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Rendezvous Celebrates Industry, Western Style
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September 5, 2013

2013 Shooting Industry Masters attendees explain why attending this industry-only event is a must.

Riding into the Sunset The Masters Unsung Heroes

August 23, 2013

The 2013 Shooting Industry Masters is in the record books. The sarsaparillas are all put away, the tall tales are fading to folklore and I’m sure that as we all look back, we’re finding plenty of highs from the entire event.

The Masters reached new heights this year in many different ways. A record number of sponsors, team entry maxing out, 17 side matches and an all time high on money raised for the First Shots program; $81,250.

None of this would have been possible without the generous mindset of the shooting sports industry. Kudos to the Masters sponsors and the Masters attendees who dug deep into their pockets hosting and shooting side matches and buying raffle tickets. Our heartfelt thanks to all!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received countless emails congratulating the FMG staff on a job well done and an outstanding achievement making the Masters this huge success. And we thank you for those accolades.

But, there are many unsung heroes when in comes to putting on a match the magnitude of the Shooting Industry Masters and I’d like to acknowledge a few here and now.

George Dillman, Cody Shooting Complex president.

George Dillman – Cody Shooting Complex President. A former military man, George’s work ethic is undeniable. George was the first one on the range as the sun’s morning rays peeked over the horizon and he was always the last one to leave making sure even the smallest job was done and nothing was left untended. The week before the Masters and the week after is 24/7 Masters and George never waivered from his post. We all know the event was the success it was because of George Dillman’s commitment to the Masters and to FMG Publications.

Mike Schnell

Mike Schnell – Cody Shooting Complex Sporting Clays Director. Mike worked tirelessly early on ordering new clay target throwers and refurbishing old ones. Whether he was hauling targets, ammunition or organizing trap pullers, Mike was there working side by side with the FMG Staff making sure that the Masters clays course was ready Friday morning. And at the end of the day, there was Mike with a smile and yes, a sarsaparilla in hand touting a job well done to all.

Bruce Sauers and Paul Brock – Buffalo Bill Center of the West. How often do you see the Director of Revenue & Enterprise and the Director of Operations of one of the most prestigious museums in the country setting up tables and pounding stakes in the ground to raise a tent? That was Bruce and Paul. It didn’t matter what was needed, they were the first to respond and offer assistance. When Bruce Sauers, in his dress shirt, shoes and black slacks picked up a sledgehammer with Paul to pound stakes into the hard dusty ground in front of the clubhouse, you realize these are two very special men. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is an amazing facility and these two gentlemen brought the pride they have in their museum to the Masters.

James Klessans

James Klessens – Forward Cody. The CEO and President of Forward Cody, James and his staff provided free breakfast every morning for the Masters attendees. Serving coffee at the break of day was James and Corrine Hutchins and handing out some of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had. Forward Cody Wyoming is the community’s leader, partner, advocate and facilitator in the development of a vibrant economy in the Cody area. If you have any questions about bringing your business or a business retreat to Cody, talk to James. He’s your man.

There are so many more that made the 2013 Shooting Industry Masters the tremendous success it became. From the 99 volunteers who showed up to help, to the club members and to the city of Cody, Wyo., itself. They truly showed us all what western hospitality really is.

Saying thank you is not nearly enough, but it’s a start.

For more information on the Shooting Industry Masters contact Shari Legate, event manager at shari@nullshootingindustry.com.

2013 Shooting Industry Masters Wrangles
$81,250 for Shooting Sports!

July 29, 2013

Head honchos and hired guns from the firearms industry rode into Cody, Wyo., July 19-20 to participate in the 11th annual Shooting Industry Masters. The 313 competitors and 74 industry partners raised a record $81,250 for shooting programs.

“The generosity and support from the people in our industry is astounding,” said Randy Molde, Shooting Industry Masters chairman and FMG Publications vice president of business development. An all-time high of $70,000 was raised for the NSSF, First Shots program which includes funds earned through special custom gun auctions on GunBroker.com. Additionally $11,250 was raised for the USA Shooting Team.

USA Shooting team members (left to right): Jake Turner, Amanda Furrer, Jamie Gray, Frank Thompson, Matt Emmons and Will Brown with NSSF First Shots manager, Tisma Juett (center).

“The folks that attend the Masters understand the importance of growing each of these programs to preserve the future of the shooting sports. It’s extremely gratifying to see business posturing put aside for a few days of camaraderie, target-shooting enjoyment and just pure fun.”

Produced and managed by FMG Publications, the Shooting Industry Masters consists of handgun, rifle and shotgun events but some of the real excitement comes in the form of side matches. This year’s match included 17 side matches that gave participants a chance to shoot everything from a Sharps rifle to a FNH USA grenade launcher and authentic Colt Gatling gun.

A record 53 sponsors signed on to help produce the 2013 Masters. Industry manufacturers and supporters also contributed the largest collection of prizes in the 11-year history of the match with 64 companies donating product for 72 raffle prize packages and 15 auction items.

The $70,000 raised by the 2013 edition of the Shooting Industry Masters increased the total for First Shots to $211,000 in five years.

