almost $2,500. Now that’s some Side Match! Thanks you TacSol, Volquartsen Custom and Action Targets!


Other Hosts are also awarding prizes for shooting their Side Match. All the ammo, guns and targets are supplied and for $5, you can’t find a better good time anywhere else. Many thanks to all the Hosts of Masters Side Matches. We know it’s a lot of work, but that hard work is all for a good cause…the First Shots program. So if all these guys can work hard in the hot sun showing you all a good time, the least you could do is have a good time. Be sure to stop by all the Side Matches and shoot ‘em up!

Pirate Passes

I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and email from folks saying they are bringing people or someone is just going to drop in. Please let all your people know if they are not on a team or do not have a Pirate Pass, they won’t get through the gate. We have added security this year for obvious reasons, so please if you know of someone who has mentioned coming to the Masters, please let them know they need a Pirate Pass.
The Masters is a one-of-a-kind event and has become successful because of the support from the industry. We supply the guns, the ammunition, the targets, all the daily meals, the evening festivities which include open bars, full dinners and lots of prizes being given away. The only thing we ask from attendees is that you relax, enjoy and have a good time. But in order to make sure everyone has a good time and we have enough guns, ammo and meals, we need to know who’s coming. A Pirate Pass is $250 and will grant access into the Masters and all the evening festivities. Email me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com or call me at 719-237-4609 with names so we can prepare credentials or they will be turned away at the gate.

If haven’t yet made reservations, rooms are still available at Historic Dodgertown. Visit www.historicdodgertown.com and ask for the special Masters room rate. The Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception is being held there and there’s some fun games going on like a Home Run hitting contest on the fields where the Dodgers trained and a Free-throw contest on the basketball court. Local retailers and hotels donated prizes, so bring you’re best batting arm and free throw shots.

In just a little over two weeks, we’ll all be meeting up in FL and in case you haven’t checked the weather, it will be a tad warm and we might get a little rain, so be sure to bring clothes for the occasion.

Look forward to seeing you there and if you need anything, please give me a shout at shari@nullshootingindustry.com or call me at 719-237-4609.

Good fortune to you and yours!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

June 20, 2014


holsoppleAnother USA Shooting athlete has joined the ranks at the Masters. Welcome Emily Holsopple! A rifle champion in the 50m 3-position and 10m Air Rifle events, Emily is the 2011 National Junior Olympic Champion and the Silver Medalist at the 2013 National Championships in 3-position. She’s been shooting since she was 11 years old and at the ripe old age of 14 won her first of many Junior Olympic championships. She’ll make a fine addition to your team and you’ll be helping her reach her Olympic dreams because all money from the Rent-A-Ringer program goes to USA Shooting. For more information on renting Emily or any of the USA Shooting athletes listed, contact Elizabeth O’Neill at elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com

Sign Up for the Masters First Shots orientation class!
Not comfortable with how you’re shooting or with what your shooting? Sign up for the Masters First Shots Orientation taking place on Friday morning. For novice shooters only, learn from the best in this 2-hour class being taught by members of the USA Shooting Team. It’s free and we’ll work it out so your team shoots after you’re done taking the class. But hurry, there’s only one class available and it’s filling up fast. Contact elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com to sign up.

A Reception with a Piece of History Thursday nightDodgertown
A U.S. Naval Air Station during World War II was abandoned in 1947 and the Dodgers baseball team leased the facility in 1948 from the City of Vero Beach. The home of Dodger Spring Trainings from 1948-2008, echoes of Dodger legends resonate throughout the site. Streets and meeting rooms are named for Hall of Famers Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, Walter Alston, Don Drysdale, Pee Wee Reese andTommy Lasorda. The Thursday night Welcome Reception is something you don’t want to miss. The batting cages will be open along with other games and the hallways are lined with memorabilia. And if you haven’t yet made your hotel reservations, Dodgertown also has rooms available. Visit www.historicdodgertown.com and get a special Masters room rate.