The Shooting Industry Masters is divided into two classifications: Industry and Open. The Industry class is for new to intermediate shooters, while the Open class is for professional and advanced shooters. Regardless of class, scores are not published to maintain the no-pressure, fun atmosphere of the Masters.

The 2013 Industry class team champion was Browning with Smith & Wesson placing second and Versacarry taking the third position. Jared Milinazzo, of Oneida Molded Plastics was the highest scoring individual shooter and Tennille Chidestar, of Browning was the top lady of the Industry class.

In the Open division, team Hornady Pro finished first with Shooters Supply capturing second place and FNH USA finishing third. The top shooter in the Open division was Jim Clark of team PolyOne/DPMS who won the Masters for the second consecutive year and a record fourth time overall. The top lady in the Open division was Susan Sledge of P2K Shooting Range.

For more information on the Shooting Industry Masters contact Shari Legate, event manager at shari@nullshootingindustry.com.

Welcome to Cody, WY!

July 15, 2013

We are on the ground in Cody and it’s a beautiful 83 degrees. Be ready for an Old West Wyoming welcome and some very beautiful scenery from the majestic mountains to the plains where great herds of buffalo once roamed.

The city of Cody is ready for Shooting Industry Masters and the Cody Shooting Complex is putting on the finishing touches on some new additions just for the Masters. And the FMG Masters crew is ready as well. We’re putting our finishing touches on a match that will be one to remembered. But a couple of last minute items:

Team Captains, when you arrive at the Cody Shooting Complex on Friday morning, go directly to registration and pick up your registration packet. In the packet will be the Masters credentials for all your team members. I can’t stress enough how important it is that all your team members wear their credentials at all times. It will make things go smoother and quicker for everyone throughout the day and at evening events. You’ll also be getting a Parking Pass for your vehicle. Please place the pass on the dashboard of your card where it can be clearly seen. You’ll be waved right though the gate at the complex if gate security sees it. If not, you’ll be stopped and we’ll have to check the list for your name.


I’ve told you about some of the Side Matches, but there’s more….

Stop by the Benchmade Tomahawk Throw and try your hand at throwing a Tomahawk into a wooden circle. Benchmade will be giving away a beautifully crafted throwing knife to the tomahawk thrower that closest to the center.

And don’t forget the Benelli 3-Gun Challenge. Rifle, pistol and shotgun at 10, 15, 75 and 100 yards. See how fast you can get through their course shooting not only at steel, but clay targets as well.

Over at the Handgun Stage, you’ll find Glock and YSSA side matches. Glock has teamed up with Grizzly Targets and you’ll be shooting a Glock .45 at some pretty interesting targets being debuted by Grizzly. No spoiler alert here. You’ll have to stop by the Glock side match and see for yourself.

This is the first time YSSA will be joining the Masters and we are glad to have them. Their “Be A Kid Again” side match has you shooting the guns of your youth, plus a bow and arrow. Remember what it was like to shoot with just the basics? Visit the YSSA side match and see if you still can.


Thursday at the Buffalo Bill Center for the West –
Hosted by the Buffalo Bill museum, this private reception will be an evening to remember. Be sure to take the time to visit the Buffalo Bill wing and see the exhibits from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the Western Art wing has some of the most amazing paintings. After welcoming remarks, the world renown firearms wing will be opened with the curators in attendance. Be sure to thank the museum staff and the Museum Advisory Board for graciously hosting this event.

Friday at Old Trail Town –
I’ve had some pretty interesting phone calls from folks asking about attire for the Saturday evening event. “Can I wear my guns in my holsters” and “will there be a place to tie up my horse” are just a few. I’m looking forward to this. Be sure to make a point of visiting Jeremiah Johnston’s grave. It’s right there at the end of Main Street in Old Trail Town. This is a period era event, so be sure to wear your best Western attire, kick up some dust and vie for the Masters Spirit Award!

Saturday at the Riley Arena –
The big night! Awards ceremony, raffle and auction. There is so much planned, we’re going to have to move through the evening pretty quickly, so make sure you wear your credentials, grab a few sarsaparilla’s at the bar and get ready. Our own Captain Russ will keep things moving and I guarantee you, time will fly by. So fill your pockets with cash as we raise money for the First Shots program and the USA Shooting Team.

All of us at FMG are excited that the Masters is upon us and we want to again thank everyone for all their support and enthusiasm, especially our sponsors. Not only the ones that have been with us for many years, but the many new sponsors that are joining us this year. The success of the Masters is a direct result of this support. But it’s not just the financial supports in product donations and cash sponsorships, it’s also in the time and effort that our sponsors and teams put in to the Masters. We could have not gotten this far without you and we thank you!

Welcome all! It’s time for the 2013 Masters!

Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com or tag me in a Tweet @sharilegate (Follow me on Twitter – I’ll be tweeting weather info and current happenings all this week)

A Week Away!

July 10, 2013

Next week we’ll all be meeting up in Cody for the 11th Annual Masters and judging by the flurry of phone calls and emails, you’re in for an unprecedented great time! But before I tell you about the great Side Matches and Main Event, we have some very important news.

***** The Shooting Industry Masters
is officially SOLD OUT! *****

We are grateful for the overwhelming support of the Masters and the increase in participation at this year’s event.

Unfortunately, because the response is so significant, uninvited guests, spouses and children cannot be accommodated and will not be admitted to the Cody Shooting Complex or Masters evening events. Only team members, previously arranged Pardner and guest pass recipients will be allowed entrance into Masters events.

Cody has a nightly rodeo, plus dozens of excellent restaurants and other activities to keep your guest, family member or associate entertained while you’re at the Masters. Please share this information with all of your team members.

Main Event Competition

The Masters Mystery Course of Fire is set. Just a reminder, the Masters supplies everything. Guns, ammo, ear and eye protection, talent … well, maybe not talent, but we’ll be happy to give you some advice. So don’t bring any guns because you won’t be able to use them. You can bring your own shotgun for the clays event, but we have plenty of those too and everything else you’ll need.

The only thing we want you to bring is your spirit. The Masters Spirit Award is up for grabs to the team who has the most fun in shooting, attire and attitude. The Masters staff will be keep a watchful eye on who’s enjoying the Masters most and that team will take home the prestigious Spirit Award, along with a special prize.

Side Matches

17 Side Matches are riding into to Cody next week and I’ve told you about a few of them over the past few weeks, but here’s the scoop on a few more:

BullsEye Camera Systems Challenge – shoot at 200-yard paper target that has a camera sitting by it. The camera wirelessly transmits back to a laptop exactly where you hit the target. You can shoot the same target dozens of time and the camera records your shot. No more taping bullet holes or changing targets. Very cool.

One shot and the closest to the bull’s eye wins a Bullseye Camera Systems Standard Edition valued at $549.00. Very cool, so step up to the line and give the camera you best shot!

Bullseye Camera Systems Standard Edition

Thompson/Center Muzzle Loading Challenge – Shoot a .50 cal muzzleloader at a 75 & 100-yard target. Every time you shoot, you receive a ticket for a drawing for a Triumph Bone Collector .50 Cal Muzzleloader worth $669.00. Pit your sharpshooting skills against all others with at this event.

Thompson Center Triumph Bone Collector

Freedom Hunters Fling & Fly – Anyone can shoot a bow and arrow at a stationary target, but can you shoot at a target flying through the air? The target flings by and when you let the arrow fly, hopefully the two meet. All it takes is a little lead, a good release and a lot of luck.

Let me introduce you to Freedom Hunters. This is an organization that brings together the fathers of fallen soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. These dads come together to bond, honor and celebrate the lives of the sons and daughters they lost. They’re a great organization, so be sure to stop by, meet the dads and let the arrows fly!

Bring Your FFL!

The Masters has more firearms in the raffle/auction than ever before. Our sponsors have stepped up to the firing line supporting the Masters with donations the likes you’ve never seen before.

If you win a gun we can get it to you more quickly if you have your FFL. We can ship to your FFL directly from Cody. You’ll have your prize in no time!

This is just a snippet of what lies ahead at the Masters in Cody, so be sure to bring your best cowboy gear, fill your pockets with $5 bills for Side Matches and head west. The Masters is a-coming!

This week’s old west wisdom –
“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

Safe travels to Cody!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

Cowboys And Aliens!

June 17, 2013

You think Cody, WY and you think cowboys, lots and lots of cowboys. Not to mention all the extra cowpokes riding in for the Masters. But aliens in Cody? Yeah Buddy! There’s a pending invasion on the horizon in them Wyoming hills … The aliens are coming!

Come July 19, the aliens are landing their spaceship at the Cody Shooting Complex, and they’re gunnin’ for the Masters. But don’t despair. There are some white hats riding to the rescue in the form of FNH USA. Bringing a grenade launcher and some mighty powerful alien whack ‘em guns, the FNH USA Side Match is an event not to be missed. As aliens pour out from their space ship, it’s up to the cowboys to save the day. So, stop by the FNH USA Side Match and be ready for a close encounter.

Rent An Olympian!

Need help rounding out your team? How would you like to have an Olympic Gold Medalist on your team helping you cross the finish line? Here’s your chance to shoot with some of the greatest shooters of all time. USA Shooting Team athletes are riding into Cody to raise money for First Shots and for the Olympic Team and you can rent one to shoot the entire Masters event. Team Shooter’s Supply 1 & 2 already scooped up 2 of the athletes, but there’s a few left:

Jamie Gray – $700
“I’m Jamie and I won a Gold Medal at the London Olympics breaking a 20-year dry spell for Women’s 3-Position Rifle. If your team is having a dry spell, rent me for the match and we can work on breaking it together.”

Matt Emmons – $700
“Hi, I’m Matt Emmons. I’ve been to the Olympics 3 times winning 3 medals, so if there’s one thing I know how to do is WIN. Rent me and we can all shoot for some medals.”

Amanda Furrer – $600
“I started shooting at 11 years old and shot Women’s 3-position rifle at the 2012 London Olympics, so I know how to get to the top. Rent me and it won’t just be our boots will be kicking.”

All the proceeds from renting these athletes go to USA Shooting, so while your making a donation to help future Olympians, you’ll be shooting right along side of them. Contact at Elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com for more information.

Better Late than Never … Well, Not Always.