Prize Packages
streamlightThank you Streamlight for putting together the Masters Streamlight Green Light Prize Package! Consisting of 3 tactical rail lights with green lights, the TLR-2G is designed to fit most full size handguns with rails. The TLR-4G is a white C4 LED with green laser and fits subcompact or compact guns and the TLR-1 is designed to fit on a long gun or bow. The entire package is worth $1,255. This is an awesome prize package and will be given away during the raffle so be sure to pick up plenty of those raffle tickets!

gatorrackNew to the Masters and donating for the first time is Gator Gripp. Check out this ATV gun rack! It’s the coolest thing. Five will given away during the raffle. A whole new approach to gun and bow racks, it’s totally unique in design and operation. Just pull the strap and it holds whatever you need it to hold. Guns, bows, fishing poles. Thank you Gator Gripp!

If you’re interested in donating to the Masters raffle, there’s still time. Proceeds benefit the First Shots program and the USA Shooting Olympic Team. Give me a call or send me an email and we can work out the details.

We’re only a few weeks away before we’re all meeting up on the Treasure Coast, so if there’s anything I can assist with or answer, feel free to call or email me at 719-237-4609 or shari@nullshootingindustry.com

Bold Adventures to All!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

June 11, 2014

Masters Information

Lots of emails and phone calls are coming in asking for the “happenings” at the Masters. The BOUNTY is the Masters newsletter is an important resource for all the Masters teams. Filled with updates and information receiving the BOUNTY will help you maximize your time at the Masters.

If you are on a team and would like start receiving the BOUNTY via email, contact Elizabeth O’Neill at Elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com. Let her know what team you’re on and ask to be added to the BOUNTY distribution list.

Also, the Masters Schedule of Events can be found using this link:

Team Rosters
We need your Team Roster! If you haven’t sent in the names of who’s on your team, get those in. Credentials need to be made and packets organized. Maddog Molde and Capt. Thurman are starting to pace the deck with swords drawn for those who don’t get their rosters in!

Raffle Donations
This year we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of donations. THANK YOU to all who have contacted us wanting to make this year’s Masters Raffle the best yet. We’ve partnered with GunBroker.com again for a two-week on-line auction with proceeds benefitting the First Shots program as well. Information on the on-line auction will be coming out in the next few weeks, but look for some great items in both the on-site raffle and the on-line auction.
Companies that have generously donated include:

DRD Tactical who donated three of their amazing guns. The CDR15-556 semi automatic rifle chambered in .223 Rem/5.56 NATP which has a 16″ hammer forged barrel and a hard coat anodized black finish. It breaks down very quickly into large component assemblies without any tools and will come with brief case size hard case for storage and transport. Retailing at $2,091, the CDR will be in the on-site raffle at the Masters.

The DRD Tactical M762 Rifle will appear on the Masters GunBroker.com auction and retails for $3,250. This takedown rifle is chambered in .308 has a 16” barrel with a sniper gray finish and hammer forged barrel. It takes less than a minute assembly time and with the extra fire power with a .308 round, it’s a great option for and hunting. It will also come with a brief case size hard case.M762

And finally, the amazing DRD Tactical Paratus – P762 valued at $6,000. The Paratus will be offered in the GunBroker.com auction. Originally developed for the CSR request made by the Joint & Special Operations Program, it has a 16” hammer forged barrel and can be broken down for quick transport in smaller backpacks and small cases. This is a very cool gun and will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Masters Prize Packages
More and more companies are taking advantage of the the Masters Custom Prize Package option. MEC Shooting Sports has put together a a package consisting of a MEC 9000GN 12 gauge reloader, custom shooting pouches, reloading aprons and much more. So, for all you reloading enthusiasts, this is the prize package for you!

This is just a small taste of what’s in our treasure chest awaiting you in Florida. We’re only six weeks away, so check the Masters Blog weekly for more information and updates. If I can help, give me a shout at 719-237-4609 or send me an email shari@nullshootingindustry.com.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

May 22, 2014

Team Rosters Due!