I’ve been getting a few phone calls from folks who’ve waited to the last minute to get their flights to Cody and are finding it hard to get there. So, for the procrastinators out there, here’s an option. Great Lakes Airlines is a regional airline with hubs in Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Los Angles and serves 45 airports in 13 states. Good news is they fly into Sheridan, Worland and Riverton, WY. You’ll have a little bit of drive to Cody, but it’s across the beautiful Wyoming countryside. Go to www.greatlakesav.com to find flights.

This Week’s Old West Wisdom –

“If the world made sense, men would ride……..Sidesaddle.”

We’re only 5 weeks away from the shots being fired at the Masters so, get your boots shined and Stetson ready. The Masters is a-coming!

See you there!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com or tag me in a Tweet @sharilegate

Get In The Spirit

May 28, 2013

Create spirit for your team. Every year, the Masters comes up with new, fun events and different ways to involve your team. We want you to get the most out of the Masters and this year is no different.

In Bowling Green last year, our Friday night reception was held at the Corvette Museum with a 50’s theme. We encouraged Masters participants to attend our “Sock Hop” costumed up and boy, did they ever! From poodle skirt clad teenyboppers to “The Fonz” impersonators, Masters participants went all out.

Out of that great response, the Masters Spirit Award was born. The first year, it was awarded to Team Taurus for their great costumes and fun on the range. Each member of the team received a gift certificate for showing their spirit.

The Spirit Award is now part of the Masters tradition and in carrying on his team’s spirit, Taurus CEO Mark Kresser stepped up to the plate donating a traveling trophy to the masters to “keep the spirit going”. A beautiful bronze of a bull and a bear facing off for the prize, the Masters Spirit award is given out to the team that demonstrates the most spirit in attire, attitude, gamesmanship and just plain ordinary – how to have a good time fun.

So, this year, get in the spirit! Cowboy up for Old Trail Town Friday night and have a hootin’, hollerin’ good time while shooting the match and your team could be the next recipient of the Masters Spirit award.

Guess who’s coming to a Masters Side Match?

It’s the West…..it’s Cowboy and it’s Colt! The perfect combination for Colt to host a Side Match with their 1874 Bulldog Gatling Gun. Firing .45-70 at 600 rounds per minute, the Gatling gun was the forerunner to the modern machine gun.

All models of the Gatling gun were declared obsolete by the U.S. Army in 1911, so here’s your chance to experience a piece of history. Be sure to stop by Colt’s Side Match and give the Bulldog a crank or two.

Once in a Lifetime at the Masters!

And speaking of history, a once in a lifetime opportunity is coming to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the Masters will be there for it. In 1876, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History established the National Firearms Collection in honor of the American Centennial. Since then, it has grown to nearly 7,000 artifacts. And dozens of these historically significant firearms will be on display at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West while the Masters is there.

Making the journey westward from the Smithsonian are 64 unique firearms – including 3 national treasurers; a 7-foot long gold Miquelet lock musket that was given to President Thomas Jefferson in 1805 by the Bey of Tunisia after the Tripolitan wars.

A beautifully embellished Jaeger rifle that belonged to Catherine the Great of Russia with a velvet check piece to ensure her royal imperial face would not touch the stock.

But, here’s my favorite. Before Richard Gatling could make his invention – the Gatling Gun – he first created a miniature wooden prototype to submit to the U.S. Patent office. The patent was approved in 1862, production started shortly after and we all know the rest.

The miniature is on display as part of this exhibition. So, you’ll not only be able to see the beginnings of the Gatling Gun, but the next day, you’ll be at the Masters shooting one!

As you can see, we have a lot going on at the Masters and there’s more to come, so keep watching for your eBlasts in your email and check the Masters Website for more information or contact me directly at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and follow me on Twitter @sharilegate for quick updates.

This Week’s Old West Wisdom –
“After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut.”

Side Match Mecca

May 15, 2013

The 2013 Masters is setting a new record with Side Matches! As of today, we have 17 Side Matches confirmed. So, be ready. When you saunter onto the Masters range at the Cody Shooting Complex, you’re going to come across some interesting guns, fast moving targets and exciting events.

There are several locations for this year’s side matches. Leupold’s Side Match Trail, Cabela’s Side Match Prairie, Davidson’s Gallery of Guns Clay Target Town and Galco’s Main Street. Be sure to visit each area, as there is some fun shooting to be had at each one.

Such as the Buffalo Bill Museum, who partnered up with local antique firearms dealer Wyoming Armory to really give you a taste of the old west!

Their Side Match consists of two rounds of .45-70 Govt. loaded with black powder fired from an 1874 Sharps buffalo rifle from cross sticks at steel silhouettes of buffalos placed at 100 yards and 200 yards. How’s that for bringing you out of your saddle?

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll go from shooting in the old west to futuristic shooting. I’ll highlight a side match every week, giving you a taste of what to expect, so be sure to check in regularly.


You can still donate to the Masters for the raffle and live auction. Proceeds from the raffle and live auction benefit the First Shots program and the USA Shooting Team. So, while you’re having a great time shooting and enjoying your colleagues, you’re also raising money for two great organizations. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!

If you’d like to donate or if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, you can contact me directly at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and follow me on Twitter @sharilegate for quick updates.

This week’s Old West Wisdom
“Always drink your whiskey with your gun hand, it show’s your friendly intentions.”