It’s time to fill out your crew and finalize your team rosters. Our Match Coordinator is busy putting together the team packets and names of the your teammates are needed to complete the packages. Send team rosters to elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com

Rent A Ringer
If you’re looking for an edge to bring your team to the finish line, consider the Rent-A-Ringer program You can “rent” a USA Shooting team member for your team. There’s not a lot of events you can have National or World Champion shooting on your team. Plus, all Rent-A-Ringer funds are donated to USA Shooting to support these amazing athletes on their journey.

Confirmed Rent A Ringer athletes are:

A_english_USAAmber English – Current National Champion in Skeet, Amber is a former gymnast who switched sports to become one of the USA’s best shooters. Coming off a gold medal win at the Qatar Open Skeet Championships, Amber will be a great asset to any team.
2013 National Championships, Gold Medal
2014 Qatar Open – Gold Medal

Connor_USACaitlin Connor – A native of Texas, Caitlin grew up in the outdoors and began shooting at 15 years old in the 4-H program. Three years later, she won a Silver Medal at the Minsk World Cup.
2012 National Championships, Silver Medal
2011 World Cup Sydney – Silver Medal

Vizzi_USADania Vizzi – Nicknamed “Shooterina”, because she’s an avid dancer who now makes her best moves on the skeet range. She recently qualified for an invite to the Julliard Dance Intensive, but declined to focus on shooting.
2013 Junior Olympic Gold Medalist, National Championships
2013 World Shotgun Championships Junior Silver Medalist

MEC-targetNew Machines on the Clays Course
New Masters Platinum Sponsor MEC Shooting Sports is bringing in new machines for this year’s Masters and will be setting the course. With over 50 years of experience in the clay shooting industry, the MEC Clay Target Machines throw more variations of target presentations. So, get ready for one of the best designed clay courses you’ve ever shot on!

MGM_trgtMore Steel!
And welcome back MGM Targets who will be supplying all the targets for the Masters Main competition events. Our main events are more challenging and fun than ever before and MGM Targets has graciously signed on to supply the targets again. Be ready for some fast and furious steel events!

Raffle/Prize Submissions
It’s not too late to get your product submitted to the Masters Raffle and receive all the benefits that come with being a Prize Donator. If you’re interested in putting your product in the forefront at the Masters, contact me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and I’ll send back a Donation Submission form. Get your name and product in front of the entire industry at the Shooting Industry Masters!

Masters First Shots Orientation Class
Get the new shooters on your team in tip top shape with the Masters First Shots Orientation. Free instruction by the USA Shooting Team members mentioned above will help all the landlubbers on your team become familiar with the guns they’ll be using on the line. But remember….First Shots is for new shooters only. So, if you’re an old salt with a gun, step aside and let the newbies learn from the best. Sign them up with Elizabeth O’Neill at elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com

We’re finalizing our docking details with the Treasure Coast port clearly in sight. If you need any help with your docking, give me a shout at 719-237-4609 or send me an email. I’m here to help shari@nullshootingindustry.com.

I’ll be lookin’ for yer Jolly Roger to sail into port!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

May 15, 2014

Be In the Know!

I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails over the last few days with questions. Many of you may not be receiving the Masters eblast “Bounty” that we send out regularly. If you’re not getting information on the Masters it could be we don’t have your correct contact information. Send a quick email to elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com to update your contact info so you know of everything that’s happening at the Masters.

There’s also the Masters Facebook Page, where we’re constantly posting updates and new information. “Like” us on Facebook and you’ll automatically get notices of new postings.
And finally, follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate I’m always sending out tweets on new and exciting happenings that are coming up.

We’re just over 2 months away from the Masters opening it’s gates, so be sure you know what’s going on and where to be.

XS_Side_MatchSide Matches
Make it a point to stop by the XS Sights Side Match. The crew from the XS ship has gone rogue pirate and we need to keep them in check! I have it on good authority they’ll be using their muskets and cutlasses to hijack other crew to their Side Match!

Our first Masters Custom Prize Package is in! A big shout out “Thank You!” to SightMark for putting together this fantastic package. It has everything needed to deck out your AR-15 for optimal precision accuracy and versatility. The package has a retail value of $540 and includes:

LoPro Green LaserSiteMark
3x Tactical Magnifier
Ultra Shot Pro Spec NV QD Reflex Sight
T6 600 Lumen Flashlight
Promotional Sightmark banner and Shotglass

If your interested in donating a Masters Custom Prize Package, contact me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and I’ll explain the details of how you can fly your brand higher at the Masters.

We’ll have plenty of opportunities available for you to unload those heavy doubloons you’ll be bringing to the Masters for Side Matches and Raffle tickets. You might want to thing about raiding Davy Jones locker before you sail in!

First Shots
The Masters First Shots Orientation class is filling up pretty fast. A free two-hour class where you can learn how to shoot from some of the best shooters in the world. USA Shooting Team members are coming in from World Cup competition and taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the Masters and give free instruction at the Masters First Shots class Friday morning. So, if you want to learn from the best, sign up now. Contact elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com to add your name to the list.

It’s getting close my friends and in just a few short months, we’ll be seeing each other on the shores of the Treasure Coast. In the meantime, if I can do anything or answer any questions, give me a call at 719.237.4609 or send me an email to shari@nullshootingindustry.com.

Fair Winds!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

May 6, 2014

Hotel Accommodations

A lot of calls and emails are coming in about hotel reservations. All of the Masters host hotels have sold out, but there are some rooms available at these hotels and they are offering discounts to Masters attendee’s.

Best Western SebastianJust a few rooms left at this one. 
1655 US. Highway 1
Sebastian, FL 32958
7.5 miles from shooting range
Group Code: IRCSIM

Country Inn & Suites
9330 19 Ln,
Vero Beach, FL 32966
$89 – $104/night
12.3 miles from shooting range
Group Code: SIM

Historic Dodgertown
3901 26th St.
Vero Beach, FL 32960
18 miles from shooting range

Be involved in the Masters!
Just because we’re sold out doesn’t mean your company or product can’t still be a part of the Masters. There are still many opportunities to be involved in as a sponsor and/or get exposure for your product and company. If you want to get your product into the hands of the industry, consider donating to the Masters raffle and auction. All proceeds benefit the First Shots program, which introduces new people to the shooting sports. As a Product/Prize Sponsor, you’ll receive these benefits:

– Sponsor recognition in all printed promotional materials.
– Product donor listing in the 2013 Masters Event program.
– Signage listing located on-site on the “Prizes Donated by…..”
– Listing on the Shooting Industry Masters Blog

But the most important thing is, not only will you be promoting your product, you’re making a valuable contribution to the promotion and continuation of the shooting sports as we raise money to support the First Shots program.

SIG_P320Make sure you’re ready to pick up a lot of those $5.00 raffle tickets. New Gold sponsor SigSauer just donated a P320 Full Size 9mm Pistol – value $ 713 and a SIG556xi Classic 5.56 Rifle – value $2,179. Thank you SigSauer!

Side Matches are Sailing In
More and more Side Events are being confirmed. NSSF is bringing Rimfire Challenge consisting of two challenges: Rock Around the Clock and Head of the Snake! Big shout of thanks to Scott Volquartsen from Volquartsen Custom and Chet Alvord from Tactical Solutions for helping bring this side match to the Masters!

piratePirate Spirit
Bring your team spirit to the Masters in the form of pirating ! Join the ranks of Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Henry Morgan and my all time favorite – Anne Bonny -and win the Masters Spirit Award! The spirit of pirating is not just for Friday night – wear your pirate colors during the Masters and bring home the coveted Spirit Award!