Cowboy Up

May 7, 2013

I know it’s been pretty quiet on the Western front the past few weeks, but it’s not because things haven’t been happening. Quite the opposite, there’s a lot happening and it’s time to let y’all know about it.

First, by all the phone calls and emails I’ve been receiving, our original block of hotel rooms sold out pretty quickly. Good news though, we have another hotel set up giving a 10% discount if you mention Shooting Industry Masters.

It’s the Kings Inn Cody, direct line: 307-527-6604. However, they have only 15 rooms left, so if you haven’t made any reservations, make them quick. We’ve also secured a group discount with Hertz Rent-A-Car. To book a car with them, directly go to hertz.com and select the “Enter a discount code” box then type 022Q6262 into the Convention Code (CV) area to apply the discount.


We’re getting more and more interest in the Masters Pardner Passes. This is the pass granting access into the Shooting Industry Masters. You can shoot all of the Side Matches, and there are many. It includes the daily lunches and entrance into all the evening festivities. The only thing it doesn’t allow is shooting the main competition itself.

This is the first time we’ve allowed non-team attendees. We created the Pardner Passes when the Masters sold out so quickly. There were many teams still wanting to attend, so to accommodate them, we extended the opportunity of coming to the Masters, even though they wouldn’t be able to shoot the main competition.

But, the Masters is not open to the public and we do that for a reason. We know the Masters is a wonderful opportunity to network, socialize and make new friends. Our goal for the Masters is to keep that opportunity going and to keep the Masters intimate in a relaxed atmosphere with fun filled days of shooting minus the pressures from the day-to-day trials of daily business.

We’re very protective of our attendees and want to make sure no one is put in an uncomfortable position. For that reason, all those who apply for a Pardner Pass go through a vetting process to make sure those folks are valid and upstanding members of the industry.

So, if you’re interested in a Pardner Pass, shoot me a quick email him and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


Need some help with your shooting when you’re at the Masters? Take the Masters First Shots class and learn from the very best. This introductory class on Friday morning will familiarize you with guns and give your some good basic fundamentals for hitting targets. This year, we have an amazing lineup of USA Shooting Team athletes who will be attending and instructing at the Masters First Shots Orientation class. The list of instructors includes:

Matt Emmons (rifle)-3x Olympian and 3x Olympic medalist
Jamie Gray (rifle)-2x Olympian, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
Amanda Furrer (rifle)-2012 Olympian
Frank Thompson (shotgun, skeet)-2012 Olympian
Jake Turner (shotgun, trap)-National champion and national team member
Jaiden Grinnell (shotgun, skeet)-World Cup medalist, current national record holder

Please remember that the Masters First Shots Orientation is for new shooters. While we like to encourage fun and games at the Masters, safety is our #1 priority, so if you have any team members who are new to the shooting sports, sign ‘em up and will get them all squared away for a good shoot.

If you would like to participate in the Masters First Shots Orientation class, email Elizabeth O’Neill at Elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com.

Missed Out On Masters Entry? No Problem, Pardner!

February 20, 2013
You probably know by now the 2013 Shooting Industry Masters is sold out! Five months prior to the first shot going downrange, we have maxed out team entry. What a telling statement for not just the Masters, but for the industry itself.

There are many industries where the people involved just work, but aren’t really a part of what they do. That’s what’s great about the shooting industry: We’re a part of it, we want to be involved with it and more importantly, we want to enjoy it — which is why the Masters sells out as quickly as it does.

So, if you missed getting your team entry in on time, we have another option for you. Attend the Masters on a Pardner Pass. The 2013 Shooting Industry Masters Pardner Pass offers the opportunity for an individual to enjoy and experience the flavor of the match without actually entering a team.

A Pardner Pass grants you access into the Shooting Industry Masters. You can shoot all of the Side Matches, enjoy the daily lunches and dinners, and participate in all the evening festivities with your friends and colleagues. The only thing the Pardner Pass doesn’t allow is shooting in the main competition itself.

Those who have attended the Masters know this event is not about the competition. It’s about getting together with other members of the industry, networking and socializing in an atmosphere that’s relaxed and friendly.

Now, there are a few folks out there who perhaps have attended the previous Masters and are feeling a little slighted, because they didn’t get into the 2013 match. Those who know us at FMG Publications know we’ve never shown preferential treatment. We did not do it at the Academy of Excellence and we don’t do it at the Shooting Industry Masters. It’s all on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, if you didn’t get your team in, come to the Masters on a Pardner Pass and enjoy all the benefits of being there. It’s only $250 per person. Email me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and I’ll be happy to send you the sign-up form. You can shoot side matches, chew the fat with your buddies and throw back a few sarsaparillas.

More Masters Opportunities

Whether or not you have a team entered in the Masters, your company or product can still be a part of the event. There are many opportunities to be involved as a sponsor and get exposure for your product and company. There are several levels of sponsorships still available, all of which give your company tremendous exposure at the Masters and in Shooting Industry Magazine, as well. Get your name out there in front of people!