If you’re crew is short a mate, you can always rent one. These are not just ordinary pirates; these are members of the US Shooting Team and Olympians. Members of the USA Shooting will be available to help your team get to the winner’s circle. Rent one of these amazing athletes for the Masters and you’ll help raise money for the USA Shooting Team. Contact Elizabeth O’Neill for more information.

If I can answer any questions or help you in any way, give me call at 719-237-4609 or email me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com. We’re full speed ahead and the Masters will be here in no time!

Smooth Sailing!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // Follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate

April 23, 2014

Schedule of Events

By now if you’ve checked you inbox for the latest issue of the “Bounty”, you know the schedule of events. There’s a lot going on:

Thursday – The Opening Ceremony/Welcome Reception on Thursday evening hosted by Treasure Coast Sports Commission and Indian River County at Dodgertown will be a full-blown bar-b-que. They’ll be plenty of food, music and activities. Be sure to bring your batting glove for the batting cages will be open and ready to test your swing. There will also be a putting/chipping green to test your stroke and perhaps make-up for those missed putts at the Honors for HAVA Golf Tournament earlier in the day.

Friday – Don’t forget to don your best pirate attire to the Friday evening bash hosted by FMG Publications at Capt. Hirams. After shooting the first round of the Masters and partaking in Side Match events, they’ll be “Casks of Grog” awaiting you at the Capt’s and prizes for the best costume. I expect to see plenty of Blackbeards and Jack Sparrow’s roaming around. And yes, we listened…there are plenty of places to sit down.

Saturday – We have a great location for the Awards Banquet and we’ve come up with some fun, new ideas to move it along. After shooting for two days between the Main Competition and all the Side Events planned, we know you’ll be ready for a rest, so be prepared to for a fast and furious auction. One of the Indian River County Commissioner’s – Wesley Davis is a professional auctioneer and I’ve been told he’s quite entertaining. It’s going to be quite a night!

Keep checking your inbox for the latest “Bounty.” You’ll be in the know on what’s happening at the Masters. And follow me on Twitter @ShariLeGate for regular Masters updates.

Masters Raffle
fzero_sim14More and more donations are coming in as companies want to support the Masters and the First Shots program. FAIL ZERO donated two items: an Exo Coated Basic Kit for an AR-15 and a M16/4. These drop-in BCG Kit’s contain a complete, fully assembled Bolt/Carrier Group that’s ready to drop in to any mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver. All critical parts have been treated with EXO Technology, a revolutionary surface technology that provides permanent dry lubricity so you don’t have to apply oil or grease to the treated parts of the gun. It’s very cool. Thank you FAIL ZERO for your support of the Masters!

We’ve been very lucky over the past 12 years with the Masters and we’ve never had a security breech. Unfortunately, times are changing, so you’ll notice when you arrive at the range on Friday morning that Indian River ‘s finest, the County Sheriff’s office will have a few checkpoints for you. No worries, if you’re supposed to be at the Masters, you’ll breeze through, but if you plan on bringing a guest who isn’t registered as part of the team or doesn’t have Pirate Pass credentials, they’ll be turned away at the gate. So, be sure everyone in your party is registered. Once the Team Captain picks up the team packet, special wristbands will be issued. Please wear them at all times or you’ll be facing the wrath of Maddog Molde who’s steering this ship and Capt. Thurman who is head of security.

If you’d like to be part of the Masters and are unsure what to do, give me a call. Friends of the Masters are always welcome!

Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

April 14, 2014

Fly your brand at the Masters

Providing product to the Shooting Industry Masters raffle has proven to be a great way of getting brand names out there in addition to putting actual product into the hands of industry leaders. So, we came up with another great way of helping you get more exposure at the Masters. Introducing the Masters Custom Prize Package. Get maximum impact by creating a company branded prize package for the raffle filled with just your products. The wholesale value of the package needs to be at least $500. This is a great way to fly your flag even higher during the Masters and support worthwhile industry programs! Talk to your FMG sales rep or give me a shout for more details.