If you want to get your product into the hands of the industry, consider donating to the Masters raffle and auction. All proceeds benefit the First Shots program, which introduces new people to the shooting sports. As a Product/Prize Sponsor, you’ll receive these benefits:

• Sponsor recognition in all printed promotional materials
• Product donor listing in the 2013 Masters event program
• Onsite signage listing on the “Prizes Donated by …”
• Listing on the Shooting Industry Masters Blog

The most important thing? Not only will you be promoting your product, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the promotion and continuation of the shooting sports as we raise money to support First Shots.

Side Matches Riding In

With five months to go before boots hit the ground, we already have 13 confirmed Masters Side Matches.

Look for a new event this year from LaserMax, which involves the use of .22 rifles and .22 revolvers featuring soon-to-be-released laser products. Imagine shooting inside a darkened tent at different types of targets. How exciting! Come to the Masters and try out brand-new products.

Another newcomer to the Side Match stage is YSSA, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance. The YSSA Side Match is a timed event that combines shooting and archery, with participants shooting the Savage Mark 1 rifle, a Henry Mini Bolt rifle, a Henry Lever Action rifle, a Mossberg Model 510 Super Mini Bantam 20-gauge shotgun and a Genesis Bow — all at a variety of targets. How will your marksmanship skills stack up?

This week’s Old West Wisdom:
“If all you do is follow behind the lead cow, all you’ll do is step in the mess left behind.”
— Old West Proverb

See you soon, Pardner!

-Shari LeGate, Event Manager//shari@nullshootingindustry.com

February 11, 2013

2013 Shooting Industry Masters Sells Out In Record Time

With more than four months before the first shot reports the start of the 2013 Shooting Industry Masters, all team slots have been officially filled. The 11th annual event will be held in Cody, Wyo., July 19-20.

This popular industry-only multi-gun match reached capacity earlier than ever before, with 80 four-person teams signing on to participate in the two-day tournament featuring mystery handgun, rifle and shotgun events.

“While we’re excited so many industry standouts have already signed up, the hardest part is turning away more teams nearly every day,” said Randy Molde, Shooting Industry Masters chairman.

In addition to the main events, this year’s Masters will also include at least 10 side matches in which participants can try a variety of guns in an array of shooting formats. Companies such as Colt, Crazy Quail, Crimson Trace, DoubleTap Ammunition, FNH USA, Glock, Laser Shot, Thompson/Center and more have committed to creating exciting and fun shooting experiences.

“Competitors will want to bring a healthy trigger finger, along with a fully funded wallet, to enjoy the incredible shooting opportunities we’re planning,” said Shari LeGate, event manager. Money raised through side match events, auctions and prize raffles will directly support the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s First Shots program, which introduces new people to guns and safe shooting practices.

“We’re 100 percent committed to the First Shots program, and how it introduces new folks to the shooting sports and brings new customers into our businesses,” said Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry Masters match director.

The Masters has raised nearly $150,000 in the last four years to support First Shots.

A record 40 companies have also signed on to sponsor the Shooting Industry Masters at varying levels of participation.
“What began as a small industry gathering 11 years ago with a dozen or so teams has become one of the premier industry events of the year,” Molde said. “We feel extremely fortunate to facilitate such a popular team-building event that helps support the future of shooting sports. We can’t wait to get together with the industry again in July for what’s going to be one heck of a good time.”

For those individuals who were not fortunate enough to secure a team spot in this year’s Masters, a limited number of “Partner Passes” are available to qualifying industry representatives. The pass allows individuals to experience the flavor of the event, participate in side matches and attend all evening functions. Contact Elizabeth O’Neill at elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com or 1-800-537-3006 ext. 279 for more information.

FMG Publications Receives NSSF Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award For Shooting Industry Masters

January 23, 2013
The National Shooting Sports Foundation presented FMG Publications with its highest honor — the Ken Sedlecky Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2013 SHOT Show State of the Industry reception.

“We are proud and honored to present this award to one of our greatest supporters. One which has done more than any other to support the NSSF’s First Shots program,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “It is the highest honor we can give.

Ken Sedlecky Award presented to FMGs Russ Thurman, and Randy Molde by Bob Scott and Steve Sanetti of NSSF.

“The extremely successful First Shots program allows shooters of all ages, particularly women, to get their first factual introduction to firearms and their safe and proper usage. This is so important in today’s world of instant global misinformation and it’s vital to help dispel fear and misconceptions about recreational shooters and the firearms we responsibly own and use. To date FMG Publications has donated almost $150,000 to our First Shots program and that in turn is made possible by the industry’s participation in the Shooting Industry Masters competition which FMG instituted, nurtured and has grown to be the premier industry shooting event.

“We are very proud to be part of this industry and to support NSSF and First Shots,” said Randy Molde, FMG Publications vice president of business development. “Considering how much Ken Sedlecky did to grow the shooting sports during his lifetime, it’s an honor to receive this award on behalf of 10-years’ worth of Shooting Industry Masters participants.”

The Shooting Industry Masters combines handgun rifle and shotgun events in a fun competitive format open to industry representatives only. Money raised through the event supports First Shots.

“In 2012, we fired 100,000 rounds of handgun rifle and shotgun ammunition and no one was hurt except their egos,” said Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry Magazine publisher. “Now in its 11th year, the Masters brings all of us together for an industry family reunion. It’s part of the heritage of our country.”

“It’s more critical than ever to make sure the introduction to recreational shooting is the best experience possible,” continued Molde. “First Shots training helps do that. The safe, fun, hands-on instruction First Shot events provide, create an unlimited number of opportunities to bring new shooters into our businesses and keep them coming back for more. We plan to support this worthwhile program for many years to come through the Shooting Industry Masters.”

The 2013 Shooting Industry Masters will be held in Cody, Wyoming, July 19-20.

A Masters High Point!

December 18, 2012
Well, the Masters has set another milestone. This time with Team Sign up.

We are at 28 confirmed teams! That’s the most confirmed teams signed up for the Masters at this point in time than in previous years. I know that doesn’t seem like many, but keep in mind, we are still 8 months from the first round going downrange at the Masters! Only 80 teams can be entered and each week more and more entry forms are received. So, if you haven’t sent in your team entry yet, better get on it. I would hate to see you on the waiting list as did a number of teams for the 2012 Masters.

If you don’t know where to start on becoming a part of the Shooting Industry Masters, email me at shari@nullshootingindustry.com and I’ll get you started. There’s plenty of ways to get involved and I can work with you figuring out what fits you and your company best, aside from entering a team. Because while you’re at the Masters enjoying the shooting and networking, let’s get as much exposure for your company and product as we possibly can. Here are the possibilities:

Team Entry: A Masters Team consists of 4 people and it can be coed. There are two categories; Industry Division and Open Division. The Industry Division is the people who work for companies in the shooting industry. These are the people who don’t shoot the professional circuit or big tournaments regularly and haven’t finished in the top 10% of a shooting sport or have a professional ranking.

The Open Division is for the folks who shoot professionally, have won national or international tournaments and have a ranking.

Can you take one professional shooter and three industry shooters and enter the Industry Division? No. If you have a professional shooter on your team, you’re going into the Open Division. Why, because the Masters is about having fun and enjoying the other folks that work in our industry. Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s a friendly competition and we’re very aware that we all don’t have the same shooting ability, but we try to make it as fair and equitable as possible.

Sponsorship: There are four levels of sponsorship available: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. All come with benefits, including reduced team entry, various size free ads in Shooting Industry Magazine, on-site banners and logos in pre – and – post event materials. This is a great way to get your company name out there in front of people.

Product/Prize Sponsor: If you’re looking to get more exposure for your product and want people to try it, feel it, touch it, get to know it, consider donating to the Masters Raffle. All prizes are raffled or auctioned off at the Awards Banquet on Saturday night. All proceeds from the raffle go to the National Shooting Sports Foundation First Shots program and selected products are auctioned off to support our USA Shooting Team. So, not only are you getting your product out in front of people, your helping to raise money for some very good causes.

For those of you who’ve asked, none of the products donated are used as award prizes for the competitions. FMG Publications supplies all the awards that recognize the winners of the Masters competition.

Side Event Sponsor: Now if you really want to get your product into the hands of the industry, think about becoming a Side Match Sponsor. Side Matches provide the sponsoring company an opportunity to “show off” their product and/or shooting events. Sponsored Side Matches are all self-contained events, but there is no fee to sponsor a Side Match and you get a tremendous amount of exposure.

As you can see, there are all sorts of different ways for you to be a part of the Shooting Industry Masters. Call or email me and I can go over all the opportunities, explaining each one and how you can benefit from the Masters while you’re having a great time shooting it.

So, if you haven’t thought about the Masters yet, because it’s not until July of 2013 and you think you have plenty of time. Think again…it’ll sneak up on you and July will be here before you know it.

This week’s Old West Wisdom If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering someone else’s dog around. – Will Rogers

See you in Cody!

~Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

Bring a Team … Build a Team

November 16, 2012
There’s more to the Masters than meets the eye.

Sure, the Masters is about shooting … lots and lots of shooting. And we all love to shoot, especially those of us who are in the industry. Most of the time, we’re so busy running our industry; we don’t always have time to participate in it, which is why we have the Master’s.

But the Masters offers much more than just fun times and good shooting. A lot of folks use it as a company event to bring their staff together.

FNHUSALike Ken Pfau, Senior VP, Law Enforcement/Commercial Operations at FNH USA who wrote us, “I look at the FMG Shooting Industry Masters, as a mini-corporate getaway where I can get my team together from sales, marketing, IT and logistics, putting them in a fun environment to share experiences with other companies like ours and wrap that around a great cause like First Shots.”

GlockBob Radecki, National Sales Manager for Glock, Inc. concurred, “The Masters is a great team building event for our company and employees. My staff is spread around the country and I can bring them together to work and network in a non-competitive situation, all while raising money for First Shots. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

So, bring a team and while you’re at it … Build a team.

Hotel Accommodations

The Masters blocked off a number of hotel rooms in Cody for the event, but if you haven’t made your reservations yet … get on it pardner, or you’ll be sleeping under the stars.

The Blair Hotels are the Masters Host Hotels which includes the Holiday Inn, the Comfort Inn and the Buffalo Bill Village Cabins.

The cabins are really nice, very modern and include phone, coffee pot, cable television and yes, there’s running water and indoor plumbing. The really cool thing is, you can park your car right next to your cabin. No hauling luggage and equipment through the hotel, in the elevator or down the hall.