Check your Inbox for the “Bounty”
The Masters eBlast “Bounty” will appear in the inboxes of all the Masters Team Captains this week, so be sure to look for it. It’s chockfull of information about what’s happening this year and will have a link for the Schedule of Events. Share the information with your teammates, so they can plan as well.

Download the Masters App
iphone_appThe Masters is tech savvy with the new Masters App. If you have an iphone, go to the App Store. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, go to the Google Play Store. Search for Vero Beach/Sebastian/Fellsmere and it will pop right up. Download to your phone and then open it. Scroll down to the Masters tab, click on it and all the directions to the range, the evening festivities and all the hotels will be available. In addition, there will be a Masters Discounts icon. Click on it for some great discounts from local retailers in the cities of Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere to Masters attendees. The whole thing is very cool.

Get Your Team Ready with First Shots
If you have new shooters on your team, sign them up for the Masters First Shots class. USA Shooting Team members and Olympians will be instructing on Friday morning to help new shooters get familiar with the guns and targets they’ll be shooting. There are only 50 slots available so sign up early. Contact Elizabeth O’Neill at Elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com.

Honors for HAVA
Another first for the Masters this year is the Honors for HAVA Golf Tournament. On Thursday, Treasure Coast Sports and Indian River County is hosting a fundraising golf tournament for HAVA at Sandridge Golf Club. It’s a Shotgun start with prizes being awarded for wining teams as well as other special contests. There’s only room for 28 teams, so sign up early. Come on down early, enjoy the beach, play a round of golf and then shoot the Masters! I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend. For more information on the HAVA Golf Tournament, visit ://www.treasurecoastsports.org/index.php/golf-tourn

There’s a lot going on during the Masters, so if you need help traversing these waters, give me a call or send me an email.

Fair Winds Friends!

Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

April 4, 2014

Smooth Sailing to the Treasure Coast

Yes, the Masters will be here in no time and preparations are moving quickly for one of the most exciting Shooting Industry Masters in our history. We have a lot of new and fun things planned, so expect the unexpected.

A big shout out to all our sponsors! You stepped up again and we have a record-breaking year! For those who got us this far, we are forever grateful for your loyalty. And a big hello to the 19 new sponsors who signed on this year:

Bold Ideas || Century Arms International || Diamondback Firearms || DoubleStar Firearms
European American Armory || Fail Zero || Freedom Forge || Hogue Grips || I.C.E. Training
Jim Clark Custom Guns || KimberUSA || Luth-AR || MEC Shooting Sports || PCP Ammunition
RedRing Sights || Sharps Rifles || Threat Dynamics || WMD Guns || Zander Sporting Goods

To all, a hearty thank you! We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you into the Masters family!

EBlasts – The regular Masters Team eBlasts will start showing up on your email inboxes. The eBlasts have the Who, What, Where and When information for Teams, Sponsors and Pirate Pass holders. Be sure to take the time to review them as it will make it much easier to traverse all the activities we have planned. The Masters Schedule of Events will be coming out in the first eBlast, so watch for it.

Berthing and Travel Considerations – Many of the hotels we listed before filled up quickly, so we went on the hunt to find new ones and came up with great options:

DtwnHistoric Dodgertown – A very cool place. Built in 1953 from an abandoned Naval base to accommodate spring training for the then-Brooklyn Dodgers and then the Los Angles Dodgers, it’s also the home of the Vero Beach Devil Rays. The walls are lined baseball memorabilia. Its baseball history at it’s finest, plus it comes with a hot all-you-can-eat breakfast. ://www.historicdodgertown.com/downloads/Shooting_MastersFlyer.jpg

Best Western Sebastian – Has rooms available and is only 7.5 miles from the range. The group code for that is IRCSIM and rooms are offered at $85/night. It was just newly remodeled and is very nice. www.bwsebastian.com

Masters Main Event – The Masters Mystery Course of Fire is being designed and a lot of eyebrows will raise this year. The Stage Directors have been working diligently and their lips are sealed. Bribes of any kind will not work as they are under threat from Capt. Thurman and will be walking with the plank if nary a whisper is heard.