Here’s the best part, in the evening, we’ll all be milling around outside the cabins, throwing back a few sarsaparillas, chewing the fat and swapping a story or two. Book now! Here’s the link to all the Masters Travel page.

New Sponsors
Welcome to the Masters and a hearty Thank You for your support:

MTM Case-Gard

Crossbreed Holsters
In-Range Supplies

Returning SponsorsWelcome Back!


Crimson Trace
Daniel Defense

We appreciate you and know that the Masters wouldn’t be what it is without you and your support.

This week’s Old West Wisdom –
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

Have a good week!

~Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

Go West Young Man … Well, Northwest.

October 31, 2012
The 2013 Shooting Industry Masters is heading out west to the Equality State … Wyoming, which is very appropriate considering that’s what the Masters is all about – equality amongst shooters.

Mark your calendars for July 19- 210, 2013 and head to Cody, Wyoming to experience one of the best adventures of all time. Back in the saddle is the Masters Mystery Course of Fire and new side matches that will leave you itching to pull the trigger and scratching your head, plus plenty of western flair.

Bring your family with you! There is so much to do! This was the personal playground of Buffalo Bill and there’s plenty of fun for family and friends in the town of Cody and the surrounding area while your shooting’ ‘em up at the Masters. July is the height of the season in Wyoming and there’s something happening every day.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West, five museums under one roof celebrating the Spirit of the American West. Buffalo Bill himself greets you, well almost; a hologram of Bill welcomes you as well as some good size buffalo.

The Cody Nite Rodeo happens every night and right down the street is the Cowboy Music Revue. The one and only great mountain man of all time, Jeremiah Johnson is laid to rest in Cody. Learn all about his adventures. Visit Heart Mountain and the historic Buffalo Bill Dam. Cody is only 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park on a highway with breathtaking scenery and plenty of wildlife. Partner all that up with the Masters shooting events and evening festivities and this is just one good time waiting to happen.

Stay ahead of the competition and check in with me every week to get Team and Sponsor updates. Find out whose doing Side Events and what they’re planning.

I’ll also give you a more in-depth look and a heads up on where to go and what’s happening in Cody so the rest of your posse can check out the place while the Masters is going on at the Cody Shooting Complex.

As William F. Cody himself said, “If, after accompanying me on this journey, your interest in this vast land of my youth is awakened, I shall feel richly repaid.”

After visiting the town, the range, the museum and the park during the site survey, one cannot help but tip their hat to this freewheeling man with a bushy moustache and thank him for creating Cody, Wyoming.

Some Old West wisdom to get you through the week –
“When you begin a cattle drive, you can’t expect to say you’re finished until have visited a fancy woman and played some games of chance.”Wild Bill Hickok

Saddle Up!

~Shari LeGate, Event Manager // shari@nullshootingindustry.com

Shooting Industry Masters Rides Into Cody, Wyoming For 2013 Event!

October 15, 2012
Organizers of the Shooting Industry Masters announced the 11th annual match will be held at the Cody Shooting Complex in Cody, Wy., July 19-20, 2013.

“When the opportunity arose to host the Masters in Buffalo Bill’s back yard, we couldn’t pass it up,” said match chairman Randy Molde. “Cody offers a unique glimpse of our American western heritage as well a home for the most comprehensive collection of American firearms in the world the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Once we mixed in the top-notch resources of the Cody Shooting Complex, we came away with all the fixins for an unforgettable weekend.”

The city of Cody is located in northern Wyoming just 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park.

“It is appropriate that the leaders of today’s shooting industry gather in the region where the likes of Bill Ruger, Sr., Jack O’Conner and Elmer Keith enjoyed shooting, hunting and each other’s company,” said George Dillman, president, Cody Shooting Complex and advisory board member, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody Firearms Museum. “This Shooting Industry Masters and time spent in Cody and at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, especially at the Cody Firearms Museum, will be time well spent and will provide memories that will last for years.”

The Cody Shooting Complex hosts a variety of major shooting events year-round including the annual Buffalo Bill Invitational. “We are looking forward to hosting the Masters,” added Dillman.

The Shooting Industry Masters is a handgun, rifle, shotgun competition divided into two classifications: Industry and Open. The Industry class is for new to intermediate shooters, while the Open class is for professional and advanced shooters. Regardless of class, scores are not published to maintain the no-pressure, fun atmosphere of the Masters. The purpose of the match is to raise awareness and funds for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s First Shots program which helps introduce individuals to shooting and gun safety. The Masters has raised $141,000 for First Shots during the last four Masters events.

The Shooting Industry Masters is owned and operated by FMG Publications, publisher of GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, American COP, Shooting Industry and eight special editions. For Masters team entry and sponsorship information contact, Elizabeth O’Neill at elizabeth@nullshootingindustry.com or (888) 315-3641.

Team Taurus enjoying time between events at the 2012 Shooting Industry Masters.

Make your Shooting Industry Masters room reservations NOW! Mention “2013 Shooting Industry Masters” to receive special discounted rate.

Blair Hotels (Buffalo Bill Village, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn) 1-800-527-5544

Best Western Sunset Motor Inn 1-307-587-4265

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The Masters is owned and operated by FMG Publications.

BENEFITING: National Shooting Sports Foundation


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