Side Events – We have a lot of new Side Matches this year from companies as well as returning ones. Freedom Hunters will be back with Fling N Fly and Crazy Quail is making another appearance. Bring lots of “Doubloons” to buy tickets. I know several folks who spent most of their time at those two side events alone.

New to the being a Side Match Host is XS Sights. Make an effort to stop by their side-match: “I killed a six-pack just to watch it die”. Stephanie and Jon have been planning this for some time now and it’s one that will be very, very busy.

KimberUSA is joining us for the first time, not only as a sponsor, but also with a team and a very exciting side match. They jumped in with everything. A lot of different guns to shoot very, very quickly.

That’s it for now, but there’s a lot more. I’ll be updating the Masters Blog every week from now on. There’s so much happening, I’m excited to tell you all about it. Follow me on Twitter for updates at @sharilegate and Friend us on the Shooting Industry Masters Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/ShootingIndustryMasters

And as always, you can reach out to me through email or phone to answer questions, hear your thoughts and help you navigate if you hit rough waters.

Treasure Coast … Here we come!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

November 8, 2013
All of the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters team slots were filled in record time. After the great success in Cody, we expanded to 100 teams for 2014. All slots were filled within the first month of open registration. If your team missed the boat, contact us to be placed on the waiting list.

The exciting news is we have 12 new teams this year. They look to be landlubbers through and through to be sure. So all you Old Salts who know how to traverse the high seas of the Masters, lend a hand to these recruits until they get their sea legs.

Welcome Aboard To:

Big Rock Sports
Black Rain Ordnance
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Exact Components Technologies
Freedom Forge
Freedom Munitions
I.C.E. Training & Defense
MEC Shooting Sports
WMD Guns

You may be new to the Masters, but you’re not to us, so please feel free to contact any of the FMG crew for assistance in finding your way. We’re here to help.

Berthing and Travel Considerations

Hotel – If you haven’t made reservations yet, get on it. Some of the hotels on the list are filling up. The Masters is converging on this small resort town for a busy week and hotel rooms will start to become a premium.

>> Click for Masters Travel Information

Travel – There are several airports to fly into with easy access to Sebastian/Vero Beach:

Melbourne International – 36.3 miles, about 45 min.
Palm Beach International – 79.8 miles, about 1 hr 21 min.
Orlando International – 103 miles, about 1 hr. 44 min.
Ft. Lauderdale International – 122 miles, about 2 hrs.
Miami International – 140 miles, 2 hrs. 17 min.

Adventure and Promotion Opportunities

Sponsorship: There are three levels of sponsorship available: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All come with benefits, including reduced team entry, various size free ads in Shooting Industry Magazine, on-site banners and logos in pre and post event materials. This is a great way to get your company name out front in the industry and beyond.

Product/Prize Sponsor: If you’re looking to get more exposure for your product and want people to try it, feel it, touch it, and get to know it, consider donating to the Masters Raffle. Prizes are raffled or auctioned off at the Awards banquet on Saturday night. All proceeds from the raffle go to the National Shooting Sports Foundation First Shots program with selected products auctioned off to support the USA Shooting Team. You’re not only getting your product out in front of people, your helping to raise money for important industry education, building and promotional programs.

Side Event Sponsor: Now if you really want to get your product into the hands of the industry, think about becoming a Side Match Sponsor. Side Matches provide the sponsoring company an opportunity to “show off” their product and/or shooting events. Sponsored Side Matches are all self-contained events, but there is no fee to sponsor a Side Match and you get a tremendous amount of exposure.

There are many more things happening at the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters and I’m excited to keep you up-to-date throughout the year. Follow me on Twitter for updates @sharilegate and Like Us on Facebook to post your thoughts on the Masters.

Smooth sailing friends,

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

November 1, 2013

2014 Masters Heads to Florida’s Treasure Coast

I am definitely getting my fair share of pirate speak. There is no greater surprise in life than getting an email from Russ Thurman completely in pirate talk. I had to read it several times before I fully understood what he said. By the time the Masters rolls around next July, I will be an expert on pirate lingo.

UPDATE: All 2014 Shooting Industry Masters team slots have been filled. Contact Elizabeth O’Neill to add your team to a waiting list.

If you’ve already registered your team, be sure to reserve hotel rooms — NOW! The link below will help.

>> Click for Masters Travel Information

There are six official hotels listed and they’re filling up pretty quick. There are five airports to fly into; Melbourne is the closest, only 45 minutes away. After that, Palm Beach Int’l Airport, then Orlando Int’l, followed by Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood Int’l and finally Miami Int’l.

Also, if you’d like to plan a sales meeting or corporate retreat before or after the Masters, check out Capt. Hiram’s Resort and speak to Will Collins. He is offering complimentary conference space to the first two groups that would like to have a meeting or teambuilding event at the resort. It’s a very cool place located on the Indian River Lagoon with an old Florida feel nestled right there on the Intercoastal Waterway and it’s only 10 minutes from Indian River County Shooting Range.

October 6, 2013

2014 Shooting Industry Masters Sets Course To Treasure Coast

FMG Publications is pleased to announce the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters will be held at the Indian River Shooting Range in Sebastian, FL., July 18-19, 2014. Co-hosted by Indian River County and the Treasure Coast Sports Commission, 2014 Shooting Industry Masters will again feature the “Masters Mystery Course of Fire.”

“We’re excited to take the Shooting Industry Masters to Florida’s Atlantic coast,” said Randy Molde, FMG Publications, vice president of business development and match chairman. “The Indian River Shooting Range is an extraordinary venue that will allow us to provide new target shooting experiences and quite a few surprises for 2014 participants.”

Indian River County officials actively campaigned to bring the Masters to the Treasure Coast, recognizing the positive economic and social impact the event would have on the surrounding communities.

“We are delighted that Indian River County has been selected for the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters,” said Penny Chandler, president of the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. “The event brings international attention to our world-class gun range and our county as a great visitor destination and desirable place to do business.”

“The Florida Sports Foundation extends a warm welcome to the 2014 Industry Masters Sport Shooting Championships to Indian River County,” said FSF President John Webb. “I’m sure all of the competitors and their guests will have a wonderful experience in this great destination and enjoy the first class competitive venue at the Indian River County Public Shooting Range during their stay.”

The Shooting Industry Masters is a private industry event consisting of a variety of target shooting disciplines designed for both professional and novice four-person teams. This year, FMG Publications is adding a fundraising golf tournament, “Honors For HAVA” to Masters week. Sponsored by Indian River County, the golf tournament will be held on Thursday, July 17 at Sandridge Golf Club in Vero Beach with all proceeds benefiting Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA), an organization dedicated to helping disabled combat veterans.

Now, in its 12th year, the Shooting Industry Masters has raised nearly $300,000 for the First Shots program and the USA Shooting Team since 2001. The Masters is owned and operated my FMG Publications, publishers of GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, American COP, Shooting Industry magazine and eight Special Editions.

>> Click Here For Masters Travel Information — Official 2014 Hotels

For additional travel information contact Elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com.

For more information on the 2014 Shooting Industry masters, contact Shari LeGate, Event Manager at shari@nullshootingindustry.com or at 719-237-4609. Regular event updates can be viewed at www.facebook.com/ShootingIndusryMasters and from the Masters Twitter feed: @sharilegate.

Click Here for video information on Indian River County and the shooting range.

>> Click Here For 2013 Shooting Industry Masters Match Results

For the latest updates follow us on Facebook.

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The Shooting Industry Masters is owned and operated by FMG Publications.

BENEFITING: National Shooting Sports Foundation


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